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  1. CuriousShadow


  2. CuriousShadow

    team damage penaties

    Post the replay, ask for a jury of your peers.
  3. CuriousShadow

    HP affects incoming shells and Ramming Issue

    The ramming thing isn't a bug. Typically when ships collide at slow speeds (under 10 knots) then the damage is grinding damage, not do-your-whole-ship-hp-in-one-tick-damage. Grinding damage is slower, tick over tick, until someone grinds to death. It's been that way for ages. Want to kill that enemy with a ram? Make sure to hit them with sufficient velocity.
  4. CuriousShadow

    Ranty complaints, beware.

    If you got a chat ban, you earned a chat ban. Stop being that toxic guy.
  5. Skyfaller, you're incorrect on this point. Secondaries/AA mounts just last longer, they still can be destroyed.
  6. The new Matchmaking is a success. If you're unhappy in your tier 10 ships waiting to be top tier *yet again* then you can go pound sand. Play something that isn't top tier for a change.
  7. CuriousShadow

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    Working as intended to encourage players to use a variety of tiers, not solely tier 10. If you want to break even/make money, then do some/all of these things: 1) purchase premium camo for the ship in question 2) run premium time 3) Set the world on fire with a big game, much higher than your current average.
  8. CuriousShadow

    Naval Battle: New Missions

    Making the goals based solely upon raw damage dealt is a bad move. Caps don't matter. Shooting destroyers doesn't matter. Doing well as bottom tier ship doesn't matter. Just bring your highest tier damage farmer and go to town. On top of that, the actual damage targets are low - many players are going to find it easy to rack up 9 or 10 stars. I understand the frustration with being required to win to score 1500+ XP, this is not the solution.
  9. CuriousShadow

    Naval Battles Not Getting Counted

    I noticed that when I readied in division and then went and enabled the naval battles that the battle would not count toward naval battles. Future battles would. I suspect you have to enable the naval battles before readying in the division. Haven't tested this. Is this possibly what happened?
  10. CuriousShadow

    Dang it, WG. You deleted 1750 replays! - Fixed?? (NOT)

    So did they ever give us a permanent solution to this issue? I'm tired of having to reset the engine_config.xml file for every patch or hotfix.
  11. Force DDs to dodge flak bursts, you know that's the ticket.
  12. CuriousShadow

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    I find Izumo to be somewhere between average and very strong, depending on how things go. Very durable from the front, able to bow-tank absolutely withering volleys of enemy fire. Do not mess up and expose your side, this situation is harder to correct than with other battleships. The guns are effective, especially if you can angle just enough to use the third turret on some salvos. Don't feel that you need that third turret, it is a bonus.
  13. CuriousShadow

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    The full pen ribbon is still displayed, but the amount of damage inflicted is the same as an overpen.
  14. CuriousShadow

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I have the same question - I have no idea how dedicated players have to be to get any tier 10 if they are 500k xp each. Surely I am missing something here. Edit - What the hell? Why did they put them in the Arsenal?
  15. CuriousShadow

    Match Maker Is Broken

    Since the recent change to the MM, the issue of Tier 8 ships facing Tier 10 an excessive amount has improved. I have been pleasantly surprised by the nice mix of T10, T9, and T8 games that my Tier 8 ships have been getting. As a result of the recent change, sometimes you see matches that are heavily populated by Tier 10 ships with just a few 9 and 8s. I think that's a good trade to provide more opportunities for a Tier 8 ship to be middle or top tier.