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  1. Jolly_Rodgered

    Anybody else staying in bronze on purpose?

    I thoroughly enjoy playing bronze and rank out each season; gotta love T7 ranked. Gave silver a shot and ranked out but the salt was quite intense. Got to play some cruisers that I enjoy since they were all top tier but man I encountered some really angry people on occasion. Overall though, more positive than negative but definitely didn't go for the gold. Oh and this guy, who ended up lowest on the team in an Alaska, had a 46% win rate. I don't run MMM but this guy suicided and then complained about the team until I blacklisted him so I looked him up after the match. I figured with all of his talk he was a unicorn or something, but nope, just one of us regular win rate folks.
  2. Jolly_Rodgered

    Battle reports

    I would just be happy to see the post battle report. About a third of the time I get kicked back to port after the battle ends and when I try to click on the last battle report get the old "not available" response.
  3. Jolly_Rodgered

    Help me decide, De Grasse or Perth?

    I have both ships and for me the Perth has more usefulness so works better in randoms and ranked. It has a creeping smoke screen which is quite useful for capping and spotting, since it also has a spotter plane, decent torpedoes, hydro, and excellent concealment for a cruiser. With HE rounds even when uptiered she has a role to play and overall is a great ship. The De Grasse on the other hand seems like the unwanted step child since I rarely see her in battle. But she's a great ship in her own right. I typically play her as a kiter as she's extremely fragile and takes citadels from some really odd angles. Her rate of fire is excellent though and she feels like quite the fire starter. It's a ship I really enjoy playing and for me is the more fun of the two. Regardless, either ship would be great additions so good luck with your choice!
  4. Jolly_Rodgered

    Grand Battles?

    It's a bug. I get that sometimes as well with ranked. You just have to wait for the correct time for the matches to start.
  5. Jolly_Rodgered

    Suggestion: Ogre mode

    So virtually every Russian ship in this game then?
  6. Jolly_Rodgered

    Grand Battle is just awful

    If I had feelings I'd be devastated right now
  7. Jolly_Rodgered

    Log on

  8. Jolly_Rodgered


    I would like to call in Zeppelin air strikes. Very slow, very tedious, very annoying, Zeppelin air strikes. Keep it at the low tiers but I'd pay real money for a ship that has that gimmick.
  9. After my second match against full clan divisions I stopped playing. I will not return until that is changed.
  10. Jolly_Rodgered

    Weekend Spree, 11-13 June 2021

    Well, I lost every battle in silver ranked today and for whatever reason every team seemed to have someone on it with this mindset: Not really sure why. This was probably my third of fourth battle reading similar whiny comments so I just reported and blocked him. Perhaps he had MMM or XVM etc and felt that we were just too bad for his elite 48% win rate. He naturally died quite quickly and ended up dead last on the team. I really enjoyed bronze ranked but silver has been something of a chore. Glad you liked the Z-31; I'm terrible with destroyers. Someday I'll grind up the German DD line. Fair seas.
  11. Jolly_Rodgered

    Discord code

    New flag, neat.
  12. Jolly_Rodgered

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    Sort of looks like a Tier 9 Florida in a neck brace. I think WG should pay us to sail that thing.
  13. Jolly_Rodgered

    ranked qualification is broken

    I personally don't consider this naming and shaming as the OP presented a theory and another commenter countered that theory with screen shots. However, I am not an administrator here so I'm going to assume this thread is heading down the wrong direction.
  14. Jolly_Rodgered

    So, Apparently, Brawl can be a Clan Battle?

    You should have asked to division up with them.