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  1. The issue has been taken care of, thank you all for your support. So you all will be stuck with me.

    1. nina_blain_73


      I am with you 100% Chaos... for a CC to do this is beyond the pale.

      I also commend you for taking the high road here and not calling for punishment. I hope to think I would have done the same

      I salute you

    2. BBsquid


      Wow...thats...thats unreal. Funny...and sad...how elitist some clowns get because they happen to be better than others....at a video game. But hey...thats the path Amerika seems to be sliding down nowadays...overly sensitive and overly critical.

      Just remember...this is a game, and entertainment medium. The operative parameters are two-fold : 1) have fun, and 2) always strive to get a better grasp on the game and do better. If people fault you for that, well, they know what they can do. 

      I suggest going to Mouse, Lert, Haze and some of their stable mates for pointers and advice. 

      Keep on steamin, shipmate!