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  1. Fletcher Frustrations

    Pretty much this and the reason being hydro. When you face german dds especially at 9 and 10 on the enemy they have the hydro advantage. For example you spot a german dd and you are in your fletcher, you both use smoke, he pops hydro and can see u and shoot u, you cant shoot back. The gimmicks keep on coming and the counters don't exist.
  2. New animal badges

    Why cant this show up and be my patch.
  3. Like i said the house ALWAYS wins.
  4. Thank god I am not the only one big plus one for ya!!
  5. So are you saying RNG does exist?
  6. MM whingeing and whining

    @legozerVoice of an Angel.
  7. I feel your pain. Some days and even weeks it doesn't matter what you do or how well you perform losing streaks happen. I do enjoy the games where suddenly and I mean all of a sudden you cant hit the side of a barn at 2 kms, interesting how that happens. You ask yourself I do know how to aim right? What is going on here? There are many factors that can be discussed about match making but I will keep it simple. Just like in casinos the house ALWAYS wins.
  8. For Missouri its muh Radar and for Musashi its muh LOL PENN. Gimmicks is what I see for the future in this game as each new patch drops,, all the while disrupting any sense of balance that was once left in this game. Tech tree ships getting owned by premiums and powercrept along the way. Enjoy this game while you can folks, the dark days have not even begun to be seen yet.
  9. Why do you think the sound when you sink a carrier is so epic?
  10. Premium ship captains

    @Crucis is a giant noob but has a sick mustache. He can be on my team anytime.
  11. Ships with no camo

    I disagree, without camo a CA especially is more susceptible to dev strikes.
  12. I will add this. The great smoke nerf of 2017 lasted for about what a month or two, and then guess what guys they release a new line of dds with the ability to lay down a fog bank with an extremely short cool down and extra charges to boot. Throw into account all the current missions and folks on their own private agendas what you got is a frustrating, campy meta that will not change till after January. Maybe then things will even out a bit.