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  1. You bet! It's been on my mind for a little while as well and after checking in with Hapa, he suggested I post this idea in this forum. Hopefully we'll see the folks @ Wargaming adopt some (or all?) of this notion for future (but not too far out) implementation in WoWs. Fingers crossed...
  2. Greetings! I propose to have an "Officers' Club" developed in order to better organize multiple ships' Captains. Not sure if this idea had already been discussed, but what does everyone think of the following: How about creating an "Officers' Club" (or "Officers' Mess" or??) to better see one's Captains, focus on/change/update their skills, assign/re-assign them to ships or to the reserves, etc. Yes, you can sort of see this information in the current "Personal File" section, but you are forced to scroll along in the bar at the bottom for each Captain and it's clunky if you have more than a few Captains per a given country's/region's navy. Also, when you're in this current mode, you can't see what ships currently don't have a captain assigned to them. Instead, I envision the "Officers' Club" to list the Captains similarly to the way the Tech Tree displays ships, (instead of ships, display Captains based on "Currently Assigned" - by rank? by ship type? or both? -, "In Reserve", or "Recruitable" columns) and then you can have a bar of respective "un-captained" ships displayed to one side or on the bottom of the screen. To find a particular Captain's Skill Set w/in the Officers' Club, you can double click on a particular Captain and their respective Skill Set will display accordingly. Alternately, perhaps a filter for one's Captains could address this issue, but a filter would not quite have the visual "punch" that a fully developed "Officers' Club" tree would have. A filter approach would be similar to what collisionSpace recently posted in: What do you think? And Mahalo to Hapa_Fodder for suggesting I post this idea here!