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  1. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    OK seriously, I get the Russian bias....but

    Id call it Russian flavor rather then Bias.. And like Sirene mentioned, French BBs got Speed boost, that literally can accelerate faster then other.. But we dont call it french bias right?
  2. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Should a CV's planes be grounded in a cyclone?

    Sure, planes cant fly, nor shells can properly hit the target.. If you want to implement this, and by this i mean, make sure planes dont fly in cyclone zones, then you should increase the dispersion of all Ships, guns and torps alike up to 50%, to make it accurate.
  3. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Getting stuck on nothing

    If you are beached sideways. Dont touch. The game will push you back to open water so you can move
  4. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Top 5 Achievements List

    These are mine
  5. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Tier X Japan DD's need of nerfing Shimakaze and Harugumo

    Good and loved Shimakaze died in 2016.. Now its just a meh to partially a gud bote.. Harugumo, has the worst detection, speed, and turning radius among all IJN DDs. Ya nice try.
  6. I regularly get triple coal, like each 3 container
  7. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Please do something about CVs

  8. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    French DD line

    Jurien... As like other nations
  9. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    So...Italian navy? And other rather particular ships.

    1. WG main HQ is in Saint Petersburg, RU.. Thus they dont need to sweet talk to get the designs from other nation governments. 2. Thoes RU BBs didnt come out of thin Air.. They created projects, Some are made from speculation threw bits and pieces, others made from actually existing designs
  10. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    So...Italian navy? And other rather particular ships.

    When it comes to Italian ships, specifically tech tree line, is that WG does not have enough source material for them... Italian government is not cooperating and the schematics/designs are scattered all around Italy. Some owned by private collectors some are stored in the Italian Gov archives, and it will take time for WG to actually accumulate enough details to begin the production of Italian tech tree ship.
  11. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    CV Balance Propositions

    perfectly balans
  12. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Phantom Torpedo

    Then just a glitch or bug.. submit replay to WG
  13. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Phantom Torpedo

    Prob CV drop torp
  14. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Victory Loyalty rewards question

    Done and Done
  15. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Midway BTD torpedo bomber model

    I have to agree to the change...