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  1. My perosnal Favorites.. Yokosuka and Kure HSF skins ( no rust on ships), Black series camo ( slick and beautiful ) and Arctic Scharnhorst camo (Free Beautiful 32.100 ton Ice pop :P)
  2. Poisonous_Lily

    Who Would You Like to See?

    I totally agree with you. This is a video that visually shows aftermath Battle of Denamrk strait went and what Lutjens did in order to complete his mission ( or in this case do as much DMG as possible) Ps. I know this post isnt related to the Topic itself, but it just shows what Lutjens did in his final days PPs. The sponsor of this video is famous :P
  3. Poisonous_Lily

    Who Would You Like to See?

    Another person I would propose Erich Bey The Final commanding officer of the Scharnhorst before she sunk during the Battle of the Noth Cape which we all know And the captain responsible for sinking the Scharnhorst. Robert Lindsay Burnett
  4. Poisonous_Lily

    Who Would You Like to See?

    I would Propose Admiral Johann Günther Lütjens He was the Admiral that succesfully led raids on atlantic convoys and was the Active commander of the Bismark during its last operation "Operation Rheinübung"
  5. Poisonous_Lily

    Whats coming in the Armory?

    My bet. Jean alreast replaced Mushy and Alaska will replace Krons being a 1 mil FXP ship (Yes its confirmed by WG that Alaska is a FXP ship) the "Coming soon" steel ship will be Azuma and the Russian T9 DD is still a mystery
  6. Poisonous_Lily

    Clan Battles Season 4 Wrap-Up

    Depending on how the Azuma comes out.. We might actually see 2 stalins and 2 Azumas per team in high rank clans..
  7. Poisonous_Lily

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    There is NO such thing as juvenile concept of "BALANCE".. No matter how you tweak, or how you remake there wont be any pinkie ideal solutions.. Everything in the game and beyond the game is UN-balanced and it will stay that way whether you like it or not..
  8. Poisonous_Lily

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    Unless im Dived up with my Clan mates, 90% of the time i get ruined when I help.. I tried my best but after 6000+ games Im just tired.. Id rather try to pad my stats or atleast make the game profitable to me as much as possible whether my team is winning or losing. And not giving a crap is the most profitable way.
  9. Poisonous_Lily

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    Easy step.. JUST dont give a crap about team or MM.. Dont help and dont ask for help cause it will only ruin your play
  10. Poisonous_Lily

    PEF *

    Im planning to let her rust in my port once i complete the PEF combat mission.. This ship does not suit me well. Kinda regretting spending time to complete the mission to get her free
  11. I got T10 Hak, T9 Essex, T8 Lex and Shokaku fully researched... The sheer amount of researching the flight decks would give me more than enough FXP I need to buy Alaska.. Which suits me fine cause im not planing on selling them..
  12. Poisonous_Lily

    WG fix your game

    This says that WOWS staff have eyes on forum 24/7. Unlike tanks.
  13. Poisonous_Lily

    level 11 and 12 and 13

    Tier Xlll soviet cruiser be like... Kirov class Battlecruiser
  14. Simple solution for not Handing over email data. GET A NEW PRIVATE DISCORD ROOM.