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  1. Well it is more like this. At least from what I learned from Damage Control School - USS Buttlecup
  2. Naah your not old yet, my Dad made it to 92yrs. Heck he was 52yrs old when I came into the world.
  3. Okay thank you so much, so am I safe to assume the pictures are the Boss Ships?
  4. I am going to ask a couple of questions. What was last year Halloween Event? And do you think it will be the same this year? Since I was not playing the game yet.
  5. I agree with Kapitan_Wuff on this, I know for sure this is one of the worst thing you can do, and the reason is I did it myself.
  6. Okay there been a misunderstanding, they was pink when I/they came into the battle, they just was AFK during the battle. I did not mean to make anyone think they had gone pink for being AFK.
  7. I have seen more "pink" AFKs one game I was in there was two "pink" BBs and they just sat there for the whole game, well until they was sunk.
  8. While I do not own GZ (or any Carrier) I just wanted to pop in and say thanks to all of you for being testers for this ship. And also thanks to WG for letting the players having the input into this ship.
  9. I had above average weekend, thanks to the Camo and signal flags, I got all the needed XP one of the Cruisers I wanted, and working my up towards the XP needed for my first Tier 7 battleship, just got to save up the credits for both now. Did not get some of the special collection done, thanks to work (God I hate call-offs), but had fun and that is the main thing.
  10. If I am understanding you, someone ran into your torpedoes and you do not think you should have the blame? I myself look at the HUD Map and make sure there is no teammates near BEFORE I fire, if I see someone heading towards my Torpedoes I type in chat "TORPS". But it is MY fault if they run into my "fish" simple as that LOOK before you launch them! If that is not what you are trying to say, I then I have no idea what you are trying to say.
  11. By Neptune's Beard thank you for the translation
  12. Wow shipmate, I will watch this when I get home. The most I ever had on board was two ship board fires on my 1st ship USS El Paso, the 1st one I had only been on the ship for about two weeks, and was only about 19yrs old ------ scared the sh@t out of me!! And I am happy you made it out okay and there was so little lost of life.
  13. Yup to this I have to agree. It is Captain not the ship!
  14. The Atlanta WAS a terrifying ship for me also when I started, but I have learn with the right amount of AP it sinks like any other ship. Depending on how good the "Captain" is.
  15. I assume so, and thanks for the song have not heard that one for sometime.