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  1. Torpedo bomber spread

    Tolvor, how could anyone play that many games as a CV captain and not know how the Defensive AA consumable works? The enemy carriers are pressing that button to disrupt your attack. That's one of the things it does, it scatters the torpedo drop.
  2. Matchmaker is WORSE after patch

    Wargaming did not promise you a skill-based matchmaker...
  3. Proposed change in scoring

    Please don't add save-a-star to Randoms. It's a terrible idea.
  4. rank mission say tier 7

    You must reach Rank 1 to be able to play a Ranked battle in a Tier 7 ship. You will have to play a number of battles, not just one.
  5. No more sync dropping (latest Q&A)

    Our clan frequently sync drops, and we enjoy trash talking and shooting each other. Occasionally we have traded replays to see the game form our enemy's perspective, fun stuff. We never do underhanded behavior while on opposite teams.
  6. Air supremacy... isn't.

    If you think that fighter vs fighter engagements are purely RNG and that an extra fighter doesn't help - then I don't know what to tell you. You should probably review the game mechanics. That aside, Air Supremacy is such a mandatory skill for all CV captains that it should be removed from the game or integrated into every captain free.
  7. Here we go again...

    It's not my fault if you don't get it - Tier 7 is for people who have Ranked out. It's for Rank 1 play.
  8. Here we go again...

    You did notice that the requirement is to play a Ranked match at Tier 7, correct?
  9. Richelieu Turrets Too Fragile?

    In my experience, there is no doubt about it - the Richelieu turrets are vulnerable. On the Public Test Server I managed to lose both turrets permanently, and have single turrets permanently several times in the 20 or so matches on the live server. In one of those matches, an allied Richelieu also permanently lost both turrets. The rate at which Richelieu turrets are destroyed feels considerably higher than other battleships.
  10. CV Fighters and Target Saturation.

    That assumption is incorrect. There's a list of priorities for AA guns to sort through when multiple targets are available and no specific target has been ctrl-clicked. I'll see if I can pull up the list, saw it somewhere a while back. Here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Aerial_Combat#Anti-Air_.28AA.29_Defense By default, AA will prefer targets in this order: Torpedo bombers (with payload) Dive bombers (with payload) Torpedo bombers (without payload) Dive bombers (without payload) Fighters A particular enemy squadron can be targeted by Ctrl-clicking. This will cause the AA guns to prefer that squadron over all other targets, as well as giving a 30% DPS bonus. The Manual Control for Anti-Aircraft captain skill gives a +100% DPS bonus to AA guns of 85 mm or larger against a manually designated target.
  11. shot before being detected

    What needs to be looked into? Nothing has been posted. "I got blapped and I swear I wasn't detected" isn't anywhere near as helpful as a replay.
  12. shot before being detected

    The plural of anecdotes is not data. Post the replays, let people review them and see what there is to be seen.
  13. Normandie okay?

    Your ship is maneuverable enough and AA cruisers are plentiful enough that planes are not that big a deal for Normandie.
  14. PTS is already Part 2?

  15. Mark B upgrade?

    The New Mexico was awesome even when I was a clueless n00b. No reason at all to buff it.