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  1. CuriousShadow

    Battle Ship misfiring turets

    My advice is to not switch rounds by queuing up the request in advance - specifically because of this feature. Although it's possible to get the entire volley off, it's a crapshoot. I was getting one turret off before the rest dumped their ammuntion for the reload way more often than I thought was okay. Now I fire the entire volley and then double-press on 1 or 2 to switch. Safer.
  2. Got junk mail and disappointment
  3. They never implemented any fix for sync dropping from the same clan.
  4. CuriousShadow

    How is Base XP calculated?

    Read it again, that's not what it says.
  5. CuriousShadow

    Coop Troll induces a Team Kill

    Here's the minimap when you took that torpedo shot. Judge for yourself.
  6. CuriousShadow

    Submarine Mission

    Ah, perfect, now I get what it was - apparently I have two different flavors of front firing torpedoes, each with their own launchers. I thought I was going to have rear launchers on my sub since I saw that in the demo gameplay.
  7. CuriousShadow

    Submarine Mission

    Is there a way to switch to the rear torpedoes?
  8. CuriousShadow

    The New WGC Launcher

    To be frank, I don't understand why I would want the Wargaming Game Center service running 24/7 on my computer. Why is this hard to understand, Wargaming? I want control of my own computer. I don't want your software running when I'm not using it.
  9. CuriousShadow

    Best Days to Avoid Potato Teams?

  10. CuriousShadow

    I need some help

    Farazelleth has put together excellent guides that will help you.
  11. CuriousShadow

    Chat banned for ROFL????

  12. Here's a Minekaze game from a long while back, Kraken with a pretty anemic 16,606 damage, or only 3,321 per ship.
  13. CuriousShadow

    Broken back achievement

    Broken Back takes a pretty staggering game to achieve. I managed it a couple weeks ago. It stands as my highest damage game, and picked up Kraken, High Caliber, Confederate. I think it's a good candidate for an achievement, even without much/any reward.