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  1. icrystalaxy

    Each time I update WoWs to fix a launch error, I get this.

    SO I found out that this is related to a new problem, that the update is named in a way the iMac can't find it. 2 new questions. How can I force the game to re-download the update? It sometimes lets me but I have no idea how to get the mac to want to update the game launcher again. How can I access and rename the update file accordingly, and to what?
  2. icrystalaxy

    Anti-aircraft effects are intensive!

    Hey there Thrawn, nice to hear from you again. Thanks!
  3. Quite simply, whenever I play high tier matches, the moment the anti aircraft on other ships starts blasting, all the little particles really slow my already slow 21 FPS. Yes I use a mac, it's not the best, but the update increased my crashing to every game I join. Is there anyway to tone down these effects?
  4. icrystalaxy

    Mac version won't open due to program error?

    Thanks Conrad! It's super helpful! Wait new question, when I download the MacWrapper, will it redownload the game? My mac doesn't have too much space, so I really can't support a second WoWs download.
  5. icrystalaxy

    Mac version won't open due to program error?

    Cool name Thrawn, you're lucky to have nabbed it. Ok, Ill try it later.
  6. It doesn't open past the launcher. Pressing play on the launcher simply results in that little window appearing. Please help, I just wanna try out the new CVs.
  7. Title says it all. I just got WoWs for my Mac OS X version 9.5 Everytime the launcher opens, it downloads new files and fills the computer hard drive. Any solutions?