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  1. I have been taking a short break from World of Warships, to handle some personal and work related stuff. 


    1. BrushWolf


      Life comes before games. I have been moving into my new apartment over the last few weeks and retirement is more work than working. :) The good news for the move and hopefully my last is this view of Lake Superior. Take care and good luck.


    2. Chaos_EN2


      You too Shipmate

    3. _WaveRider_


      Hey Chaos, hope all is ok.

      Been taking a break myself and if I'm honest probably won't be coming back; really enjoyed the DD style of play and in just over the year and a half I've been playing, it's changed that much that for me the game became a bit 'meh'. For me it was a fun ride while it lasted and I hope you can get back to Warships soon as I know how much you enjoy it. O7