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  1. Thea Kreutzer is now officially at the halfway point of being my first 19pt Commander. 

    Thea 09-04.jpg

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    2. _WaveRider_


      Although I haven't played for 6+ months, I still pop onto the forums just to see what is going on. It's always good to see in game friends enjoying themselves and notching up those achievements; well done to you! :Smile_honoring:

    3. Chaos_EN2


      _WaveRider_!! Hey buddy I keep hoping I will see you in game again. And I promise I will try not to run into you:cap_haloween:

    4. _WaveRider_


      Although I enjoyed the game, the higher the tier I achieved, the more I saw the lack of balance amongst ship types - for a game where damage is such a big factor, to have one ship type sit at the bottom for every tier (V-X) on average, across every server (NA, EU and Asia),  just didn't sit right with me.

      The game literally showed me that I could better contribute to my team by playing a ship I did not play particularly well (IMO), or even enjoyed playing! Yet, the ship type I enjoy playing and played well, got harder in its ability to contribute to the team, and less enjoyable to play.

      Unfortunately I doubt that this has changed.

      WG has chosen its path and as long as the majority of players are happy with the product (and WG are still making money), I see no reason why they would change anything. Unfortunately it's just not the game for me at present; however, this doesn't stop me being happy for those that still enjoy the game my friend - long may you achieve the in-game challenges and continue to enjoy the game! :Smile_honoring: