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  1. 57 minutes ago, M8i said:

    oh yeah give me an actor who is not a short drug educed Jew to play Iron Man.


    53 minutes ago, Chaos_EN2 said:

    Wow you are a special type of sea slug, by All the Gods of the All Seas, until now I did not realize how much of a slime you was.

    I am done with this, boot camp reject.

    To the rest of the members of this Forum , NOT to the OP.

    The reason I am posting again on this "subject", was that I wish to apologize to the rest of the forum members, I have been trying to hold back from jumping on soap boxes BUT I have to on this subject.

    I have NO IDEA why ANYONE'S Religious beliefs has to do with ANY SUBJECT! My Father fought in WW2, and he had to stand guard over the Germans while they had to cleaned up the Camps, and he had nightmares about until he died, all because someone hated Jews, Gays, ETC..

    SO when I see/hear someone saying because they are a Jew or Irish or Black, etc. It BURNS ME UP! 

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    2. Chaos_EN2


      It is not that he is calling him Jewish or if he is Jewish, it is the fact he is trying to use a religious belief to de-value a fellow human being, that is the part that get me.

    3. AVR_Project


      It's always a fault of mine where I don't see a problem when everyone else is freaking out.

      Then again, folks have stabbed me with knives and shot at me without my getting too upset.  Folks cut me off on the highway, and my passengers are screaming obscenities out the window. 

      I'm like..  whatever...

      But man..   If some stray torpedo takes all my health when it should have obviously missed...    Better plug your ears.

    4. With someone like M8 just report them. They usually collect black marks quickly and will be permanently banned in short order.