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  1. Test server question

    They have kindly put actual missions on the test server now, so that you can be certain that you have completed the requirements for getting rewarded on the live server. Past rounds of testing did not have this, and a number of people were disappointed when they didn't get what they thought they should have. Really, this isn't hard to understand - just read the Public Test notes and understand that you need to complete the various missions/campaigns to get the rewards on the live server. I'm a bit baffled that people are misunderstanding this. The format is the same, the types of rewards are the same, this isn't new.

    The Emblem thing is stupidly done anyway - why are they tying it to average damage done when they already have the stat (and use for XP) of percentage damage done to ships. That's what they should be measuring. Blap two DDs with your battleship instead of farming damage? WG says "Screw you, good luck getting the emblem."
  3. Division change

    It was good the old way. The new way is just another window to get in my way. No thanks.
  4. Epicenter

    Epicenter is my favorite mode. That said, Epicenter sucks on the current Tears of the Desert. Least favorite - standard battle. Campfest. Ugh.
  5. Division Screen Thoughts?

    It's terrible, I don't want another window to have to keep track of. I liked the old division method.
  6. I run the same build on virtually every Battleship because of the raw number of fires suffered in most matches. Carriers aren't frequent enough to be specced for, IMO.
  7. Sounds like you have caught up with the current HE heavy meta.
  8. 0.6.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    So I joined a clan with some random fellows and I created a division - but we could not join the queue because I was not a clan commander, deputy, or recruiter. I got the clan commander to update me and we were able to join the queue at that point - but we never actually got into a battle. We waited 20-30 minutes trying to get a match. Eventually, we left the queue, swapped division leadership so that the clan commander was the division leader, and requeued. Instantly got a match. Looks like there's a bug in there somewhere about who the division leader is and whether you get a match. Also, it would be nice to have at least a little feedback in that queue screen about whether anyone is active or not. Even if it's just "5 battles have been created at your clan level in the last hour", that would be nice to know.