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  1. JustAnOldDude

    Transformers Return to World of Warships

    So What! More Bring back ARP
  2. JustAnOldDude

    Good old days

    Agreed World peace!
  3. JustAnOldDude

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.8

    Soviet CV's it's a joke right? I for one will not use them at all. Good grief WG just keep creating non existent ship classes/Paper ships just like the German CV's exception being Graf Zeppelin. And another distraction event Convoy. Yeah just keep doing this and not correct the thousands of bugs in the game. Great thinking DEV team. Fix the end of game stats AGAIN PLEASE!!!!!!!! keep messing it up. And get rid of early access, Shipyard and Dockyard too.. Waste of time and a bunch of money. Nuff said for NOW!
  4. Kind of glad to hear I am not the only one. I just wish they would stop messing up things that were working.
  5. seems though every other update this happens. Dev team stop messing up the game please and fix this! Been going for a long time
  6. JustAnOldDude

    New stage of submarine testing

    1st log in I get 10 containers and not 1 sub.in them, More nonsense. Why bother. just give us the subs to begin with? Not have to get lucky and hope a container has one in it. Been playing since 2016. Since about 2017 the game is slowly going down the toilet.
  7. JustAnOldDude

    USS Saratoga (Secondary CV Idea)

    I too would like to see a secondary odd tiered CV line. Bring back the Hiryu! Also the Essex. The most amount of carrier class ever built. 12 I think?
  8. JustAnOldDude

    Armada: Hyūga

    A Fuso by another name.
  9. JustAnOldDude

    High School Fleet Returns to World of Warships!

    I would like to see the ARP ships amiable again
  10. JustAnOldDude

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    WG Greed. That's all early access is and the dockyard. More money.
  11. JustAnOldDude

    Naval Legends: Submarine Seehund

    Makes sense!
  12. JustAnOldDude

    Naval Legends: Submarine Seehund

    So when do the Subs start entering the game anyway? Must be soon I guess.
  13. JustAnOldDude

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    wargaming please stop this nonsense and fix the Hundreds of bugs in the system please. You all are just wasting time honestly with this junk
  14. JustAnOldDude

    Armada: Flandre

    Another Cut and paste ship with a new name and some very minor changes
  15. JustAnOldDude

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    Exactly my thought squash the bugs before bringing this nonsense to the game. Waste of time and effort WG.