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  1. WG will change their attitude towards Italian Premiums from “You suck and we hate you” to a slightly different ”You blow and we despise you”. The playerbase will about riot over the CV rework and the associated AA changes while WG pretends that all is well and there’s nothing to see here, please move along. WG will make sincere behind the scenes efforts to improve the game but, unfortunately, those efforts will be overshadowed by “the scandal/issue/problem of the day” and the average forumer will just shake their head at the ineptness of the money-making behemoth behind the curtain.
  2. The Harekaze was the first ship I equipped the flag on, complete with the cat camo and captain. Just couldn’t resist for some reason.
  3. I use my KrispyKreme as a floating Gulag. When one of my Soviet commanders goes on a losing streak, or shows up drunk (bad RNG you know), they serve time in the KK....
  4. Yureikuma

    Had to go AFK

    Get well soon Princess Elizabeth!
  5. Yureikuma

    Mouse Makes More Medals

    Love the new medals. Having read Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors multiple times, it would be great to see Commander Evans get a medal in-game. One that popped into my head reading you list was: White Rabbit Sometimes that fluffy bunny really is dynamite! Criteria: Kill a Cruiser or Battleship by detonation in a DD two tiers lower.
  6. Yureikuma

    Wrong Answers Only: 02

    That's the new North Korean nuclear-powered, 200kt, ultra-stealth, guided-missile supercruiser the Pongyankmyyang on her shakedown cruise. Sure they had a little issue of 90% of her crew diving off the side and swimming to freedom in South Korea, but the remaining 10% now have that healthy "nuclear glow" that keeps them from needing artificial light when reading their glorious party paper at night!
  7. Yureikuma

    Server "TEAM" BOTs shooting team players.

    WG's new AI program is just....evolving......
  8. Happy Canada Day to all my neighbors in the far-north! I’m eagerly awaiting the release of LWM’s Cobra-Chicken and will proudly rock the Flag Camo!
  9. Yureikuma

    Which ships have you retired, and why?

    Abruzzi. Until WG unscrews the guns, she’s staying moored. It’s a shame as I truly like everything about her except guns that are worse than her little sister at Tier VI.
  10. Quite frankly, the Abruzzi seems significantly worse, tier for tier, than the D'Aosta. The castrated penetration on the AP really needs addressing, or at least an explanation from WG as to why they made it less than the Tier VI version. What about it WG, care to explain why you decided to reduce gun performance while increasing tier?
  11. Has anyone at WG ever provided an explanation for why they neutered the penetration on the guns? That's the part that makes zero sense to me.
  12. Yureikuma

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I really like the idea of swapping the HE for SAP. While the current HE isn’t completely useless (it makes really nice splashes in the water) it’s is rather akin to yelling at a neighbor’s cat: You’re going to get frustrated and your target is pretty much going to ignore you.
  13. Yureikuma

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    @LittleWhiteMouse Great review as usual. I just got the ship in a Santa crate and wanted to reiterate what someone else mentioned earlier that may need to be updated in your review: She does get the Propulsion Mod 2 option as she does not seem to accelerate as quickly as the RN CLs or the Perth.