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  1. admiralMI

    Need new "COAL" "RP" and or "FREE XP"

    Iwami is going to be for coal. (source: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/284) And like has already been said, the Black is coming for coal soon. Sevastopol has been announced for Research Bureau. But we have not heard anything about her in a while. She started off with a unique heal with a long action time, but small amount per second. But that concept got discarded. So she has had a somewhat difficult development. Unless I am missing one there has not even been another possible new T9 or T10 premium ship that has been announced. It does seem like that amount has slowed down. Not really sure why. My personal opinion is that dev time is being used for superships instead of the other tiers.
  2. admiralMI

    PSA: Score Timer is back in the ModStation

    Sweet. That makes me happy. I missed that one
  3. admiralMI

    WG employees = 300 battles total average?

    Considering how they reacted to it. It is obviously true. They reacted so strongly and put out the code on the Russian server and dumped him from the program because he hit a sore spot.
  4. I used the Venezia for the last time I wanted to farm cits in Co-Op. It has good AP and a lot of guns. As I closed I stopped shooting and used the smoke to get to the broadside of cruisers.
  5. admiralMI

    About Gneisenau's 15" refit

    My understanding is that the turrets were ordered and at least partially completed when war broke out. I think that the Germans did not want the ships out of service for the refit and that is why they were canceled. If they had pulled them in for refits they would have not been available for the early war operations (Norway and the early convey raiding). The turrets were sold to the Soviets to arm the Kronstadts, but the German invasion of the USSR kinda put a kink in the sale.
  6. admiralMI

    Free XP Ships

    The short answer is no. The consensus was that Vampire II was going to be Free XP, but it is going to the Research Bureau. There are 4 T10 ships that have been announced in Dev Blogs but not in the game for currency yet. R-10: A Russian DD that was announced quite a while ago, but no news about it. My pet theory was that is was going to be a Khaba replacement, but since then they have buffed the Khaba and we have heard nothing about R-10. Kitakama: The Japanese torpedo cruiser was also announced a while ago. I heard a rumor (somewhere) that testing and balancing was not so successful. So who knows. Druid: The British DD that was just announced. Napoli: The Italian cruiser with larger guns and SAP secondaries. None of those stand out to me personally as an obvious FXP candidate. To be fair, we don't even know that another FXP ship is coming.
  7. admiralMI

    Ranked Question

    Hey this might be a dumb question. But if you advance to the next ranked (so silver in this case), do you automatically get the steel rewards for the Bronze Rank? I am not sure that the difference in rewards between Silver and Bronze is enough or if I should just keep grinding out Bronze every week.
  8. The code from today's video is: CATHERINETHEGREAT GLHF
  9. admiralMI

    Cannot open 2nd advent calender door

    The same thing is happen to me too. @Hapa_Fodder could you please check on this when you get a chance? Thank you
  10. admiralMI

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    I assume the T10 will be something like this:
  11. admiralMI

    Help me choose a FXP ship.

    My problem with both Agir and Azuma is that the just seem like the downgrade of better ships (Siegfried and Yoshino). I just have no desire to spend Free XP on what seem like the downgrades. So for me, I am not buying ether of them. I think both Hayate and Smalland and decent ships. I bought both off them and I do not regret it. But for me I only use Free Xp to get the modules and not it to skip ships. I will say that I think the best Free XP ship is Alaska, and it is not even close. We have no idea what what will be the next Free XP ship added to the game.
  12. admiralMI

    Upgrades Tab Under Combat Missions

    Ok. That makes sense. And now that tab is gone for me.
  13. I noticed that there is now a tab under combat missions called Upgrades that I did not have before the patch today. Does anyone know what this is for? Wasn't that the title for the T10 UU missions?
  14. Here is the code off the video. Enjoy