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  1. Great minds think alike? For me, the above, minus the birth year, plus a native American reference hinting towards (Sea) Wolf. And also because Gray - an anagram of my first name Spirit - a translation of the second half of my Japanese surname
  2. Yesterday, I was congratulating myself for an early cap in a Kiev, a somewhat reasonable calculated risk due to spawn and radio location. But then I heard torpedo beats and wildly scanned around only to find a white wall of torps behind me. Yes, it happens, but after the TK, it still took a few games to get over doing excessive 360-degree free looks. Speaking of intention, I've received several gunshots in spawn with minor damage. I was torpedoed in spawn once, the TK'er somehow died quickly, seemingly from combination of reflected damage and team self-defense (not from me). But it was shocking enough that I almost quit for the day.