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  1. Yureikuma

    Ise in Operations

    I played my Ise in Raptor one time last night (a loss unfortunately) but found her to be quite fun. Finished 2 on team with ~110k damage, mostly from the guns. Our CV bailed 5 minutes in and I used my planes to spot and harass the DDs and cruisers. All my torp hits were on the endgame BBs as the DDs/CLs were “just dodging” big time.
  2. Yureikuma


    USS Johnston. I know we have the Fletcher, but the Johnston deserves to be here. Make a Taffy 3-pack of DDs with the Heerman and Hoel and a squadron flag with two giant brass balls.
  3. Yureikuma

    Thank Heaven for Co-op

    I came over to WOWS from WOT specifically because of the Co-op feature. I detest the toxicity of PVP games and much prefer the faster pace, and relaxed atmosphere, of PVE by far. I play this game for fun, and only get to play on weekends/holidays, so it is a break from the stress of my daily grind. I have more than my fair share of premium ships, and honestly enjoy playing them in co-op more than the tech tree lines just because they are different, and they support the game. I do wish WG would increase the rewards for co-op to allow faster progression up the tech tree lines, and would love to see more operations, but I'm under no illusion that PVE is anywhere as profitable as the PVP side of the game, so I'll happily take what I can get.
  4. I received a Yūdachi, a Viribus Unitis, and a Marblehead Lima. Plus a bunch of flags, camos, 10k gold, 25k coal, and 180 days of premium time.
  5. Maybe you didn’t sacrifice enough dissidents?
  6. Yureikuma

    Just got the Ark Royal and Furious

    The torp planes work well for me but I must admit the low damage and very low flooding chance limits damage. 30 torp hits, 1 flood:
  7. Don't forget, you have the Molotov which has the Donskoi's guns if you want a good taste of the firepower that awaits. Oh, and do your best to get the Lazo. Another truly fun Soviet CL!
  8. Yureikuma

    Cv alone mm in co-op

    With my luck it would be me in my Kaga and the rest of the team in Minotaurs and Worcesters.......
  9. Yureikuma

    Battle Carrier ;v

    I love taking my GZ into the thick of the fight at the end of the battle. Her secondaries can really rack-up some damage and I've also gotten a couple of ram kills and survived to keep playing in two games!
  10. Yureikuma

    Cv alone mm in co-op

    Believe it or not, it does happen. Even to potatoes like me. All tier VIII, 2 humans...
  11. WG will change their attitude towards Italian Premiums from “You suck and we hate you” to a slightly different ”You blow and we despise you”. The playerbase will about riot over the CV rework and the associated AA changes while WG pretends that all is well and there’s nothing to see here, please move along. WG will make sincere behind the scenes efforts to improve the game but, unfortunately, those efforts will be overshadowed by “the scandal/issue/problem of the day” and the average forumer will just shake their head at the ineptness of the money-making behemoth behind the curtain.
  12. The Harekaze was the first ship I equipped the flag on, complete with the cat camo and captain. Just couldn’t resist for some reason.
  13. I use my KrispyKreme as a floating Gulag. When one of my Soviet commanders goes on a losing streak, or shows up drunk (bad RNG you know), they serve time in the KK....