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  1. Trevor_Ycas

    CV Test

    Thanks! The above listed fix (closing WGC through the task manager) caused "TST" to appear as an optional instance to install.
  2. Trevor_Ycas

    Ranked battle win missing???????

    me too. no post-battle results screen, no credit, no xp, etc...big bummer. won't play until its posted as fixed. want credit for wasted signals!
  3. Trevor_Ycas

    No credits or experience earned

    Same problem exactly as described by several detailed posts above.. VERY Disappointing !! Why play at all except tier 1-2 nonsense where nothing matter anyways...
  4. Trevor_Ycas

    Still no rewards

    still no rewards for me, several games, nice wins and huge XP earned, but no credit for it all.. what a shame
  5. Trevor_Ycas

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Maybe the North Koreans hacked our ships for the XP and credits.. so they can sell all the Xp on the chinese black market for hard cash, so they can eat breakfast.
  6. Trevor_Ycas

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    I have this problem this morning also.. three games left three ships in battle with no battle reports or XP accrued. Logout/login back in did not fix this problem, neither did restarting game client. Very frustrating - it worked fine last night! I am scared my whole fleet will sink, like what actually happens in war.... [ NOTE - Completely restarting, even the game launcher/loader, did cause my ships to reappear in port, but no record of the three battles (2 wins) is evident: no XP, no credits, no challenge/mission credit] {} Oh, finally, it has been carefully determined empirically and anecdotally that, for all intents and purposes, that this SUCKS.