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  1. Sorry for the slow response, I am writing this from work. Well it is one of two things with my computer its my hard drive, a easy fix I have a spare just need time.

    Or its the mother board, which means it will take a lot of time to save up the money for it.

    I been having problems with the game's audio - it was locking up when I left the game, I tried some stuff I picked over the years - no help, so I contacting Wargaming Support got a little help and tried what they recommended - still locking up.

    Then this morning, as I logged off the old Blue screen of death. So I post a PM and Status update real quick on the wife's computer before work.

    1. BrushWolf


      Ouch, good luck on that. Have you tried updating the BIOS and the audio driver?

    2. USMCGal


      A BSOD could mean a driver is out of whack too depends on the stop message that went with the BSOD. 

      Try rolling back your sound driver, if a newer one  was recently applied. 

      try booting into Safe mode, could just be something with your sound or video that is causing a hard lock on your pc.

      One more thing to check is when you are running Wows- there is an additional service running. The WargamingErrorMonitor.exe 

      This is what has caused my game to consistently hang. You can rename the file to .old and restart the game to see if that may be some of the cause. That files exists in three locations within the install game folder- the main install folder- the Bin64 folder and the Bin32 folder. I generally delete the files for this service. And yes you must check this after every update...

      Also if you haven't try updating your video drivers as well. 

      I hope some of this helps! :Smile_honoring:

      Keep us posted.