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  1. Thea is getting closer, this is taking longer than I thought it would (this last point), so I jumped into Operation: Aegis with the HSF Admiral Graf Spee. I hoping the extra XP from the Operation will push her to that last point.

    And today is my 15th Anniversary at the Site, where I work at as a Security Officer - Site Supervisor. I started out at the Rank of Corporal, and now I am a Lieutenant.  

    Thea 09-07.jpg

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    2. USMCGal


      Oh I know that is a very long time and something to be very proud of. You stay safe and no more fires! :Smile_honoring:

    3. Chaos_EN2


      :cap_haloween:LOL:cap_haloween: well most of the time this post is very, very boring. It just outside a small Ohio Village and is normally surrounded by Corn Fields.

    4. USMCGal


      I don't know. You gotta watch them corn fields. Anything could come out of them...:fish_viking: