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  1. knice_destroyer

    Hi, first post, I hate cvs

    @The_Abysss "One of the worst things from the rework was removing cv vs cv counterplay. It was the only thing that kept the drops in check if your cv was the one winning that battle. I also agree that knowing and effectively using your detection range is key in cv free games. With them around though an important, well thought out, and very nicely balanced system gets basically nullified." Thank you!! My point exactly!
  2. knice_destroyer

    FINALLY got my first 19 point captain!

    use those special flags my man for the captain xp you will get to your next 19pt captain in no time.
  3. knice_destroyer

    Hi, first post, I hate cvs

    I will say this about CVS. I don't like them in the game no matter the tier no matter the situation or ship I am in. This game is all about detection and detection ranges. Hence the use of smoke, or radar/hydro to counter smoke etc. A CV can perma spot you the entire game. So I ask what is the point of detection ranges and concealment expert then? Further more I left the game for about a year to come back to all my 100 percent AA speckd ships to be nerfed. I remember my North Carolina being dropped to a 77 AA rating with a 19 pt captain with the first rework and now the AA is still not 100 percent. My point being if you went to play on any given day and there were nothing but CVS in Randoms you could at least take out your ships and down some planes or the CV player would get the hint and leave you alone so you could focus on your game, this doesn't happen anymore. Just give us our game back pre patch 8.0 I believe it was and all this goes away.
  4. knice_destroyer

    just disable or have an opt out for CVs already

    Keep CVs in the game fine. However I came back after taking months off from the game to see they nerfed AA ratings on my ships. For example I have a 19pt captain for my North Carolina AA speccd to 100 percent. I sign on and boom 77 percent aa rating. They took away the one thing the us line had going for it, great anti-air. I use to be able to shoot squadrons down, now its a joke. I think its sad really and that is why a lot of folks have left the game period plus all the other things we all know about and now Russian battleships and more premiums with more gimmicks. All i see now is new players buying the highest tier premium they can get and not caring what it does or its capabilities, which leads to disappointment match after match. Tech tree ships are soon to be obsolete. Think how great this game was a year ago and before that....Oh well. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!
  5. knice_destroyer

    Happy Friday Gents

    Idea for a new USS Missouri captain. Made in America, you can have Dasha.. LOL. Enjoy! Nice stern am I wrong?