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  1. Is it worth repeating the op after you have 5 stars? Only advantage I see is the free commander XP
  2. How do you get containers - just from the operation?
  3. Yeah - figured that out the hard way!
  4. I kind of like this idea - there have been several times that I have been TK'd and it was my fault (and times where it wasn't) and I'd like the opportunity to forgive the person - however, I can see this becoming an issue - how many players are mature enough to own their mistake? Maybe if it weren't a ban, but some other tangible penalty, such as pink status and a percentage drop on XP, commander XP, and money earned while pink? Or maybe just pink and no daily win bonus? But to echo the chorus - regardless of what the other player is doing no good comes from TK'ing them - doesn't give you anything, hurts the team's points, and etc, etc...
  5. Congrats on Solo Warrior in Ranked! Impressive. Think I' done with ranked - at 12, and win one, lose 3, repeat is getting a little old.
  6. In theory then the winning team could still win the match and only 1 or 2 people get a star and the other 5-6 lose a star. Even if they don't put up XP numbers they still contribute to the win - for example a DD doesn't get XP for smoking friendlies... in your example, only the top 7 get anything, the rest lose a star. The only thing I'm saying different is that the winning team doesn't LOSE a star, I'm with you on top 7 being the only ones to win a star.
  7. I like you ideas - though with point C - I'd agree with top 7 base XP earners getting a star - but I'd say the entire winning team doesn't lose a star.
  8. This is old - I saw it years ago. He is wearing Marine dress blues - but yeah, everything else is just wrong! Seal trident - only way that would happen would be if he were a Seal 1st and then shipped over to Marine - which I doubt would happen, ever! Also, only badges a Marine would wear under his ribbons are marksmanship and the Presidential badge (forget what its called) but its for current duty assignment under the President (like at Pentagon or on a Presidential detail) - so the EOD badge would be above ribbons, and Marines only wear a max of 2 qualification badges, if they have more than 2, they would only wear 2 at a time - I think they get to choose which 2, but not sure about that. Anyway, agree with others, he should be in jail!
  9. Ok, I've played - and lost - this twice now. My observations are: 1. DD's aren't really needed - same as other weekly ops, its hard for them to contribute much - really no need for smoke at all! Same with CV's - they don't move fast enough and torp planes can only attack enemy ships, not the shore points, so if you are planning on being a CV, I'd have as many DB's as possible. 2. Their ships are weak, fairly easy to kill, t3 and t4's for the most part - which is a good thing! 3. Once its time to leave - everyone needs to start moving to the exit point - you have to get, I think its half or a 3rd of the surviving ships to exit point - last match I was last one alive, and just before they got me (there's an ambush waiting for you - again t3 and t4, but if you are all that's left....) and if there is only 1 ship left, I'm pretty sure you lose. Also, the exit point changes location. As to my suggestions on what ships to use - I tried it in a cleveland my 1st go round, helped alot with keeping their CV's off you - there are 3 - a hosho at the start and he's in port and not moving - didn't see the other 2 in my first round, they come as reinforcements, 2nd round it was a zuiho and hosho - back at the ambush spot - lots of torps being fired at you at the end. Cleveland was also my choice because of rate of fire. 2nd round I used my Spee - did well with it - partly because I knew what to expect, also it hits harder, and has torps which I did use against their supply ships and the CV and BB that are in port (not moving). Also has repair party, which is useful. My 2nd round had 3 BB's on my side, a Bey and 2 NM's they did well, and helped too, so I'd say quicker firing ships is a plus! May try my Dunk next and see how we do with that! Anyway, just my opinion so take it at what its worth. I think if you have a solid team that plays as a team it will work!
  10. I agree - thought it was much easier than last weeks. But not complaining!
  11. I like the Edin - but as others have said, you can't rush in, and like all cruisers have to watch broadsides. With premium smoke though, you can sit out a bit and pummel fire into just about anything and 10k torps are a huge improvement in my opinion.
  12. Lots of losses for me - but also placed top of my team several times - trying to grind classy marathon - CV play was brutal yesterday!
  13. Believe it or not - my socks (as in apparel) are not seeking revenge! Socks is my dog's name - and the revenge part - was thinking of Blackbeard at the time - his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge - therefore, Socksrevenge...
  14. They did: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/Update-066/ The update happens June 7; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET.
  15. I know its probably not much solace - but I think you had to have a port slot to put the Bis in, and it did come with a captain - but a zero point captain so not much help there. Also, its not fully upgraded either - so you have to spend coin and, if I recall correctly, xp to upgrade it. So really, "all" you are winning is the free Bis. Don't get me wrong, I did it happily! Even though I had the xp in the Genis to get it on my own. I agree with you on the timing - servers shouldn't go down early while a major event is running - not sure what else they could do to improve comms though - it was on their site...