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  1. I am going to post, (and sorry this is a long one) this here, on this thread https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/167116-it-does-not-make-sense-to-switch-to-eagleshark/ My ideas of Loyalty came up, due to the Fact I will not switch over from Eagles to Sharks. I thought I about debating it further on there, but this would of caused the thread to be locked which I felt would not be right to the OP.

    So is my loyalty blind? NO, i.e. I love the USA BUT I know that pass, current and future leaders of this country are only Human and many of them are/will be fools. Would I turn against them? Yes, I would vote them out, and if needed defend  the Constitution. See. I joined the USN in 1978, I swore a oath to defend the Constitution of the USA, if I was called on do this I would try too even to this day.

    This is only a Game, so why not switch? I know this is only a game, but changing teams in the middle of a game goes against everything that makes up my personal moral compass. I would not do it for a Perma-Camo, I would not do it for a WoWs Fleet Deal. And since it is only a game why should I change my moral compass for it?

    I'm happy that you feel good about sticking with the Eagles, but no one else cares. The last I checked this is a public forum and as long as I follow the rules I can post what/where I want too. And I have found that some of those who are so big on themselves on these forums are cowards in real life, and so unless they have a computer screen for protection they have no backbone.

    The event is all about the loot. Everything else is a color palette and mascot image swap. That is fine for you players that want to play the game that way. I have never posted (to my memory) that anyone has to play this event or the game MY WAY so why should have to play it your way?

    Tribalism is counter productive to the health and well-being of civilized people and BTW, you'll still have to choose: If I am forced to join Team Shark, I will play my Tier 4 and lower ships, until the event is over.

    There I have said my piece, and vented.


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    2. Chaos_EN2


      Thanks USMCGal, I knew that some of you would. Just like I know I am a stubborn old Sailor.:Smile_honoring:

    3. BrushWolf


      :Smile_great: I was only interested in the Eagle camo for the Worcester so see no need to switch and hopefully if the Sharks mass mutiny that has been talked about actually happens winning will give me a shot at another 55 Eagle tokens for the Des Moines permanent camo and if not I will blow everything over 125 on other things.

    4. BBsquid


      Feel the same way, shipmate. I'm a shark till the event ends. I don't do high tier USN cruisers anyway, so I really give less than 2 shots about permanent camo.

      Stay the course, shippy!