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  1. T9 premiums have the desirable effect of balancing the ship distribution. T9 used to be that tier people only play to grind out that T10. Very few people kept playing a T9, instead they'd just get the T10 and play it all the time, guaranteed to be top tier. What resulted is T7 playing as top tier a lot of the time (because T7-9 were hard to set up), and conversely T8's were too often needed as fodder against T10's. Now increasingly many people have T9 premium "keepers" they play a lot, so you have more T9 ships in the MM queue. For the exact same reason I hope they don't add too many T10 premiums.
  2. BB or CL/CA, and I honestly am not sure which. BB's are easy to get some reliably damage in, but truly effective BB play is quite hard. You need to push in to hit things with those inaccurate guns, but not push so hard that you're focused to death. Mistakes in positioning are hard to correct because you're slow and sluggish. Cruisers have more flexibility at the cost of also being more vulnerable. DD play has always called for good situational awareness, and the difference between good and bad players was big. The new CV's aren't helping this. Stats with the reworked CV's suggest there's a pretty huge difference between good and bad players, which did surprise me. The gameplay is superficially simple, but many players really struggle to make them work while other do monstrous scores.
  3. jss78

    Are premium camos worth it?

    Basically depends on how much you anticipate play that ship. If you leave a 19-pointer captain into say your New Mexico and proceed to play that ship for 500 games, it's probably worth it to drop 1000 doubloons on the +50% XP camo. The mid-tier premium camos have worse bonuses but they're also quite cheap.
  4. jss78

    BOTS in co-op get xp...........why?

    I always figure it's better to be nice to the bots, just to be safe. One day they'll be ruling us all, and I presume they have long memories.
  5. The usefulness of DE basically scales with the NUMBER of HE hits you anticipate. Doesn't really matter what the baseline fire chance is. Those two percentage points mean one HE hit in fifty gives you a fire you wouldn't otherwise have got. Hit with 50 BB HE shells, one extra fire, on average. Hundreds of hits with small caliber HE, several extra fires (and also less susceptible to RNG in any single game). I like the skill on any non-BB HE spammer.
  6. jss78

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    It depends on how you do it. Playing a "normal" game, supporting you team, and opportunitistically going for a CV if that happens to be a nearby/vulnerable target -- this is definitely good. But playing as CV (both pre and post 0.8.0), most of the time I see the single-minded CV-hunting DD's indeed doing their team a disservice. On average they take WAY too long to get to me, and flat out fail way too often. Even the occasional guy who succeeds tends to do it after 10 minute mark, and their team might already have lost the game because they were effectively one DD down. It's still better than the CV's going for the enemy CV.
  7. jss78

    North Carolina Builds?

    Here's a thing though -- although flak is easy to dodge, the simple truth is a lot of CV captains DON'T DO IT. If all CV captains were good, I'd agree with the merits of BFT over AFT, but in actual Random queue I'm not so sure. My 19 pt NC captain is: First 10 points: Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, Concealment Expert Final 9 points: AFT, Adrenaline Rush, Jack of All Trades, Preventive Maintenance. Upgrades: Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1, Damage Con Mod 1, AA Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 1, Concealment Mod 1 Basically a mixture of stealth, tankiness, and AA. On battleships, I'm a big fan of Preventive Maintenance. I use it to keep the main guns running, and then skip the Main Armaments Mod 1 and get the Auxiliary Armaments mod 1 (which keeps my AA and secondaries operational through the game).
  8. A truly excellent post, I agree whole-heartedly. I've liked the CV rework in that I find the new CV's are quite fun to play. They have a unique tactical role, you get lots of action, and the birds-eye perspective is very cinematic. However there's an unsolved dilemma in that you need to give the CV player stuff to do at a regular intervals -- attack every several seconds -- because that's all the game offers for him. But then as the OP fairly points out, being the target of all this CV action is currently uncompelling. I also like OP in that it implies things can be improved with an incremental change, without needing to roll back the entire CV rework (which is not without its merits). My general concern about any fully manual AA system is it'd explode the skill gap in all other ship classes on top of CV's. You can laugh at this as something WG disparages the player base with -- but look at how immensely many players already struggle with each ship classes, without needing to juggle manually controlled AA on top of the current gameplay. Considered in isolation, IMO the "infinite" planes (which they aren't really) is one of the best ideas in the CV rework. It's a great system in that losing planes to AA is still heavily punished, but even if the CV player suffers, he can still play the game at least a bit (with a couple planes at least).
  9. jss78

    PSA: CV to CV Alpha Strikes....

