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  1. Jolly_Rodgered

    More and More Passive...

    Ah, so first you claimed that playing aggressively in a cruiser was incorrect because of "statistics". Now you argue that if someone enjoys playing aggressively in ranked sprint they have to list every ship they play? But "seriously misleading"? Bahahahah, ok mate, whatever helps you sleep at night. It's just a game and the Belfast is a ship in it. If you don't like the Belfast or the people who play it just say that and be done. Again, have a great day!
  2. Jolly_Rodgered

    More and More Passive...

    How so? I pushed in with my ships supporting the destroyers and ended up with just under a 73% win rate in the last two ranked sprints. It doesn't matter if I was sailing a Belfast or a Scharnhorst; my statement is still correct. Also, it's "your" not "you" by the way. Have a great day!
  3. Jolly_Rodgered

    More and More Passive...

    It was funny you said this about players not pushing because that's how I skated through the last two sprint seasons so easily. I just took my cruiser up into the epicenter with the destroyers, supported them and provided cover, deleted the enemy destroyers and almost always won. The other team didn't push and once the enemy DDs were gone we just burned them down. As far as the upper tiers go I usually don't play above Tier 7 anymore as anything higher is just too slow. Or my Tier 8 just keeps getting thrown into Tier 10 matches which forces me to slow down and yeah, no thanks.
  4. Jolly_Rodgered


    First off, don't worry so much about statistics. As far as random battles go you need at least five thousand of them before you really start to get a handle on the game. Second, play some scenarios and stay away from ranked; ranked is far more difficult than randoms due to the small team size while scenarios are more laid back. Learn where to shoot the enemy, when to switch ammunition types, and what enemy to target. Go over your captain skills. What makes a cruiser shine may not work for a battleship etc. Check your modules to make sure your ship is optimized the best. If you're playing randoms make sure you're using premium consumables and always watch your mini map. And have fun, it's just a game after all.
  5. It's ranked sprint so I'm not sure why people are complaining about epicenter etc. I had fun playing sprint where I did not have fun playing the regular ranked. If you don't like it then just wait for the next regular season to start so you can play hundreds of games to make it to rank 1. .
  6. Jolly_Rodgered

    Player Stats.. what they tell you and what they DON"T

    I have average at best stats and don't run any mods that show me other player's stats. The only time I ever look up a fellow captain is when they're telling other players how bad they are or do something that jeopardizes a win, especially in ranked. I was in a match a few days ago in ranked where a fellow captain in a BB who felt it was smart to sit stationary next to an island where a DD was just spotted, and got torped to death by said DD. He then proceeded to harangue the rest of the team for not protecting him, picking me in particular for whatever reason. Following our win I checked his stats and found he had a sub forty percent overall win rate. Yes stats don't show everything but they're usually an indicator, just an indicator, of what kind of team mate you've got.
  7. Jolly_Rodgered

    Karma takes a dive if you do this...

    I lose a karma point in every battle I take my Belfast out it seems, especially in the recent Sprint matches. I assume it's from the other team's battleships getting set on fire or maybe the destroyers for keeping them spotted. Don't take it to heart and just keep playing.
  8. Completely agree. They will ignore obvious threats that are closer while they target lower hit point ships. This happens in co-op and scenarios.
  9. Jolly_Rodgered

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    Tier 7 is my favorite Tier with so many great ship choices. I went with the Scharnhorst and then the Belfast; both ships are monsters when top tier. I was consistently surprised with so many BB, and even cruiser captains, charging the Scharny ignoring her torps. Shame for them. But on the whole so much less salt from the teams and a pretty fun time. Took me 17 games to rank out. Thanks WG for the change from Tier 10.
  10. Jolly_Rodgered

    Savage Battle opinions.

    I was initially enjoying it until I started getting into matches with three man clan teams. While I understand that players want to play with friends it's turning into a farming fest at this point. I stopped playing and popped into co-op to finish the directives I could. The art work is quite good though. I enjoyed the post apocalypse type imagery.
  11. Jolly_Rodgered

    AA is Ridiculously Over Powered

  12. Jolly_Rodgered

    6 CV game explain me this ??

    You were in a JB which has pretty good AA. How many planes did you shoot down?
  13. I never said that I don't like the game; I've played thousands of battles in the years since I started. I'm just not spending hundreds of dollars on surprise mechanic boxes or whatever they're being called nowadays. I buy ships with coal, free xp, or whatever the flavor of the month currency is. Other then surprise mechanic Santa loot box astonishment satchels most of the crates don't seem to be worth the money.
  14. Spending $200 on pixel crates containing more pixels of camouflages to help conceal my pixel boats sailing on a pixel ocean ........ I've bought my fair share of premium ships in the past, very very long ago in the past, but this seems a tad excessive.