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  1. Poisonous_Lily

    So, are pens for 0 damage supposed to be getting worse?

    Check The hitpoint video I posted . Cycle to the 4:35 min mark and listen carefully. IT clearly says that if you "HIT THE DMG SATURATED PART OF THE SHIP IT WILL REGISTER AS PEN BUT YOU WONT INFLICT ANY DAMAGE".. The reason you guys sometimes get the pen with 0 dmg is because of this mechanic.
  2. Poisonous_Lily

    So, are pens for 0 damage supposed to be getting worse?

    Heres your answer to 0 pen dmg... Its just with the recent AP shell tweeks it got more frequent then before PS> disregard the first video....
  3. Poisonous_Lily

    WG staff and others judge about this

    You guys are right.. I over reacted.. SRY about that. Its just I got Richi yesterday and after 7 battles straight losses I kinda snapped. ( 8 battles 7 losses straight and then without being able to do a thing ( 21k dmg) got a Win..).. You can check my Richi stats if you want.
  4. Poisonous_Lily

    WG staff and others judge about this

    OK. I admit worng. WG STAFF plz lock this post
  5. So.. I was in game and our team was being pushed to the brink and tried to overcome the situation.. Then suddenly this 1 Amagi guy says he has IRL stuff to do and charges himself into enemy ships and gets himself killed.. This of course affected our score and gameplay since he did this mid match. The end result was we lost. WG and forum community you be the judge of this if its punishable by Ban or let it slide. Ps: Sry for bad typo.. was driving my ship shooting and typing at the same time
  6. Poisonous_Lily

    OLD but GOLD

    Now I know that everyone probably saw this video atleast once. And during the video there is a PUNK version of Taiho starring the kitty purfurst as a captain. @Radar_X or @Gneisenau013 can you suggest WG central that is in St. Peter to make this Taiho camo for real so we can have it in-game port ( like Lex Ovechkin camo).
  7. Poisonous_Lily

    Does this mean Kitakami will Return?

  8. Poisonous_Lily

    Is carrier suicide a punishable offense?

    Sometimes when your the last 1 standing in the losing team and you are surrounded by 4+ ships.. This is the most satisfying way to deny the enemy a KILL.. ( And yes this was second battle in Hak and I sucked so what.. I tried)
  9. Poisonous_Lily

    I miss Submarines

    Subs can come back in scenarios and ONLY SCENARIOS. Subs generally are a balance breakers (worse than CV). So Subs have no place in Random/Ranked.. As for co op its uncertain
  10. I guess paying real money for a steel campaign seems fair. Honestly, steel was ment for players that sacrifce there time and effort to get unique ships. Meaning you cant just roll back showing your belly asking steel for free... So this IMO is a good compromise. If you dont want to grind for steel atleast pay for it. This way people that busted there asses to earn steel will atleast have some justice.
  11. Poisonous_Lily

    2nd Tier X!

  12. Even Black ships look more elegant... (Not gonna post Massachusetts B and Tirpitz B since they are not IJN ships)
  13. Poisonous_Lily

    The Ring - Round 4 - I Need Your Help!

    You have my vote
  14. Poisonous_Lily

    Forum Observations

    Very accurate analysis of the Forum.
  15. Poisonous_Lily

    Hey, Mom! Look at me, I have 500 posts!

    Did someone say bacon!!!!!