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  1. GraySpirit

    So what about your Karma?

    1621 I give out a compliment during the game for good play, especially for teamwork. And then I sometimes get a compliment in return.
  2. GraySpirit

    WOW website language

    https://worldofwarships.com/fr/ /en/ - starting path for English replaces /fr/ starting path for French https://worldofwarships.com/en/
  3. This is a simple request to add "Elite Commander XP" to the list of resources in the Wallet. Most other resources are there, but "Elite Commander XP" is not there, we have to go to an individual commander's skills to find it in the upper right corner. Thanks!
  4. GraySpirit

    Remember the Alamo / Pearl Harbor / LWM!

    If you intended an ironic or humorous meta-loop, cheers for you. If not, good thing that I didn't suggest this to real people in service fighting a real war.
  5. @LittleWhiteMouse, just finished a battle where the new battle-cry was "LWM!" O7 to you, LWM. I encourage others to take up and spread this battle-cry in appreciation for all that LWM has done for Us.
  6. GraySpirit

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    @LittleWhiteMouse, thank you for all that you have done for us in your reviews and this forum. I often though that you put more detailed information and effort into a review than WG put into the ship. You did it with art and good humor, always providing enjoyment and a good read. Thank you, thank you, thank you and all blessings to you.
  7. GraySpirit

    Research Bureau: Worth It?

    If you still have tech tree lines to grind, by all means just grind them and get those ships at much less cost in resources and time over Research Bureau. But when you have completed all of the tech trees, RB provides incentive for regrinding tech tree lines to get the pretty good RB ships and selected TX unique upgrades. I've reground all of the DD lines 5-6 times (except the new German DDs), because ... nolifer/retiree/naval-history-fan-this-is-the-only-game-I-play. I have found that the regrind can actually be enjoyable and shorter when you get better overall / with specific lines and ships, have better commanders on each ship, have economy camo and flags, and enough credits saved to not be limited by credit. It's possible to grind TII-TV in a day, each mid tier probably takes a day, or two, or three. It's the TIX grind that seems to take too long, obviously with good reason and intention. Without RB, I'd probably start looking for another game. At this moment, I'm only missing three tech tree ships (2 Italian BB, 1 new German DD) that I haven't ground out before, and I'm in no rush to finish those, so I'm still mixing in some RB resets. When regrinding a TIX ship, I'll usually reset another line for some variety / relief from TIX.
  8. GraySpirit

    How many 21 point captains do you have?

    55 commanders with 19 or 20 points, but ZERO with 21 point maximum so far.
  9. GraySpirit

    PTS 0.10.3

    Re: Axis and Allies On PT, we experienced long queue times after bots were removed. At first there were too many players on the Allied side in queue. We set up a chat list to try to balance the sides so that we could get into battle. Then there were even times where there were more player waiting in the Axis queue. A suggestion is to allow French ships to be on either side to fill in as needed so that queue wait times will be reduced. There's some history with the Vichy French to support this - Mers-el-Kébir, Dakar, Casablanca. The suggestion also extends to European/neutral ships, use them to fill in as needed.
  10. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Surveillance_Radar Click "Details" to open the table. You can even consider contributing improvements to the above if it is not good enough for you.
  11. I get an endless loop. 1) Click the "Go Verizon" button 2) Lead your fleet to victory. Get in-game World of Warships perks as a Verizon customer. Get started > 3) Sign in (enter User ID and Password) 4) More at home on us. Get gaming goods and learning experiences on us. Learn more > 5) Get World of Warships perks on us. Win with in-game loot, 4 months of Premium Account status and two premium warships (USS Albany and the USS Arizona). Wireless > 6) Back to (2) Edit: Aha --> Staggered Release Timeline - I am a Verizon FiOS customer but not a Verizon Wireless customer
  12. GraySpirit

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Issue: I'm hearing shells flying overhead fairly often and seemingly continuously, even at the start of battle. Expected Result: I think that I should be hearing engine sounds instead. How to Replicate: I've noticed it playing Fletcher and Kiev today. Just enter battle and listen for shells flying overhead. Has anyone else noticed this? It is somewhat disconcerting and misleading, as I scan around trying to find who is shooting at me.
  13. GraySpirit

    This is not getting completed soon

    I wish that WG gave credit for past resets, then I'd be at 34 instead of only 2.
  14. GraySpirit

    Akizuki vs. Kitakaze

    Keep them both. 1) If you are a collector, it will cost you more in the long run to buy it again. Remember that you only get half-price on selling. 2) Yes, you are credit limited if you haven't yet ground and bought most ship lines. Have you exhausted other credit savings, like selling stock modules on your ships? 3) Having both maximizes bonuses like daily XP bonus, snowflakes, etc. as previously mentioned by others. 4) The tier difference is significant, with the enemy ships that you will usually encounter, especially CVs. For me, win rate in randoms is 58% in Akizuki vs 49% in Kitakaze, a significant difference, probably because I didn't adapt my playing style enough, your mileage may vary. When I want to take out an IJN gunboat, Akizuki is my top choice.
  15. GraySpirit

    Coal Upgrades worth stockpiling?

    When grinding lines for the first time, most people will be starved for credit. So selling ships helps to get newly researched ships. But when you get to the point where you want to collect ships, you will probably want them configured for best play, so you will want the Special Upgrades for them. So I would encourage you to purchase Special Upgrades with the coupon before it expires. I have 83 Special Upgrades, - 35 Engine Boost, 18 Hydroacoustic Search, 14 Surveillance Radar, 12 Defensive AA, minimal other - from this you can tell that I'm a DD main. So you will want to spend your coupons based on your plans for acquiring / keeping ships.