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  1. Spacey_

    Kill first, cap later. Cap first, die first.

    [edited]up, Face down, that's the way we like to cap! Just turn around and reverse into the cap, you are spotting while contesting the cap and if you get detected by radar you get out and repeat the process. Nothing more fun than baiting out radars.
  2. Spacey_

    Is the USS Des Moines worth buying?

    You can't go wrong with having the best radar (48sec duration) in the game, second highest DPM ship in the game and a true horror to the enemy team when played right. The tricky part is learning how to play it (learning curve is fairly high compared to a Hindenburg for example), it's a lot more than just hide being a random island and shoot at stuff that is in your range, map awareness and positioning are key for playing it successfully. I am still getting used to it but the more I play it the more I start enjoying it. o7 Spacey_
  3. Spacey_

    NA Random Games

    NA has become unplayable at certain times indeed. The amount of bad players (and I am being nice here) that have 0 clue what they are doing in matches has been increased exponentially at certain times of the day. I don't mind playing with bad players but I have a feeling certain players are just intentionally trying to loose, there is no other explanation for it. It's a 50/50 coin toss, you have 0 impact in the game with these players even when you do 200K+ dmg, get 4 kills, play the objectives the best you can, still players manage to throw the game either the first 5 minutes of the game (DD's especially) or they just yolo into a 5v1 situation after 10 minutes. The things I've seen being done is just against human nature, they don't even try, they are either 6 years old on their ID or mentally (and to be honest, when I was 6 years old I had the IQ to comprehend what to do in a game) /rant over
  4. I am one of those guys I guess... Belfast, because I can.
  5. It's not class dependent on who the Field Commander is in clan battles but player dependent. If a player can multitask well, he could be playing a Minotaur for what I care. I have to admit DD's aren't exactly the "preferred" class but if your tactical mastermind is best at DD's, sure why not. Again, there is no best class for an FC, it all depends on the player.
  6. Spacey_

    Make ranked great again!!

    No comment.
  7. Spacey_

    Make ranked great again!!

    I know how ranked works, but it doesn't divide the lesser players from the better ones since a player that has played 100 ranked games to get to rank 5-2 will still play vs the lesser players that have been playing over 1000 games to reach the same rank. My frustration with ranked is that you get put in random teams with players of different skill levels and it's usually those lesser players that screw it up for the entire team by not knowing how to play at a higher skill level and usually getting blown up the first 5 minutes of the game. In a T8 match the impact of losing a ship is not nearly as big as losing a T10 ship. Therefor the PLAYERBASE should be divided into leagues based on skill (WR/AVG dmg/EXP... in short a Personal rating) the perfect example would be a system like League of Legends. You have to reach a certain league rank before being able to promote to the next, the current system allows any potato to reach rank 1 as long as they have the numbers played not the skill. That's why you see some people just go AFK in ranked and turn it into a gamble, which in the end it is at the current state.
  8. Spacey_

    Make ranked great again!!

    No it doesn't. And if it does please do enlighten me because the way it works now is still a big pool of mixed up players no matter the skill difference and it's still a grind fest if you aren't playing 24/7 the first couple of days in order to achieve rank 1 fast.
  9. Spacey_

    Make ranked great again!!

    Why not just divide the ranked playerbase into leagues like clanbattles are now ? This will keep the "lesser" players divided from the better ones and keep the ranked gameplay more up to par with each skill level.
  10. Spacey_

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Death from Above

    Praying to the RNG god usually works best for me.
  11. Thanks for the guide, we need more of these to help new players understand how to play certain ships for sure, there are too many TX players that have no clue what so ever, some are beyond repair but others will be glad to read through guides like these and improve their game. +1
  12. I don't see the point in this post. Another typical "If anything goes wrong, blame the CV even if there is no CV" case. If you are getting farmed by the enemy CV you shouldn't blame the CV in your team, you should blame yourself for being in a position where the enemy CV can strike you with ease. Yes the CV can and should help you out in a best case scenario but it also needs to maintain it's planes in order to keep striking enemy ships so it's fighters are usually fighting for air supremacy most of the time. Next time you are in a CV battle try to stick near the AA cruisers ;-)
  13. Spacey_

    Clan Wars Bravo Teams

    Of course they are, clan battles is by far the best way to grind free experience since a win is always set to a fixed number (2500 base exp) with all the flags and camouflage set up you can gain 20k+ free exp per win! Also it allows them to try out different set ups and since they are the "better" clans they will usually outplay a "lesser" clan. Anyways, there is no such thing as seal clubbing in clan battles since the "better" clans will progress through the leagues pretty fast by collecting "easy" wins. Also it allows the lesser clans to experience how clan battles should be played, learn from those clans and adapt it into your own strategy to get better yourselves. No pun intended when I am talking about "lesser" and "better" clans, but when you're playing competitive you need to draw the line between them.
  14. Spacey_

    Clan battle win... lose points?

    Can't see anything special from the replay (thought it might have been a really close game and that perhaps at the last second you did loose but instead the game registered it as a victory, but nope). Keep us updated and good luck with support. Can't be right to have a victory and a negative score, hopefully it's not a reoccurring issue. Edit : Did the entire team see the victory result and negative score screen by the way? Could be a mod you're using not synchronizing well with the game?
  15. Spacey_

    What do you advise me?

    For a new player like yourself I would recommend the Hindenburg, it's like the Swiss army knife of the cruisers and a perfect ship to learn the mechanics of cruiser gameplay in wows. It doesn't exceed at anything but it's "good" at everything, it can angle well, tank well, has a nice HP pool, long range, short-range torps, decent AA, the most powerful hydro in the game, so yes.. definitely Hindenburg. The problem you will have as a new player though is maintaining the credits to consistently play TX, it basically requires you to have premium, keep that in mind.