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  1. congrats!
  2. I think the smallest I've played in random was 5v5 - it was pretty fun - T10 too, so it was a quick battle, 1 mistake by 1 player and its pretty much over!
  3. from the homepage - it says server is available, but only 124 players online! So even if we could get in, matches would be, well, lets say interesting...
  4. If the server is being updated from 0300PT/0600ET until 0600PT/0900ET then they really are only about 10 mins behind - I was able to download and install the update, but also cannot log in, so servers are still down...
  5. Yeah - the co-op one required multiple tries for the reasons you state. I also had challenges with the T10 credit one - though once I got it the 1st time I was able to repeat it several times. This is excluding the ones I couldn't complete without using duplicates as I didn't have the right ships - for example the french cruiser one - I don't play french cruisers so couldn't do that one.
  6. Yep - should not happen - one AP shell into your magazine and you shouldn't explode! But really, with the exception of DD's I haven't seen that many detonations.
  7. Other than the Wiki page, not that I'm aware of, I never played WOT so not sure how best to compare. There is no side by side comparison I am aware of.
  8. Its been there for awhile - think they put in for the CV event last weekend.
  9. I've gotten over 1500 base XP several times - but have been playing higher tier ships - is it tier restricted? Or do you have to survive the battle?
  10. I thought the same as you, but in wanting to complete the Honorable Service campaign you need T8 ships (at least initially) and found quickly that T8 ships get matched alot with T9 and T10 - and some just aren't - at least for me - capable of holding their own. So, I'm slowly moving up the line, and really, for the most part, I'm not finding the game play to be too much different than T6-T7 - yeah you have people who don't understand the game, are salty, and all of that, but you also run across people who want to play as a team - all and all its a mixed bag, just like every other tier - but that's my opinion. I just try and do the best I can, and like to think I'm one of those players who tries to help the team rather than seeking personal glory - but sometimes I do that too :)
  11. Did that to an NC already - it was fun - raining AP! Now if they would just give RN CL's HE.... but then it would be a T10 Atlanta, with smoke and longer range torps!
  12. yeah - its going to be interesting to see how that works out - may have to sit behind smoke rather than in it - but still I'm usually more than 6km away :)
  13. Thanks!
  14. I got into KM cruisers late - only at Hipper. I've researched the Freddie but haven't bought her - I like the Bis...
  15. Finally! My 1st T10! And wanted to share that at times I was ready to give up on the RN cruisers, but just got my Mino today, and while I've faced many, seeing it from the other side is simply amazing! Maybe too amazing as in my first few battles I'm probably pushing too hard as you feel invincible! But my friends who are debating about continuing to grind it - its worth it. 3 second reloads on main guns! I'm built for concealment - so my detection is a 8.9km, better than some DD's I have! And I did spring for the perm camo, so costs are reduced by 50%! Haven't lost money in it yet. I'm not a unicum player in anyone's book - but my k/d ratio (.8) so far isn't too bad (by my measure!) - my best match I loaded in 4 mins late, killed 3 and did 94k damage - so pretty happy with that. Looking forward to my next T10 - probably the Z-52 - but the Z-46 is my only other T9 so...