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  1. Is Lexington even worth playing?

    Yep - I agree
  2. Done with 'The Glory of France'

    I'm going to wait until I get the DD from missions and then try and complete the campaign...
  3. Your ever changing WTR

    I just try to do my best each game and have fun - I don't worry too much about WTR (obviously!).
  4. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you - would hate to miss out on commander being short 1 item. But have only received 1 BB mission - hope to get others with remaining crates but doubt it will happen...
  5. Voice Chat - works ? does not work?

    I've used it in Div and Clan Battles - I kinda like it...
  6. Today update

    I think it just fixed the DoY mission for 75k xp.
  7. Whoop Z52.. Finally.

    Congrats! I love mine too!
  8. Clan Delegation of Authority

    I think that the next level up in the clan can promote people to their level? Didn't know what delegate meant - glad I didn't use it!
  9. Revolution Is My Name - mission bug

    I had this problem yesterday - I restarted the client and it resolved - though all the progress I'd made yesterday was gone.
  10. Revolution Missions?

    Is there a problem with the Revolution missions? This morning all of my progress has been erased - not just this last set - but all of it - back to Where's the Revolution? Anyone else having this problem?
  11. Glad its not just me feeling this way!
  12. How do you deal with enemy campers?

    Yep, this is the way to go - campers generally only hurt their own team - come back in greater numbers or if a DD is still alive, non moving BB's make great torp targets.