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  1. JustAnOldDude

    Update 0.9.9. U.S. Battleships in Early Access

    Yes it should just be in the regular premium shop. I do not like the early nonsense stuff. Just give these ships to us like they used to. Greed. All about the money.
  2. JustAnOldDude

    Update 0.9.9. U.S. Battleships in Early Access

    Ok so when can we get Florida? in this update or next one? I see it is a premium so hopefully this patch.
  3. JustAnOldDude

    Spectator MOde

    Have the same problem. reported last week As usual Dev team isn't doing anything about. They bring in more distracting nonsense like Transformers. Typical of them.
  4. JustAnOldDude

    Kaga Review No One Asked For...

    Just some info no one probably cares about but Kaga showed up in Late May or early June 2017 as a premium at tier 8 at $37.95. I have had her ever since. And is a fun carrier to play. Just seems I am always seeing tier 9 and 10 enemies. Just my 2 cents worth...have fun with her.
  5. JustAnOldDude

    T6 Premium IJN CV

    I would like to see Hiryu come back. In the old RTS she was tier 7. So I think her or maybe her sister Soryu would be the way to go. Akagi is to OP for tier 6. She would be better at tier 8. Junyo or Unryu would also be good at tier 6.
  6. Well another bug for you dev guys. When killed in battle left mouse button does not change to another ship. 3 games in a row so far. not a good update caused more bugs than it fixed. Seems to be an ongoing problem with latest updates.
  7. Thanks dev team for messing up the end of games statistics again it was fine in 9.7 now you all screwed it up again with 9.8 well done...NOT
  8. JustAnOldDude

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    Total [edited]! Kremlin and Grosser Kurfurst, are paper ships. Yamato was real so it is the winner here.
  9. JustAnOldDude


    Well they released the the carrier rework before it was ready! A year and a half later there still not ready IMO.
  10. JustAnOldDude

    German Carriers: Early Access

    The CV population of players is pretty much non existent. Then you bring these in what a waste of time WG. Hope no plays them. You people just like wasting time on paper ships Soviet line is perfect example. And you all do not listen to the player base. Why do I bother even posting. No one on the dev team listens anyway. Bang my head on the wall
  11. JustAnOldDude

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Well gee look another carrier nerf in 0.9.6 almost every up date they do this. They call it balance I call it crippling. The DEV team has no idea what to do with CV's. Now we get German CV's oh god. We get soviet battle ships that never existed now a whole line of made up DKM Aircraft carriers! What next DEV team Soviet CV's ? What the heck. Sorry but not to enthusiastic about another fiasco. Instead of making up non existence ships. How about fixing the hundreds of bugs in the system. And this whole let's not listen to the player base. Let's do things our way Is getting really old.
  12. JustAnOldDude

    Weekly Combat Missions: Battle of Midway

    What in god's name do russians have to do with Midway? More Soviet bias. This is dumb.
  13. JustAnOldDude

    Submarine tokens where?

    In the final release hopefully we can play in the training room and co-op mode. Be good way of practicing.
  14. JustAnOldDude


    I am curious as to why the Subs only have 4 forward torpedo tubes and 2 rear. Historically most subs had 6 forward and 4 rear. I hope this get fixed before the subs go final. Also why can't we have subs in Co-op games just to learn the tactics and generally practice. Can we make this happen WG? I am probably sure this will fall on deaf ears. like the CV re-work
  15. JustAnOldDude

    Submarine tokens where?

    Ok so tomorrow I get a sub for rental. Yeah but still a dumb system. Just give them away WG, Stop the token nonsense