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  1. La_McCharrue

    A problem of unpunished behaviour/botting in WoWs

    I have the same Issue, with a different player though not this particular guy. He has all the T 10's or most, over 10 000 games, and an avg dmg in T10's of around 25k, and a HUGE survival rating. He sits in spawn until he gets shot at, then runs, and always seems to be the last guy standing every time I meet him, with some of the lowest XP. OVER AND OVER! I see him on my team now and just KNOW we are a T 10 ship short.
  2. La_McCharrue

    Arizona camo change

    Thanks for all your answers, I was busy at that time and must have missed it.
  3. La_McCharrue

    Arizona camo change

    OK thanks... I don't like it but hey. lol.
  4. La_McCharrue

    Arizona camo change

    So. When exactly was my Arizona camo changed? Y turret lost it's red paint.
  5. lol, I love hunting down T10's in T8's, so much more profitable. I think it's more of an "operator error" than bad MM. You can easily carry a T10 match in a T8 provided you aren't a muppet and the circumstances are favorable.
  6. La_McCharrue

    The pure joy, of pure DPM

    Just unlocked William Halsey today, decided " Welp , grandy, looks good on Des Moines" and after 2 or 3 games I experienced what few players in this game will ever actually get to experience. Something that requires a lot of time and dedication, skill and luck. Yes, I got to experience the thrill of being in the highest DPM ship in the game with a 20% boost, thanks to the confederate award, and I must say it was so satisfying I had to share it with a few of you: ( P.S. , What should I do with my old 17 pt DM captain??)
  7. La_McCharrue

    You work hard to get to Ranked lvl 10...

    work hard? what the …. took me 13 battles. Edit: *Correction, 18 battles. Missing these 5.
  8. There it is , complete the collection.... thank you duckhero
  9. I didn't get my SC, I played only Saturday and sunday maybe? What did we have to do?
  10. La_McCharrue

    Weekend spree

    I've been having fun...
  11. La_McCharrue

    Supertester Invite

    lol, weird stuff.
  12. La_McCharrue

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    I'm having this very issue starting about 30 minutes ago, was working fine before.
  13. La_McCharrue

    Super Container......disapointment

    last 3 I got were 1000 dubs each, so 3k free dubs
  14. Lol, this. Still though, pretty sure the paper design, like all paper designs, would have needed quite a lot of tweaking during sea trials to even come close to what the navy and design bureau dreamed about. And would probably still not have met the specs. Actual speed would have probably been in the 40 knot range, no more, and they would have needed to sacrifice armor and armament to reach that speed.
  15. Well I wish I had kept the premium time I won in the public test. Stacking all this free XP is insane. When you earn more free XP than actual XP....