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  1. When I was trying the Japanese BB line I was still new, and it was before my account name change, I just got my Kongo fully upgraded I when into a Random match. Once the game started I launched my Spotter Plane. One of the 1st ships spotted was a Omaha, I aimed and fired a Full Broadside at the Full Health Omaha, (he was going full speed ahead and starting a turn), and hit him Broadside with 5 x 14 inch shells, and got my 1st "First Blood" Achievement. Let's just say the Omaha player was more than a little upset, and let it be know over chat, that it was a "Lucky Shot" and the "Game was broken", etc. With all the grief he gave and at 1st I did feel a little bad. BUT since I had just fired his teammates (4 of them) returned fire so I was not to far behind him in Davy Jones' Locker.
  2. Thanks
  3. I am just wonder does the Congressman from Hawaii consider the Hawaii lottery gambling? I know here in Ohio I have seen people spend a whole lot more on lottery tickets, than I would on WoWs (No Offense to WG).
  4. This one has always been a special one for me.
  5. Yeah, I could hear my wife now, if I suggested getting any of these bundlesLoL
  6. Some great deals but out of my reach, got to save the cash.
  7. LoL okay @Spooooooooooooooooooooon you win the Kewpie Doll, I was wondering who would say this 1st
  8. Well 1Sherman a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and all Canadians.
  9. To All the Community Contributors and WoWs Wiki Team @LittleWhiteMouse, @RivertheRoyal, @NoZoupForYou, @UrPeaceKeeper, @vonKaiser and @Lord_Zath I thought I better not forget you Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope everyone of you and your Families have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. Chaos_EN3 Commander of the Old Salty Dogs
  10. To Staff of Wargaming and this Forum @WolfofWarship, @Pigeon_of_War, @SuperNikoPower,and all rest of the other members of Wargaming Staff. I hope everyone of you and your Families have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. I know that some of us can be a royal pain in the stern (I think I am at times), but speaking for myself I do respect each of you for the all work you do for us. And thanks for putting up with all of us "kids". Even us old grumpy sailors Chaos_EN3 Commander of the Old Salty Dogs
  11. I wonder if this would be the DD line for me? I nevered had much luck with any of the other lines. Great Write up LWM+1
  12. Well I have not seen a SC since the patch that dropped the credits reward out of them.
  13. Okay I am going to assume you mean Super Containers. WG; please whenever Turbotush gets a Super Container please forward it to some other player. Thank you, The Rest of the WoWs Players OP If you meant "Supper" well I like my suppers I think they are worth it
  14. I agree there is times that this game is very toxic, but as Lert said this F2P and you will have that.
  15. God I know that feeling, believe me I will be wondering/waiting on phone calls.