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  1. Destroyer_Evertsen

    That time a Dutch navy ship was lost to German MG fire

    A really interesting story indeed. Another one of the dutch torpedoboats with an interesting story is the HNLMS Z5. In 1940 she did a successfull raid on Rotterdam which was considered such a sucess the Koninklijke Marine decided to do a follow up action with a destroyer, HNLMS Van Galen, which sank while sailing on the narrow rivers. Later the Z5 escaped to England and entered British service. Unlike her sisters she had been modernised, so where her sisters were quickly decommisioned from the Royal Navy, Z5 got renamed 'HMS Blade' and saw a lot of patrolling/escorting service troughout the entire war.
  2. Destroyer_Evertsen

    Concealment Modifiers-Dynamic Game Play

    Inb4 WG is like 'the community wants camo's costing 40k, lets give them that' kappa