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  1. Bama2

    Lead ships US BB line

    Except that all could be made different from their current in-game counterparts Nevada could be post PH Pennsylvania could be post PH Tennessee could be pre or PH Fit Sodak was the outlier of her class, literally couldn't be a clone based on definition New Jersey or Wisconsin could be shown as a round bridge variants. All these mentioned ships have the capability to be unique already apart from the ones currently in game but some of you can just argue in circles about this
  2. Bama2

    [ALL] USS Black Model Fix

    If you were able to add Enterprise and Yorktown in 42' forms I'd die lol
  3. Yorktown will be a great addition as well, with how they've seem to have done on Hornet I'm sure it will look great, and finally have a early war Yorktown/Enterprise in game will be nice as well
  4. I do think it'll be a 2nd cv line, but with how little information they've given for Yorktown so far they're either keeping it close to the chest or it's just coming after the Italian line. Which I feel is more likely with hornet coming earlier as a premium lower tier intro to tactical squadrons on cvs. Either that or Yorktown is a Essex premium which I hope isn't the case
  5. Looks like they're going for a Doolittle Raid/Midway era hornet with Dauntless and Devastator bombers instead of fake or ahistorical aircraft which is the best I think could've happened for it being a T8 cv, ig its just a matter of how it holds up in T10 matches. Interesting that Yorktown is not mentioned here, might mean that it's coming later than Hornet is
  6. Bama2

    DevBlog 262 - Closed Test 0.11.1, New Ships

    I hope it'll be a separate line given how both are tier 8 cv's, though I wonder what planes hornet will have to justify the t8 spot
  7. Bama2

    DevBlog 262 - Closed Test 0.11.1, New Ships

    I hope that Yorktown will be added as a new us line like what they showed previously when the cv rework was done. And Hornet will the premium variant