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  1. The New WGC Launcher

    To be frank, I don't understand why I would want the Wargaming Game Center service running 24/7 on my computer. Why is this hard to understand, Wargaming? I want control of my own computer. I don't want your software running when I'm not using it.
  2. I need some help

    Farazelleth has put together excellent guides that will help you.
  3. Chat banned for ROFL????

  4. Here's a Minekaze game from a long while back, Kraken with a pretty anemic 16,606 damage, or only 3,321 per ship.
  5. Broken back achievement

    Broken Back takes a pretty staggering game to achieve. I managed it a couple weeks ago. It stands as my highest damage game, and picked up Kraken, High Caliber, Confederate. I think it's a good candidate for an achievement, even without much/any reward.
  6. Dead guys have more time to type.
  7. So I got reported for this

    Fits like a Star Spangled Speedo
  8. RIP SeverianSwordmaster

    Our clan played briefly with Severian and knew him as an unbreakable Des Moines captain. Never a bad word to say for mistakes, and always helpful to us all. We are saddened by his loss.
  9. Camera Bug - 0.7.6 PTS

    I just came here to report the same bug - I don't know what key(s) I might have pressed to cause it, I was in the middle of hard maneuvering and it was PRESS ALL THE KEYS time. Following that, I couldn't issue commands to my ship, but humorously I could use the F keys to communicate with my team. My secondaries continued to work hard, but I couldn't aim my gun, turn my ship, or otherwise control things. I had to exit out and re-log back in to watch my ship sink.
  10. They had an opportunity to make the TK mechanics better, and they have gotten it completely backward. They should have made it so that the TK mechanics are fairly forgiving at first and become more strict as a player continues to commit infractions. Instead, they've made it so that every infraction is penalized. Not ideal. Something similar happened to me when I was helping a buddy get started on warships - we were together, both shooting at the same target and drifted too close together. One of his salvos hit me, I put out the fire immediately and we corrected our positions. He turned pink anyway. Just silly. Now, picture the situation where you have few HP left and your team is winning handily - want to ram a friendly and stick him with pink status? Feel free!
  11. Torpedo bomber spread

    Tolvor, how could anyone play that many games as a CV captain and not know how the Defensive AA consumable works? The enemy carriers are pressing that button to disrupt your attack. That's one of the things it does, it scatters the torpedo drop.
  12. Matchmaker is WORSE after patch

    Wargaming did not promise you a skill-based matchmaker...
  13. Proposed change in scoring

    Please don't add save-a-star to Randoms. It's a terrible idea.
  14. rank mission say tier 7

    You must reach Rank 1 to be able to play a Ranked battle in a Tier 7 ship. You will have to play a number of battles, not just one.