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  1. Chaos_EN2

    Checking in and asking questions

    Good to hear from you Gal, wife is doing a lot better we both are losing weight, I have lost 44lbs. We changed over to a no salt diet, cut back on a lot of junk food eating a lot healthier. BUT I refuse to give up Pizza :) The only part we are have a hard time with is the bills, we do not have insurance her Medicaid helped but did not cover all. And I am so sorry to hear about your ankle, I hope you get well soon. No Daffy, from everything I seen on here I will not be back. But thanks for the offer :) And good to hear that the Dogs are still afloat. And to Wargaming, with all due respect please realize there is a huge number of players that you are slowly losing; your PvE players. I know you have your own bosses, plans, and concerns. But as contracted Security Officer and a Site Supervisor, I know NO COMPANY wants to lose their customers and no company can survive if they do. So please rethink how you deal with you player base both PvE and PvP. To my fellow players; I know many of you have spent a lot of money on this game. But if have to think of any game like a car, you may have sunk hundreds and hundreds of dollars in to it, but there comes a time it has to be junked. It is up to each of you to personally figure out if it is worth fixing (playing) anymore? So I will be playing STO, today starts an event that lets player earn a Free Tier 6 Starship - a Risian Corvette. So I will stop posting on here for awhile, just stop in and check my PMs. And I will always hope WoWs will change for the better, but from what I have seen it looks bleak.
  2. Chaos_EN2

    Checking in and asking questions

    Yes after I had to go FTP (as AT knows) after my wife got out of the hospital. Those bills had (and still do) to come first.
  3. Chaos_EN2

    Checking in and asking questions

    Well I would not call myself a top contributor, but I did really care for this game at one time. As a former USN Sailor this WAS the dream game for me, these were the ships I would read about and were told stories about at my Dad's VFW and American Legion. BUT (and this is not a knock to WG), I always had a dislike/distaste for PvP and to be honest WoWs has made it worst, and yes I did try it here and in other games. I have met in some of these games (starting with Ultima Online) some really, really great PvP players who would pull you aside and try to show/tell you how to improve. And in these same games I have met the Cyber-Bullies of PvP, who can only feel good about themselves by sitting behind a computer screen and knocking/bad-mouthing players who do not do as well as them. But this is a problem of ALL of online gaming not just WG, some companies listen to the PvE side more and some listen to the PvP side more (again IMO). And I would be back tomorrow IF Wargaming would bring/give us a well thought out PvE game. Until then, Star Trek Online will get my money. Well hope this statement does not lock the thread :(
  4. Chaos_EN2

    Checking in and asking questions

    Copy that, if you do not mind I will send you a friend invite, in the morning EST around 2AM. 07
  5. Chaos_EN2

    Checking in and asking questions

    Okay thank you, both and good to "hear" from you too :) And while I am disappointed in Wargaming, I wish I could say I was surprised. I wish I could say something different. Well, I am not asking you to quit, but if you ever start in STO, look me up in game @sgtken60. STO does not (IMO) try to hammer PvP down everyone engine rooms, PvP is the lesser part of the game from everything I have seen. And I know it is not Naval Combat, but it is a fun game.
  6. Chaos_EN2

    Checking in and asking questions

    Hello all my WoWs Shipmates, Old Chaos_EN2 here. I wanted to see IF there has been any real improvement to PvE in WoWs or is worst now? I have been play Star Trek Online, and while it is a good game I wanted to stop in and check and see is I cause a few heavy waves - - LoL just joking LoL From the little I seen it does not look well for PvE content in WoWs, but I have not read every post, just looked it over a few pages. Well I am working a 12hr shift today so I will check back in awhile and see if I got answers or the post was removed or locked :) Later,
  7. Chaos_EN2

    Credit Income Nerf?

