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  1. I cannot make to this event I really wish that I could. But to all my Canadian Veterans thank you for your service.
  2. Memorial Day

    Amen to that!
  3. Warships today?

    Sure I am not saying anyone has to use it or it is better, I was just showing the OP what I used. I stopped worry about my stats awhile back, I play for fun.
  4. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    I sorry to hear this, I never had the honor of visiting the HMCS Haida, but I have talked and drank with some members of their Navy. I would of loved to had the chance to have her in my port.
  5. Memorial Day

    Yes I know what you mean, then 9/11 happen I was talking to some younger people who worked on the cleaning crew. I said this this has happen before, like Dec. 7, 1941 they all got a totally lost look on them. So I said "the Attack on Pearl Harbor?", to which the youngest of them said "That is when the Russians attacked us!". And she was serious! I didn't even try to explain that the Towers had been attacked before!
  6. I am so old that I commissioned the USS Log, but we had to wait until the Atlantic Ocean was filled!
  7. Not just that stuff - all the gizmos that the troops carry too. I think they relies on it too much, and even Uniforms why in the name of the Seven Seas does a Sailor need Camos??? You on a big piece of grey metal, what the heck is camo going to do?
  8. Memorial Day

    I will go visit my three life long Heroes' Graves - My Dad, My Brother, and My Uncle. And then my Great Grandfather's he was a veteran of the American Civil War. I will have to do this on Sunday, because I am working Monday.
  9. Yeah, I have thought the same thing. I also think that they put to much value in all the High Tech Stuff. But that may be my age talking.
  10. Warships today?

    And there is also https://na.wows-numbers.com
  11. Wargaming, thanks for looking into it, the scenarios are one of my favorite modes of the game.
  12. Warships today?

    I am not sure I stopped using Warships Today, I use wowstats.org
  13. I KNEW IT!, I KNEW IT! the islands DO MOVE!!!!
  14. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Thanks AT, but it is not looking to good for me getting the Tachibana Lima - 2 random games 1 win, 1 lost.
  15. Warspite Jutland Bundle

    Thanks for posting AT