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  1. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Okay..explain this to me

    if you are in a IJN torp boat against a gun boat, in a 1v1 situation, then it very much logical to try to disengage as fast as possible... Unless that gunboat was low health, enough for slow load IJN torp dds to kill it with gun, its best to pull out.
  2. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Island choked maps

    This game require 40kmx40km for Ocean for only T10s
  3. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Unofficial Benham Brag Thread

    Gud bote that requires patience
  4. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    The average impressions on Tier 10 Battleships

    Then dont put it.. Wrong info confuse people and is not helpful
  5. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    The average impressions on Tier 10 Battleships

    Also, Montana citadel is very hard to hit... if your saying that you got cited a lot.. then your playing her wrong.
  6. Nagato_Kai__Ni


    Um.... Ur point?
  7. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Horrible Jean Bart match

    She plays same as Dunk and richi.. Keep your distance and bow on.
  8. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Played on the Ocean map in Random Battle tonight!

    1% inaccuracy is the Random ships from random nations in same team
  9. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Played on the Ocean map in Random Battle tonight!

    Ocean is the best map in this whole game.. And its 99% historically accurate
  10. Z-39 best DD for this ranked... Love the smol lolibote
  11. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Attn WG: Commander XP = junk

    Ill take your EXCP, so i can increase my 19pt capt count
  12. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    help me spend the steel !

    You can always donate that steel to me.
  13. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    AFK in Ranked

    By being AFK, you made others job a lot more harder... Dont try to make an excuse, Your fault, whether bad internet, crap computer, IRL stuff or just being a D**k and being afk. Your action may have caused others to suffer due to the uneven battle.. If this was random, where the battle format is 12 v 12, its not much of an affect (this doset mean you can go afk as you please) but in a Ranked, where it is 7v7, the absence of one ship could influence the battle a lot more then you think. So quit whining, learn your mistake and sit off the ban.
  14. Looks like i was not the only one afraid of WOWS becoming pay to win like WoT
  15. Nagato_Kai__Ni

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Correct is Nravitsya.. I just derped there