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  1. GraySpirit

    I have gone far in this game.

    I'm a ship collector like Battleship_Iowa. 228 total ships, 165 elite ships, 57 premium ships. I have all of the silver ships except three CVs - missing Hakuryu, Essex, and Midway. I used Free XP for the carriers as I don't play them, yet. I have all of the tech-tree Free-XP ships. Six non-elite ships will eventually be elite but are missing modules/upgrades - Weymouth, Shokaku, Lexington, Taiho, Großer Kurfürst, and Conqueror. Weymouth is an anomaly, probably due to missing the coming British DD line. I spent dollars or doubloons to acquire 32 premium ships, the other 25 were acquired through in-game events. The current premium count temporarily includes Acasta, Icarus, and Jervis. All ships except the non-elite ships are fully equipped with all modules and upgrades. I have 11 ships with 19 point captains. T6+ ships have at least 10 point captains, T5 ships have at least 6 point captains preparing for the upcoming low-tier ranked season. I'm currently limited by Free XP needed to finish acquiring the CVs, and I'm thinking of retrying CV play in co-op. I'm a fan of naval history and this game hooked me in by becoming a virtual museum.
  2. GraySpirit

    0.7.10. Public Test Bug Reports

    I'm having the same problem, I can't log in to the public test server.
  3. GraySpirit

    0.7.9 Public Test Bug Reports

    I also won 3 battles in Arms Race and there was no notification of completing the mission.
  4. GraySpirit

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Thanks for posting. I just played a battle to test this for myself and can verify no loss of signal flags nor camo, so no economic loss except for the premium time. The intermittent non-registration of matches is still a problem, at least for me in T9 Random playing Kitakaze.
  5. GraySpirit

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    So far I've had three T9 matches that are missing results. The problem appears to be intermittent. But this is now frequent enough that I want reimbursement for a pretty full set of flags - I paid dollars for the economic flags. I'm thinking of quitting until the problem is addressed, but that will be premium time wasted.
  6. GraySpirit

    Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    I also find RL very useful for avoiding torps. I use it to estimate the primary threat direction of enemy torps, especially when capping or in smoke. I position my DD so that I'm angled mostly toward or away from the RL direction. Before trying to do this as a habit, I failed to avoid torps all too often, now using RL to preposition, torps are easier to dodge. Of course being human, I get reminded periodically that I need to remember this.
  7. GraySpirit

    What are you grinding out?

    I'm currently grinding T9 BBs, I have all of the DD/CA/CL/BB silver ships in port except for the five T10 BBs. I'm also missing the top six CVs. I don't play CVs but intend to retry them after the rework. I used free XP to get to T7 CVs. I've pre-ground Omaha for Dallas and Cleveland for Seattle anticipating the arrival of the American CL line.