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  1. admiralMI

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    USS Benham
  2. admiralMI

    German DD HE penetration buff!

    I haven't had a chance to play the German DD's much (trying to do the ranked grind). But I think the change is a really good one. The German DD's need a buff IMHO.
  3. admiralMI

    So what changes would you make to submarines?

    1. Keep them in their own game mod. I actually think it could be fun in PVE and even PVP scenarios. Like attack and defend convoys and ports. 2. Get rid of the homing torpedo thing. 3. Slow the speed. 4. There has to be some way for every ship class to deal with subs and not just be a target.
  4. If I wanted to play subs I would buy Cold Waters or one a bunch of Submarine games that have been published. I hate the very idea and the implementation of subs in the game. I keep praying to the gaming gods, that WG comes to there senses and NEVER puts submarines into randoms but keeps them in a separate mode.
  5. admiralMI

    12 v 12 Ranked

    I like arms race. But I like ranked better when the teams are smaller.
  6. admiralMI

    Is IFHE Henri IV Still Viable?

    I took IFHE off of my Henri IV. But I think I have played it one time since they nerfed it.
  7. admiralMI

    EU DDs

  8. So mine is PT, AR, SI, and CE for the first ten points. Then get FP. If you want to switch FP and CE I think that works too. Then I have EM, JoAT, and the EL. I think you could go BoS, but with the small guns at T9 you fire a bunch of both ammo types and you do have a bunch of really useful consumables.
  9. admiralMI