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  1. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Here are my last battles of the morning, in one I found out my Dallas can take out a damaged Cleveland with a broadside of AP, BUT trying to beat a Massachusetts that was following the Cleveland is not a great idea I think I maybe a little too aggressive with my HSF Admiral Graf Spee at times, I charged an BoT Bretagne that was trying to cap and caught about Four AP shells to the bow. But the Bretagne got full spread of my Torpedoes in return. And I am getting closer to my goal the Helena. And in three days will be going to FTP, I have been using my coal to buy/stock up on India Bravo Terrathree and Zulu Signal Flags so I can keep playing/making credits.
  2. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Dropping these two battles down real quick, my good old HSF Admiral Graf Spee and Dallas. I am still really enjoying the Dallas, she is a good little support ship. The only BoT Ship that still drives me nuts is the Atlanta, but I will figure out the best way to take it out.
  3. Still an Eagle, and still an Stubborn Old Sailor :Smile_honoring::cap_haloween::crab:



  4. Goodbye Aretha Franklin

    Sorry about, sometimes with my eyesight and being in a rush I mess up, and thanks for moving it.
  5. Goodbye Aretha Franklin

    Please let's not get this Thread lock by bringing in ..., Please.
  6. Goodbye Aretha Franklin

    Myself I just love Music, I listen to everything from Otep to Scottish Bagpipes. She will be missed.
  7. Goodbye Aretha Franklin

    Shoot wrong spot sorry about was in a Rush. @Gneisenau013 or @Femennenly could one of you please move this? Sorry again everyone.
  8. Goodbye Aretha Franklin

    Goodbye Aretha Franklin, she has passed away https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/16/obituaries/aretha-franklin-dead.html
  9. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Well in this battle with the Dallas even there was just Three Human Players we did great! I am keeping this little paper Ship, she has her bad moments, but she can glorious when everything works right.
  10. Oh no, I did not mean for myself, I am happy in Operations and in Co-Op. Me in Clan Battles of any type would too much of a let down for any team, same reason I have dropped out of Ranked.
  11. I would like to the whole set of Clan Battles changed, to me it just across a version of Ranked. The Clan Battles I would like to see is Clan Commanders challenge each other, and they pick the Team, the Tiers and the Types of Ships , with in a set limits given by Wargaming, so i.e. Clan A could challenge Clan B to a tier 5 Match with CVs with in the limits by WG. Random Maps.
  12. I am also seen a lot nothing in chat, no banter, no F keys, nothing I am not sure what is doing this? I have even shocked a few by thanking them for their help, especially CV players in Co-Op, a lot of times it is just the CV player and my ship at 2AM EST vs. all the Bots.
  13. I agree with you, I have slipped Full Navy Language only once in chat, and that was towards a Team Killer who on purpose sank our Team CV. This was before the current meta
  14. No you do not, but at the same time going full blown Sailor Grade talk in chat is not needed.
  15. Happy that you added this, part since I am one of the Joe Average.