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  1. JustinOldDude

    CV second tier of support carriers when?

    I hope so. I miss Zuiho and Taiho
  2. So way back when they did the CV re-work they said there would be a 2nd tier of CV's playing a kind of support roll. When will these show up dev team? It was mentioned it might happen around update 0.8.3 or 0.8.4. No we Soviet get BB's instead which I have seen very few people play..
  3. JustinOldDude

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    One thing that is a constant about the CV rework! Nerf it And where is the 2nd Tech tree?
  4. JustinOldDude

    Hakuryu torp bombers over nerfed

    All the CV's are nerfed! every patch or upgrade more nerfs. While the regular ships are getting AA buffs every patch. It's getting old WG. How about some buffs for the CV's? You all jammed these things down our throats and we had no say about it.
  5. JustinOldDude

    Junyo if is possible?

    The Akagi is the premium CV I want to see in game.
  6. JustinOldDude

    Update - Feedback and Performance

    Is there anyway to stop the ports from changing each time I log in? I want it to stay a one specific port.
  7. JustinOldDude

    Junyo if is possible?

    Not really mainly just that one. But if you want to see the Akagi just look up "eternal zero" Akagi some decent CGI of it.
  8. So the update is delayed. Guess they didn't nerf the CV's enough!
  9. From what I understand Musashi had the update. So they updated Yamato to look more in line with Musashi. And It is my favorite ship as well.
  10. JustinOldDude

    Junyo if is possible?

    Junyo was involved in the battle of Santa Cruz Islands and some of her planes torpedoed the then pretty much dead Hornet. You can watch a pretty well done CGI video of the battle here: At time index 7:49 you will see Junyo. And again at 22:44
  11. I do believe they will. But we won't really know till it happens. That's all I am trying to say.
  12. I think Russia will be next. Reason is there is already a Russian ship as part of one of the package deals and a Russian commander. The ship is a recycled Omaha class cruiser. And a little Russian bias to through in.
  13. According to the WOWS Legends FAQ CV's will be added in a future update.
  14. I saw it before in the game now I can't seem to remember, How do you sell a ship?
  15. Ok rather simple question how do you put Camo on a ship?