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  1. CuriousShadow

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    I find Izumo to be somewhere between average and very strong, depending on how things go. Very durable from the front, able to bow-tank absolutely withering volleys of enemy fire. Do not mess up and expose your side, this situation is harder to correct than with other battleships. The guns are effective, especially if you can angle just enough to use the third turret on some salvos. Don't feel that you need that third turret, it is a bonus.
  2. CuriousShadow

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    The full pen ribbon is still displayed, but the amount of damage inflicted is the same as an overpen.
  3. CuriousShadow

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I have the same question - I have no idea how dedicated players have to be to get any tier 10 if they are 500k xp each. Surely I am missing something here. Edit - What the hell? Why did they put them in the Arsenal?
  4. CuriousShadow

    Match Maker Is Broken

    Since the recent change to the MM, the issue of Tier 8 ships facing Tier 10 an excessive amount has improved. I have been pleasantly surprised by the nice mix of T10, T9, and T8 games that my Tier 8 ships have been getting. As a result of the recent change, sometimes you see matches that are heavily populated by Tier 10 ships with just a few 9 and 8s. I think that's a good trade to provide more opportunities for a Tier 8 ship to be middle or top tier.
  5. So. The latest patch reset my number of games to save back down to 30, and consequently my replays were deleted again. Wargaming, do you understand that this kind of sloppiness disappoints your users? You're deleting our data without asking.
  6. CuriousShadow

    Why why why why BB players

    Because Reasons...
  7. CuriousShadow

    Rented ships question

    rented ships act as premiums for purposes of moving captains. The captain will still be trained on the original ship he was on.
  8. CuriousShadow

    Rented ships question

    Yes. Upgrades you place on rented ships will be returned to your inventory for free once that rental ship is removed.
  9. CuriousShadow

    Expert or Well-Rounded?

    Personally, I prefer being skilled with all types of ships. I find that practice with bad or difficult ships makes me stronger overall and better aware of the strengths/weaknesses of all ships. Also, I am frustrated by players who play only one class of ship (battleships seems common). Such players whine about the other classes because they have no idea how those other ships might be played. I feel every player should become minimally competent and every class.
  10. Someone found and posted the setting on reddit: To change the number of recorded replays, you should open "engine_config.xml", which is located in the "res" folder in the game directory. Find the line "<maxReplaysToSave>30< / maxReplaysToSave>" in this file and change 30 to the desired number.
  11. So what precise file/entry needs to be there? I didn't find the maxReplaysToSave in the preferences.xml file, and adding the key was unsuccessful.
  12. CuriousShadow

    Question about emblems

    It's basically a stupid metric in any case - they are measuring raw damage rather than percentage of damage done to enemy ships. Thanks for screwing me on this one, Wargaming. I shoot at destroyers because it helps my team to win.
  13. I played in the Beta for the CV rework. Unlimited planes are going to be fine. Wargaming just needs to make sure that the reload time climbs to uncomfortable levels if you throw away your planes. Letting players be completed deplaned and neutered for the rest of the game is a poor option, in my opinion.
  14. CuriousShadow

    Controlling planes after death

    Here's something I have done using that exact thing - I shift-clicked with the attack squadron to set a waypoint for the planes to go to before the autoattack. That corrected the angle and prevented my planes from spending time getting shot by AA. You have to make a good guess ahead of time to do this, but it's workable.
  15. CuriousShadow

    Controlling planes after death

    Sure. The wise CV who knows he will die clicks any attack squadron to auto-attack an enemy ship. Those planes have their orders, and will follow them even after the carrier has sunk. An interesting thing happens if the enemy ship disappears, say for smoke. In that case, the planes remember their mission, circle around, and when the enemy ship is finally spotted again they go perform their mission. Potentially you could be dropped by a carrier many minutes after the ship has been sunk.