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  1. Today update

    I think it just fixed the DoY mission for 75k xp.
  2. Whoop Z52.. Finally.

    Congrats! I love mine too!
  3. Clan Delegation of Authority

    I think that the next level up in the clan can promote people to their level? Didn't know what delegate meant - glad I didn't use it!
  4. I had this problem yesterday - I restarted the client and it resolved - though all the progress I'd made yesterday was gone.
  5. Revolution Missions?

    Is there a problem with the Revolution missions? This morning all of my progress has been erased - not just this last set - but all of it - back to Where's the Revolution? Anyone else having this problem?
  6. Glad its not just me feeling this way!
  7. Yep, this is the way to go - campers generally only hurt their own team - come back in greater numbers or if a DD is still alive, non moving BB's make great torp targets.
  8. Clan Question

    Thanks, I was hoping that the oil would transfer if it hasn't been used - the clan I'm in isn't very active and the leadership hasn't logged in for several days (commander in 11, deputy commander in almost 30!).
  9. Clan Question

    Hi all, Quick question that I need help with - ok, maybe two questions! 1. If you are in a clan that is not very active and you leave to join a new clan, or create a new clan, what happens to the oil you've already earned? 2. I had read that there was a discount running for the creation of a new clan - does anyone know how long that is good for, or if its still running? As I am in a clan, I cannot see the tab to create a new clan. Thanks in advance!
  10. Why New Players suck?

    I disagree - sometimes its better to avoid being detected than to fire just because your guns are loaded. Or if you don't have a good shot to not take it if you have a long reload time. Though I tend to play DD's and CL's alot and they have low detection, so better sometimes for the enemy to not know where I'm at...
  11. Glad to see positive thoughts - but agree, your idea won't work - for one thing, range on the 5" would be at most 6km, so in a "knife" fight, probably with a DD, you aren't going to be able to focus on manning the guns while controlling your squadrons - unless you set them to auto drop and auto engage fighters, but still, a little too much micromanagement to worry about.
  12. Right of way....

    There are no rules! Both parties are penalized for collision/ramming.
  13. The unlucky 13

  14. I think the smallest I've played in random was 5v5 - it was pretty fun - T10 too, so it was a quick battle, 1 mistake by 1 player and its pretty much over!