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  1. Jack Dunkirk

    LoL Nope, taking EM, JoaT and putting him the Nelson.
  2. Jack Dunkirk

    Well I have been saving my FXP for the HMS Nelson so guess where my Jack Dunkirk is going?
  3. My view of war!

    I always thought before any countries go to war - the two (or more) Leaders should have to battle each other in an Cage Match - no weapons/no rules, maybe then they would be a little less likely to rattle/use their sabers of war.
  4. What's your solo WR

    Well here is mine, I do not division that much (most folks are in bed at 2AM EST) and I play PvE more.
  5. Dear downvote fairy / stalker,

    Not this former Corgi Captain, the wife and I have six cats. One (Buddy) could pass as Lert's Icon.
  6. Best Allied CA for new OP?

    Well after looking the link (thanks BTW), I think the Atlanta, Fiji and the Algérie would be the best three (IMO)> Operation Hermes In the new Operation, you will need to escort French ships laden with gold at the start of their journey to American shores. You will encounter numerous German patrol boats that will stop at nothing to take the gold away. Operation "Hermes" will be subject to particular limitations on ships that will let you plunge deeper into the atmosphere of the event. To be eligible, you need any of the tier VII Cruisers of the Allied nations (U.K., U.S.A., and France) or French tier VII-VIII battleships. Once Update 0.7.2 goes live, Operation "Hermes" will be available for 14 days as the "Operation of the Week". Afterwards, it will be added to the pool of Operations for weekly rotation. To defeat superior German forces, take advantage of a thunderstorm front, a new in-game mechanic that will at certain stages of a battle give your ship a concealment bonus, cap ships’ line of sight, and reduce the duration of the increased ship detectability period after firing a main gun shell to 5 seconds (by default: 20 sec). Shell dispersion will be increased too, but only for ships affected by the violent weather. Primary task: Escort the "Flagship" to her ultimate destination point
  7. Now there is a picture/face that makes you smile. You would get a kick out of our Smallest Kitten - Ketchi, she tries to "catch" my ship's AA tracers.
  8. BTW @WolfofWarship what beautiful puppy.
  9. French BB Bretagne awesome

    Well I have and and I like her, she does take sometime to get used too. I normally play MN Cruisers, so the drop from 30+ Knts to 20-21Knts was very hard to get used too. So there are times I think I issue the order "Voiles de gréement". I plan on keeping her (and have even used her Random), and getting the rest of MN BBs.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    Saw and was on the same team as @Femennenly she was in her Graf Zeppelin and I was in my HSF Graf Spee.
  11. @Super_Splash_Bro First off; Thank you and all the Wargaming Staff for the gifts, the Premium Time was the greatest gift for me, along with the Corgi Flags - I also got some badly needed signal flags, some credits, and some Premium Consumables. Now I will tell you why I asked to a Corgi_Captain; The wife and I have been going though some financial issues since the change of the year. And I posting on here just to vent, and I got support, words of advice and I had three special fellow players give me gifts as a way to support me, and give me a little comfort, I have NEVER had any gaming community do this since I start online gaming back in the late 90s. So this was the whole reason I requested to be a Corgi_Captain, so I could give back a little to the community and I am mainly a PvE player, so I am sure I was not much of a threat. I did not get to play as much as I want but I did enjoy trying out the ships that I do not own, and it was fun except for one incident. I hope the something like this will happen again, it really (IMO) shows that in many ways this is more than just a online game, that there is a community here and no matter our differences we can come together. Thank you, Chaos_EN2 PvE Warriors Unite - Deputy Commander
  12. in game chat

    I have no issue with humor, it is the verbal attacks that some feel that they must issue to everyone during the whole battle.
  13. in game chat

    It maybe simpler to just have a chat filter like most online games.