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  1. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    New Rocket Mechanics What's The Problem ?

    A simple Solution. Remove Rockets entirely from CVs since they are worthless now. In doing so, Double or Triple the CVs anti torp protection and 30% buff its secondary range and dps as well as decrease dispersion. CVs will survive tid bit longer and will still be able to somewhat defend themselves from DD while DDs wont complain about rockets ever again. And Hypothetically, if this becomes real, and DDs still complain about CVs, then it can safely be said that the DD player is bad
  2. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Don't Forget To Sell Your Moose Caca today.

    Already sitting at almost 300mil creds and didnt purchase the original prem camo for it. Am not even bothered
  3. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Stat Shaming, why we do it, and why it must be done

    Basically, Sub par players have 0 right to say.. Hurr Durr listen to Unicums and unicums alone cause we have good stats thus we are always right.
  4. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    When "Permanent" Cammo is taken away by WarGaming

    You can only blame yourself OP. WG stated and even Fem posted, The conditions of selling the RTS CVs before patch 0.8.2. Here in WG, Permanent is ment that it wont be spend like a consumable, not that it will perma stay on your account. The only person here to blame is you OP. Forget about dishonest, if you cant even read the simple manual, you got issues pal. WG compensated for your old RTS CV fair and square, per the the same manual Fem posted. You have now 0 right to demand it back, since it is you who agreed to those conditions and sold your old CV.
  5. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    build a ship

    Event is over but the dockyard will still be open.. for now
  6. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Premium Ship Review #136 - Puerto Rico

    Great work analyzing ship miss Mouse. AND I APPLAUD for standing up and saying what you really think about this event and the shady schemes behind it.. Truly, Wonderful Job. For me. I stopped playing ships.. I enjoyed it but gradually lost interest in it, and honestly, when i heard and saw the reviews and feedback from other players and CCs, I was so *bleep* glad that i stopped playing...I briefly entered ships during the event just to get my award that piled up,( got one santa crate).... and well... 0 effort, 0 grinding, brief 6 min log in and got a free WV from 1 free crate... Free ship from auto grind for me lul
  7. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    How is the Smol being received on the other servers?

    RU is only complaining about CV and MM
  8. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Trading Ships

    Technically, any prem ship you own, is not yours.. You only bought the license to operate the ship itself, but in the end itz WG's property like it or not. And if we are talking about selling.. WG makes more money from selling two ships, rather then resell and get 10% more.. Say you bought a ship for 70 bucks... 10% only equals 7 bucks... if you are implying your logic.. then WG will only make 77 bucks, while if they sell the ships twice, to you and your friend, they make twice the money. Unless, im interpreting the OPs state wrong... This should be correct.
  9. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    'Super' container haul

    im satisfied with my results. ps. there might be 1 or 2 random containers in this pic
  10. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Smolensk and impending nerf

    Cant say anything bout Kita, But Harugumo trades its 5 100mm Aki guns for huge detection, very slow speed( prob the slowest among All T10 DDs) and a absurd turning radius that rivals a CL.. Nerf Kita maybe have a solution, but Harugumo cant be nerfed due to its huge drawbacks.
  11. just enough to get 2 daily crates
  12. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    PSA Enterprise withdrawn from sale.

    Already secured her. Inb4 crate drop only
  13. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Historical Correctness

    Reminder to OP, This is an arcade game, not a simulator. Know the difference
  14. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Okay..explain this to me

    if you are in a IJN torp boat against a gun boat, in a 1v1 situation, then it very much logical to try to disengage as fast as possible... Unless that gunboat was low health, enough for slow load IJN torp dds to kill it with gun, its best to pull out.
  15. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Island choked maps

    This game require 40kmx40km for Ocean for only T10s