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  1. SocksRevenge

    Staying Positive in World of Warships

    I personally didn't get that, and while I don't like CV's in general, and don't like the rework at all (other than, it does make CV's more enjoyable to play - though I completely suck at them! I don't think I've broken 50k damage in a match as a CV since the rework). I get that some of us (i.e. I have) paid real money play the game and that makes it hard to leave a game because of your investment, at the end of the day, I don't think WG is going to reverse course - though I'd still love to see a no CV battle option! - so if you no longer enjoy the game, why still play? From what I've seen in played the last couple of weeks, the number of CV's being played has gone down, especially when I'm in an AA spec'd US CL! So this is a good thing! Anyway, I still enjoy playing the game, I just roll with the changes and try and have fun. If WG ever asked my opinion, I'd tell them to either get rid of CV's completely or give us the option to have a no CV battle option. Its not that I think they are OP or anything, but that playing a match with a great CV player on one team and a bad CV player on the other side does really skew the match - much more so than having the same situation with any other class of ship. If anything, there is even less of a counter to CV's now then before. But that's just my own opinion.
  2. SocksRevenge

    Staying Positive in World of Warships

    No - I don't think that's what Zoup was saying at all - I think that what he's trying to say is that if you can find no positives to the game (or really any game) then why play it? Aren't video games supposed to make us happy when we play them? If not then why play?
  3. SocksRevenge

    1x Anniversary Container is not enough compensation

    Sorry if I sound disrespectful - but shouldn't it be crate - not crates - plural - for example, I know of at least 3 -winning - ranked battles that I did not get credit for - so the for loss (or failure to gain) of 3 stars, I am compensated with a single anniversary crate - and I'm sorry, for as hard as it is for some - and I'm assuming I'm not alone - to win a ranked battle and gain stars, an anniversary crate is not adequate compensation.