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  1. You're still missed.
    I hope things are okay with you and the wife. Especially in these crazy times. 

  2. Sorry for the slow response, I am writing this from work. Well it is one of two things with my computer its my hard drive, a easy fix I have a spare just need time.

    Or its the mother board, which means it will take a lot of time to save up the money for it.

    I been having problems with the game's audio - it was locking up when I left the game, I tried some stuff I picked over the years - no help, so I contacting Wargaming Support got a little help and tried what they recommended - still locking up.

    Then this morning, as I logged off the old Blue screen of death. So I post a PM and Status update real quick on the wife's computer before work.

    1. BrushWolf


      Ouch, good luck on that. Have you tried updating the BIOS and the audio driver?

    2. USMCGal


      A BSOD could mean a driver is out of whack too depends on the stop message that went with the BSOD. 

      Try rolling back your sound driver, if a newer one  was recently applied. 

      try booting into Safe mode, could just be something with your sound or video that is causing a hard lock on your pc.

      One more thing to check is when you are running Wows- there is an additional service running. The WargamingErrorMonitor.exe 

      This is what has caused my game to consistently hang. You can rename the file to .old and restart the game to see if that may be some of the cause. That files exists in three locations within the install game folder- the main install folder- the Bin64 folder and the Bin32 folder. I generally delete the files for this service. And yes you must check this after every update...

      Also if you haven't try updating your video drivers as well. 

      I hope some of this helps! :Smile_honoring:

      Keep us posted. 

  3. Chaos_EN2

    Emden Gift for EU

    Yeah, sorry about this posting Kami, all I saw was FREE SHIP!
  4. Chaos_EN2

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Copy, I just thought it was cool bit of info.
  5. Chaos_EN2

    Positive Submarine Changes

    From http://www.kbismarck.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5839 In another thread a rather hot discussion has developed over the question of whether or not British cruisers carried depth charges. The simple fact is they did carry them and there are examples where they were thought to have scored successes, though these are anecdotal and to date no one has been able to produce documentary evidence to support the claims. U-Boats were often hunted and sunk by aircraft carrying depth charges. Many cruisers carried the Walrus Flying boat which in turn could carry bombs or depth charges. If a cruiser sent it's Walrus hunting and it sank a U-Boat the cruiser could justifiably claim the kill. There is anecdotal evidence of HMS Dorsetshire doing just that, though no record of this event has yet surfaced. Almost all British cruisers were fitted with depth charge (DC) racks and Asdic Type 123 with which to hunt. This may come as a surprise to some as it did to me. At the Battle of the River Plate, one of the first actions on opening fire was jettisoning the depth charges, so there is further proof that Cruisers carried depth charges even at that early date. In the British Royal Navy, no weapon is ever issued unless the holder is able to use it offensively and effectively. Cruisers were fitted with Asdic and a single DC rack of the same type as that fitted in destroyers and other properly designated A/S units. So they had the same capability to hunt as these other vessels though carrying fewer DC racks. They had capacity to drop two patterns of three or four charges and very possibly they had reloads waiting in the magazine below. Belfast had her torpedo warhead magazine aft near the steering compartment, so I think they would have been stored there. With Asdic up to snuff and with a ready supply of depth charges there would be little difference between a cruiser and a destroyer engaging in the hunt for a U-Boat. The disadvantage for cruisers would no doubt be lack of experience. Destroyers would be regularly tasked to hunt for U-Boats whilst cruisers would not. That did not stop Captain Pegram of HMS Glasgow in company with HMS Southampton having a go at a U-Boat, though without success. Many destroyers carried the High angle Low angle 4" twin mounting. The Hunt Class for example was very heavily armed for their size. The 4" was their main armament. Most cruisers also carried the same 4" mounting. It was not their main armament, but was no less offensive as an air or surface weapon for all that. The Mark 2 depth Charge as carried by HM ships could spit the hull of a U-Boat if it exploded within 20 feet and render the U-boat unlikely to reach port at twice that distance. So a miss at 60 feet might well cause considerable damage to a submerged U-boat. If the boat had already been damaged in a previous attack, that could well tip the scales. Apart from that it could render the U-Boat incapable of making further torpedo attacks due to damaged equipment. The type 123 Asdic set was very accurate for bearing, but could not establish the true depth of a target. Very experience operators may have been able to get more out of the set than those less experienced. Escorts in convoy were apparently able to establish the positions of their charges in heavy fog using this device and so effective was it that only a couple of properly functioning sets needed to be switched on at any given time. Possibly too many bouncing echoes might be confusing to ships tuned to the same transponder frequency. There is much to be learned about this little known aspect of the war and anything which others here may be able to find will be warmly and gratefully welcomed.
  6. Chaos_EN2

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Okay my mistake, sorry about that.
  7. Chaos_EN2

    Positive Submarine Changes

    Yeah I have to agree, I was not to happy with Subs coming to WoWs. But some of these changes are a "step", I think there needs to be a whole lot more. I also think there should be more Anti-Sub weapons for surface ships to have.
  8. Yeah it looks better. How about adding a crush factor? Say a 1 - 4% chance that the sub has gone to deep and takes damage instead, it is a very real worry for R/L Subs.
  9. Chaos_EN2

    Emden Gift for EU

    Yeah from what I found out it is what @Rustyhole posted.
  10. Chaos_EN2

    Emden Gift for EU

    Sorry All I mess-up NEVERMIND it is for those who watch WoWs Twitch Channel in the EU
  11. Chaos_EN2

    Emden Gift for EU

    Okay thanks, I just was wondering if something like was in the works for NA. But I do love that Camo.
  12. Chaos_EN2

    Emden Gift for EU

    Saw this on Reddit thought I would share. Do you know if the NA servers are getting anything like this? https://worldofwarships.eu/de/news/sales-and-events/reunited-and-it-feels-so-good/ A free Emden with camo. NEVERMIND it is for those who watch WoWs Twitch Channel in the EU
  13. Chaos_EN2

    Privateer Program: General Information + FAQ

    Yes I have to agree with this. I speak from personal experience on the first three they go out of their way to help the community, even grumpy old sailors like me.
  14. Chaos_EN2

    Another LM/UU finished

    Congrats AT
  15. Chaos_EN2

    Green bots and smoke

    I was on the USS El Paso LKA-117 (1980-1983) then SIMA, Norfolk, then I commission the USS Whidbey Island LSD-41. Thanks for your Service, Shipmate