    Well WG does have a bad habit of shooting itself in it's own proverbial foot when it comes to player retention (IMO).
  8. Chaos_EN2

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    While I no longer play, I thought I post on this, as way to support my friends @Kizarvexis and @AdmiralThunderand the best Clan in the game --- PVE! Why did I play Co-Op/Operations only? - I have been ask more than a few times when I still played, so I am going to list it here. 1) Time - I only play for short periods in the early morning hours (EST), and Randoms takes to long. 2) WTR - Win Rating and some of the stat judging of other players turns me off. AKA - Stat shaming. 3) Chat - While there is issues in chat in all modes of the game, for me I see a lot more Salt in Random Games. And I had a total of one Family member and two friends quit this game because of chat, while I was playing. 4) Personal Game Performance - At my age my hand/eye coordination is not as good as it used to be.
  9. Chaos_EN2

    Goodbye for a Bit

    Thank you both for your replies.
  10. Chaos_EN2

    Goodbye for a Bit

    Hello my WoWs Friends It has been a while and I do apologize for not having any contact for a bit, I hope you will understand why. My Dear Wife was admitted to the Hospital early in January and spent almost two weeks due congested heart failure, and cellulitis on her legs. So my mind has been on other matters, she is home now and on a lot of medications and we are on a no sodium diet. So I hope you of you are doing well and still having fun, I have been playing FTP games my new favorite is Star Trek Online. Well I will close now, I hope all of you have a wonderful time in WoWs Chaos_EN2
  11. Sorry, I just cannot do it. I tried to play it but it just is not for me anymore. So I am done this will be last posting here.


    1. BrushWolf


      Sorry to see you go.

    2. _WaveRider_
    3. Sotaudi


      Best wishes to you. Hope you find something more to your liking.

  12. After work today, and just before bed I plan on reinstalling World of Warships and giving one more try. And I will try a few games hopefully Friday Afternoon/Evening, my opinion has not change towards Wargaming.

    But I would like to "see" my Friends again, before the year is gone. BUT I still feel a very strong distrust of WG so this maybe just a turn around cruise.

    And if it is I will let you all know, but I feel I should give one last try.

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    2. yungpanda


      Merry Christmas! :D

    3. _WaveRider_


      Good to see you back. Maybe you'll feel a little more fresh into it and enjoy; I hope so. :Smile_honoring:

    4. Sere_Pj


      Thanks for coming back in Chaos.

  13. First off as a former player I have to agree with Zoup and Kizarvexis I do like the idea of Prestige but I do not think it would bring me back. BUT there are two big things that made me stop playing is Wargaming's lack of honesty, and the punishing repair fees towards FTP and towards Paying players as well. And there are so many other things from the almost pathological hatred of some players towards other players "who cost them the game" or the ones who will not play the game the way they do, to instead of giving players a way to turn off "dog tags", being told to install a mod. The worst enemies of this games (IMO) is the Elitism in the game and Wargaming itself - again this is just my opinion and some of the reasons I quit. So why am I post? Well Believe it or not I would like to play this game again, but Wargaming needs to actually LISTEN to all players not just the ones who agree with them and I used to be one of the those on the bandwagon of agreement, but the trust is gone.
  14. Chaos_EN2

    Goodbye for a Bit

    To All my WoWs Friends I hate to write this, but for the foreseeable future I cannot see my return to World of Warships. There is many reasons for this from some of the changes to the game to my own personal financial reasons. I truly did enjoy this game at first, but the enjoyment is gone so I see no reason to stay. And while I have ended my time on WoWs hopefully it does not end our friendship. Thank you for everything. Chaos_EN2
  15. To All my WoWs Friends

    I hate to write this, but for the foreseeable future I cannot see my return to World of Warships. There is many reasons for this from some of the changes to the game to my own personal financial reasons.

    I truly did enjoy this game at first, but the enjoyment is gone so I see no reason to stay. And while I have ended my time on WoWs hopefully it does not end our friendship.

    Thank you for everything.

    Chaos_EN2 AKA Ken 

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    2. BrushWolf


      Best of luck.

    3. _WaveRider_


      Took a little time away myself and hope this is all it will be for you too!

      Whatever your reasons I wish you well and hope things improve to the point where we will bump into each other again! :Smile_honoring:

    4. Sere_Pj


      I am sorry to see you go my friend, has been a lot of fun, if you ever make the decision to come back look me up. Take care and be safe.

      Sere_Pj / Bob