    At least on EU this was shockingly common during the first weeks 0.8.0. Seems to be dying down now -- I guess most people have learned the lesson. To be clear, if you try to go after the enemy CV, you're more than likely losing the game for your team. Their CV is likely doing something useful, you are not.
  10. jss78

    how is le terrible?

    I like her in concept, but she's a tricky ship to play. I play her as a kind of an opportunistic hunter. You have two assets: speed and burst damage (with both guns and torps). So you use your speed to look for targets you're confident you can kill. In these cases you play super aggressive. Other times you play very cautious and avoid doing bad trades. But CV rework kinda leave her in a weird spot. See, the exact same thing the Le Terrible kinda does OK -- use speed to hunt targets of opportunity --the plane does even better. Also CV's kind of specifically counter the Terrible. With no smoke and nonexistent AA, the threat of aerial attack restricts that freedom to roam you thrive on. Again, kind of unique and occasionally fun, but hard to recommend. Caveat emptor, big time. Still very fun in coop. Here's a video of my division mate doing a Kraken in a Terrible. Kind of illustrates the game play you could do at least before the CV rework.
  11. jss78

    Is there a point to play IJN CV ?

    I wonder how many of you guys badmouthing the Shokaku have tried her after the latest hotfix ( She received a pretty massive set of buffs to her TB's. Boring, non-dramatic opinion, but IMO all the three CV lines feel like they're worth playing. With each hotfix they're getting more balanced and I'm pretty happy about how they've received distinct flavours. US: Slight DB focus, useful torpedoes + rockets, bad concealment IJN: Strong TB focus, AP bombs, good concealment RN: Slight TB focus, backed by two sources of fires for DOT stacking, sturdy planes.
  12. jss78

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    It's nice to see that the # of planes each CV could potentially launch is actually fairly similar to the real historical (or pre-8.0 WoWS) hangar capacity. About a hundred from the largest fleet carriers, and down from there for the smaller CV's. I was worried that we'd end up in ridiculous cases like a light CV launching a hundred planes. It's not really pertinent to game balancing, but still a nice touch.
  13. IMO you should be mostly angry at the rest of your team. The enemy CV's spent a lot of time and resources trying to kill you (losing those 38 planes really does hurt their team, as noted by others in the thread). Despite this concerted enemy effort on you, you still managed to do a strong damage total for a T7 game. Your team should've been able to capitalize on this, but sometimes your team just fails you. I've largely played CV's since the rework landed (not a CV main generally, but enjoying trying them out now). From my angle, AA cruisers are scary and command respect. Even in a Midway, a small cluster of ship covered by a Minotaur is essentially a no-fly zone. Do a futile run there and it's pretty much guaranteed I won't have a full squadron of that plane type for the rest of the match. What kind of follows from this: put that AA cruiser in a tactically important position, e.g. guarding those ships defending an essential cap, you can really influence the game.
  14. There's a fairly nice middle ground available. You can play a lot of the time in mid-tiers to "pay the bills". Nice diverse games and good income. Then step occasionally into high tiers with a handful of high-tier ships. The coal/FreeXP premiums are a good way to occasionally play in high tiers. For example I have 19 pt captains in Svietlana and Fuso -- and then occasionally I play these guys in Musashi and Kronshtadt for some high-tier action.
  15. I feel like a lot of the complaints about broken balance are specifically from T10. I've been playing the T6 Ranger quite a lot, and it's hard work doing damage in that thing. I feel like I'm supposed to work by stacking DOT types, but even that doesn't seem easy. The torps are ridiculously awful and even the rockets/bombs don't give fires THAT easily (I am running Demo Expert too). Not saying she's a bad ship, but for sure she doesn't feel broken OP. The Enterprise is predictably strong in a T8 game -- in a T10 game it's again REALLY hard work.