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  1. CuriousShadow

    Dockyard Mission Directives issue?

    You need to complete any 7 of the missions. You have completed 6. You need to do one more.
  2. CuriousShadow

    Disappearing Targets

    Post the replay, tell us what happened. We'll explain it to you.
  3. CuriousShadow

    I was asked a question about HE

    Rarely I stagger my fire to try to get fires on multiple ship locations. This does not seem to be a significant factor, but it's something I have attempted.
  4. CuriousShadow

    9 kills in 1 game

    9 is a staggering number of kills. I have gotten 7 a number of times, and it felt like a big achievement every time.
  5. CuriousShadow

    Converting pretty camos to permanent camos

    Sell me a Tokyo Gameshow permacamo...
  6. CuriousShadow

    Torpedo Friendly Fire WTH?

    Just post the replay here and someone will tell you directly what happened.
  7. CuriousShadow

    Torpedo Friendly Fire WTH?

    How pink was your Ostergotland before he torped you? Perhaps all the damage reflected back onto him for a glorious explosion.
  8. CuriousShadow

    The real frustration

    Post a replay. Pick a match which you felt you did the right things but had a bad result and don't know why. Ask how you can improve and what you could do differently.
  9. Zero. However, you can get one port slot free for completing each of the easy, medium, and hard daily missions - so you can expect to pile up a few port slots each month as you play.
  10. CuriousShadow

    What makes Colorado T7 worthy?

    Colorado is slow, but the guns are effective and the armor is fine. Because it takes so long to get anywhere it is critical that you plan far ahead to make sure you are positioned well. If you end up out of position you may never get back into the game. Stay central, not too far forward, and use your accurate guns to your advantage. Keep a close eye on the team positions on the minimap and set course toward the next battle early so you can arrive in time.
  11. CuriousShadow

    G is now a reserved hotkey

    One other note - although there's a workaround, and it may work for a while. At some point the client decided my G key wasn't mapped, even though it had worked in previous matches, and I end up having to re-map the key while in battle. Just... Wow.
  12. CuriousShadow

    G is now a reserved hotkey

    Spoiled now.
  13. Apparently G is now a reserved hotkey. Please unreserve it, I hated searching through r/t/y/u/i for the various consumables, and I was happy with my remap of r/t/f/g/mouse6. I prefer to map my keys as I like. Reserving hotkeys like this is bad for your users.
  14. CuriousShadow

    "G" key is now reserved?

    Turns out I was wrong. Although the key appears to be mapped to G, it didn't work. It required me to re-map it mid-battle to be able to use my G consumable. Wargaming please, don't reserve keys that can't be mapped. That's just crap.
  15. CuriousShadow

    "G" key is now reserved?

    I hit that same issue, struggled with it and couldn't fix it. Then I exited the game and went back in, and my G key was still mapped properly. In any case, if this is in future state WG - don't you dare. Let me map my keys as I see fit.