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  1. Zed_0

    this I'd like to see done

    Ok and why not safety boats and swiming sailors when a ship sink... man this is getting ridiculous!
  2. Every class of ships have a role in the game, If you don't know your role, you will push your team to defeat!
  3. Zed_0

    List of Departed CCs

    They are leaving... so what ?
  4. Get over it for christ sake
  5. no botcott here... just not buying it anyway.
  6. Zed_0

    No Apology, No Change, No Nothing

    That !
  7. Zed_0

    Subs Feedback Thread

    Tried them a lot on test server and said they were just above useless. Tried them on live server a , still useless and boring to play. It's so painfull to run after the last bot sub stock somewhere... Sorry, for me it's a fail! Man ! if you really want to piss off players with a sub, just hide and let them try to find you !
  8. Zed_0

    I am preparing to leave this game

    You leave ? ...who cares !
  9. Missing an option to your poll... (I don't care!)
  10. Fun ??? Nah... They are just above useless. All tiers offers torps with about 6000 damage, even tier Xs. DDs gives 3 to 4 time the damage compare to subs. They are slow and easy to spot and kill. It's an underwater CV... when you're spoted... you're dead!
  11. Zed_0

    Winning percentage

    The only thing you learn in coop is to do mistakes. Come in random games and ...cut your chat
  12. So... between 2 AM and 10 AM is the best time to play according to your researches ...the no-life prime time. Play all night and sleep all day
  13. Zed_0

    Going for the record

    If failure helps to improve, you should become a real master soon