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  1. TO ALL: The wife and I are okay, computer is back up. But I do not think I will be back to WoWs, from the little I looked on here, it looks like PvE players still get nothing but hate/salt and ignored from the Devs.


    @Hapa_Fodder Yeah I just do not believe you, when I started this game I was a supporter WG. But after putting up with the salt content from some PvP'ers, the lack of any REAL changes for PvE and seeing NOTHING done about it again!

    And Again!

    And Again!

    BUT I did stop by here again just one more time in the slim hope just maybe it change. Nope same old grief, same old haters, same old lines, same old attacks, so I just do not believe anymore WG's bilge water.


    1. USMCGal


      Hi Chaos,

      I am glad you and the missus are well and safe during this crazy time. Best of luck to you and yours. I am pretty much in the same boat as you old friend. 

      They mandated the Wargaming Center and I have not looked back as yet. Haven't played in over a month but I am being kept busy moving our house. So it is a different kind of packing I am doing now. 

      There are other tasks and other games we are focusing on now. 

      Take Care