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  1. Happy Friday Gents

    Idea for a new USS Missouri captain. Made in America, you can have Dasha.. LOL. Enjoy! Nice stern am I wrong?

    No friend I asked for pictures, ya know proof of the lap of luxury in which you live. Your response is of someone who is obviously unhappy and not content with their own life. I trolled you and got the troll response in which i expected. Just because your drop 600 dollars on a video game does not make you special much less a point of interest on Robert leaches life of the rich and famous(showing my age here) of which you were so certain you had me nailed...lol.. I don't flip burgers but they do taste great overlooking the Atlantic but sometimes i enjoy the local seafood to my avail, hell i might even dip my fingers in a set of antique finger bowls followed by a wet nap if im trying to impress:D. I suggest you simmer down beta because one day you might encounter that ALPHA male who might not care of the consequences of showing you what its like to eat the big white mint. Good day sir and may i never have the pleasure of meeting you in real life.

    No this makes you sound silly and ignorant. Lastly big alpha, I want to see a picture of your luxury house, car, and your trophy wife!! I want to admire you and your life from afar because i get off on it, come on show me your big jimmies so i can get a selfie with you. Whip it out big boy, we all are waiting. Come on come all Dr. Whale Tails got us in the vip section, all the ladies ya want and Krystal on the house!!!
  4. You can send the captain to your capt reserve and use him in any IJN tech tree ship before you sell it. You can also retrain the captain as well.
  5. Why dose my name removal come with a 1 day ban

    You got cute with the screen name got away with it for a year but honestly man it should be no surprise what happened to ya, use your head next time.
  6. Asashio Love Thread

  7. We went down so fast because players like you camping at spawn in a tier 7 premium battleship who should have been at least near the d cap to kill the cas that i was spotting but you waited and waited and waited and then once you decided to engage you couldn't hit the side of a barn, so post your popcorn emojis all you want to it obviously tickles you in your happy places. If you too obtuse to see your own fallacies yet point out others well friend i can give you a card and you can can eat popcorn in a white suit with straps on it...goodday.
  8. Like you in your sharnhorst on 2 brothers just now you couldn't hit the side of a barn much less a Cleveland YAWN lmbo.
  9. Why are you still playing?

    Hungry for views are we? lmbo. First of all you incite an argument but always backtrack with your stoic classic "i don't mean to" etc. There are parts of this game we all know need some direct attention. Players have the right to share their grievances amongst each other. Who made you the gatekeeper? Get over yourself, I get it they give you free ships to "comment and discuss on" well good for you big guy. The rest of us gotta earn or pay for said ships. So excuse me we have every right to be pissed if something is so blatantly [edited] it is atrocious. Sorry we don't all have CC contributor next to our names because we simply don't give a crap. Without us what game would you have? Don't preach to those of us who have 10000 plus battles under our belt while you have less than 5000, we have every right to comment on our experiences without some corporate bush league shrill telling us otherwise. I suggest next time you empty your WG gifted fanny pack or wallet on the table to incite unrest your are prepared for the some of us who call you to task instead of hiding behind your know it all dr. phil esque style of youtube videos in which you get paid for and then question the very people who watch them and comment on them for your own personal benefit. Mr. clean called he wants his mancard back. Goodday.
  10. Potatoes Ahoy!

    The gameplay went downhill immediately last December with the steam release and the giveaway ships to players who haven't played in six or more months, and not to mention the crapton of free XP that was given out to said players. As a result players jumped from tier 3 and 4 to 8 and 9 and 10 with little to no knowledge of game mechanics or stats of ships they are facing so what we have seen the past few months in randoms is which team out potatoes the other. Hope it gets better.
  11. DD Manifesto

    All of this is great in "theory" however you missed one key fact support from your team when you spot the enemy that is all.
  12. What playing a Yamato reveals to you

    You are wrong in this statement and also this is one of the main reasons the gameplay has gone to crap.
  13. Try to Earn Something..Play Like Crap

    Its not you man, its prime time now so with that comes head scratching team moments.