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  1. Jolly_Rodgered

    Impressions of RN CA's

    I've only seen a handful and they've been easy to deal with. I was really interested to try them but as of yet the RNG gods haven't seen fit to grant me one. I have to say that I prefer the grind to have an actual outcome as opposed to this ridiculous lottery system. Swing and a miss yet again by War Gaming for this event.
  2. I'm not sure selling a reskinned WWII Japanese warship to the Chinese is a sound marketing concept.
  3. Jolly_Rodgered

    What happens to Ship Building tokens?

    From the website: "In total, you can earn as many as 2,665 Shipbuilding Tokens throughout Update 0.8.11. When Update 0.9.1 hits the servers, any Shipbuilding Tokens will be converted to credits at a rate of 1: 7500 silver." https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/ Hope this helps. 75,500.
  4. Jolly_Rodgered

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    Played tanks for years but gave up due to the toxicity of the player base, gold spamming ammo, pay to win mentality, and the complete lack of scenarios or change of pace. The constant uptiering doesn't help either. At least when you're low tier in Wows you can still damage higher tier ships; in WOT your rounds just bounce off and then you die. Every once in a while I think about loading it back up and then watch one of Claus Kellerman's videos and think, "nah, never mind". Good show by the way, if you like anime.
  5. Jolly_Rodgered

    Returning Player: CV"s still ruining this game

    I'm not a carrier main and sold mine after trying the rework; it just wasn't for me. I did get two back through grinds and a loot box though; the Zeppelin B does look sharp. Anyway, I haven't been having much problem with enemy carriers even though it feels like they're in almost every other match lately. Only lost to one carrier in the recent 1v1 ranked sprint match and we actually had a nice chat during it; gave him a 'worthy adversary' positive. I do understand at the lower tiers, when you have to fight three at a time on occasion, it's a pain but overall, meh, CVs are not an issue for me personally.
  6. With all of the people paying real money for boosters, plus the "complete ship or go to gulag" button on the dockyard screen....gonna say no chance of an extension.
  7. Jolly_Rodgered

    Anyone else really looking forward to the new RN heavies?

    I agree that it's not a Smolensk or anything but at Tier 10 with 12, 234mm guns, that have 1/4 HE pen they have 58mm of penetration. If you go IFHE you have over 60mm of pen (these numbers are courtesy of Notser's video - giving credit where it's due). That's pretty powerful and in the current meta I'm not so sure that these ships are a positive step forward. Again, we're getting them and once we get them on the open sea we'll see how they play.
  8. Jolly_Rodgered

    Anyone else really looking forward to the new RN heavies?

    While these ships look pretty decent, do we really want more high tier ship high explosive spammers? I watched a recent video by Notser demonstrating the ships higher penetration values while using HE and honestly I don't think this is great for the game. Captains already are hesitant to push up because as soon as they are spotted the above starts. Destroyer HE spammers, cruiser HE spammers, even battleship HE spamming is now a thing. The new British Cruiser line has some nice attributes but I'm concerned we're heading in the wrong direction here and just making things worse. Not to mention making things more difficult on destroyer captains with the British increased hydro range....and I don't even play destroyers. Guess we'll just wait and hope for the best.
  9. Jolly_Rodgered

    This is getting out of hand and is childish

    I don't have the PR either but honestly haven't seen this kind of activity. Actually had a nice chat with a PR captain in a random battle that just acquired the ship. The other team seemed to give him quite a bit of attention but no attempts at team killing. It's a shame this is happening. Speaking of shame....
  10. Jolly_Rodgered


    I'm in the same situation and am enjoying Thunderer quite a bit; already had the Smolensk.
  11. Jolly_Rodgered

    What does a gold "J" mean?

    A special kind of jerk? Honestly no clue.
  12. Jolly_Rodgered

    How to get Gorizia?

    The Gordita is likely the worst free ship I have earned thus far in the game. However, since I earned her just by playing normally I am happy to have gotten it. Thank you WG for the free ship. The Puerto Rico, yeah, not so much.
  13. Jolly_Rodgered

    FB code

  14. Jolly_Rodgered

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Thank you for your very concise, and very honest, review. I know many of us were turned off by how War Gaming set up and ran the Puerto Rico event. All of the Community Contributors that I personally enjoy reading or watching have been very blunt in their condemnations of WG, yourself included. It's always good to see people that have a voice standing up for those of us that don't. For that I thank you. I hope you have a happy and healthier New Year Ms. Mouse; you have certainly earned it. Slainte.