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  1. Jolly_Rodgered


    That ship would make a great brawling battleship at Tier 9.....maybe something with a secondary specialization like a Tier 9 Massachusetts.
  2. Jolly_Rodgered

    Ship you hate facing the most

    If I'm in a BB then the Pistachio and Kamikaze as their cloaking shields cannot be penetrated by any technology known to man. If I'm in a cruiser then a Minotaur with it's machine gun like reload time or the Yami/Musahi twins with their Death Star cannons.
  3. Jolly_Rodgered

    Premium ships you would like be added

    USS Olympia USS New Jersey
  4. While I don't care for the CV Patch, or the follow up patch, or the patch's follow up patch, I do enjoy the game. I did go back and take out some of my favorite AA ships to combat the carrier scourge sweeping the servers. As long as the cvs are the same tier as me I can at least tolerate the constant attacks. When I'm low tier it's just not fun especially in a Tier 8 ship against tier 10 carriers. This really would be a great time to implement, even temporarily, a +1/-1 matchmaking spread. I'm certainly not playing as many random battles as before the various cvocalypse patches but scenarios are still entertaining. I tried the new ranked season and just don't care for the format. So for me I'm playing less games but am still playing.
  5. Jolly_Rodgered

    USS Wichita in the premium shop!

    Ah, another Tier 8 Cruiser to get pummeled by Tier 10's. I will pass. Also, I'm sure in a year it will be re-skinned, re-packaged, and re-sold at a different price. Fool me once and all that.....
  6. Jolly_Rodgered

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    Oh cool another Karma thread. Seriously though, it's a tool for really angry people to use so they don't bog down customer support with silly complaints. Or for good people to use to be nice to each other. Either way, it doesn't affect your game play in the least so just have fun and ignore that superfluous number.
  7. Jolly_Rodgered

    $56 US for Vanguard

    I will wait for the eventual nerf, then buff, uptier, sale, re-buff, pulled from sale, nerf, put back up for sale with a "cool new camouflage" admiral package, down tier, buff, heavy advertising that it will be in the Santa Crates, then pulled again, but eventually on clearance.
  8. Jolly_Rodgered

    is the Prinz Eugen any good?

    It's an all around good ship that when top tier is quite fun. Against Tier 10's it suffers like all Tier 8 cruisers do but when angled she can bounce rounds pretty effectively. Meh torpedoes, meh HE rounds, good AP, good HP and heal. I got her on sale some time ago and like her.
  9. Jolly_Rodgered

    Andddddd bugs

    It's just like a Bethesda release: the players are the testers.
  10. Jolly_Rodgered

    Is it the Servers or the Moderators ???

    I don't think this thread will survive much longer so....
  11. Jolly_Rodgered

    Karma -1 REALLY!

    We still have Karma? Huh, who knew.
  12. Jolly_Rodgered

    Best Screen Shot Ever

    Perhaps even the game code doesn't like carriers?
  13. Jolly_Rodgered

    A note about AA sector reinforcement

    Well, maybe if all we were playing against were CV's your "circle the wagons" defensive strategy might work. However, DD torps or BB guns might want a word with you.