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  1. GraySpirit

    Why was Legenary modules changed?

    The missions for the special upgrades were incentive to play TX ships. As many have noted, TX play and meta can be somewhat more static and less enjoyable than in lower tiers. After completing the grind to TX in each line, I prefer to play in order of frequency TVIII, TIX, and TVII. I've ground out 10 special upgrades. I'd still like to grind out a few more. But the rest are more lackluster, and once the missions are gone, I'll have even less incentive to play TX. I've actually had fun regrinding many (DD) lines, all targeted for ship rewards (Colbert and Siegfried so far) but NOT for the remaining special upgrades. Some of the fun is simply due to being more experienced and better, although I suffer the human condition of being forced to be reminded of lessons learned the hard way. But it is also more fun with high level commanders (10pt for TIV, 14pt for TV, 19pt for TVIII, etc.) assigned from reserve and upgrades mounted from inventory. And it is a lot less grindy with camo and flag XP bonuses. I still want the missions for the special upgrades to persist as incentive to play TX.
  2. GraySpirit

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    https://imgur.com/a/c0iUOmv Bug report - Personal Score page can show a message "NULL MISSION IN TOTAL"
  3. Call focus fire on enemy radar ships often, as soon as they are spotted, and every time they are spotted - F3 "Attention" is your friend for this. Call for help in chat to kill the enemy radar ships. If an US cruiser, especially a Des Moines, is posted behind an island near a cap, you have to be very careful, attempt to cap only if you can do it safely, ex., with island cover. I'm having more trouble recently with RU cruisers due to the proliferation and sheer numbers. Fortunately they can be spotted from far away, but 12km radar covers a large area and they are fast so that they can move into range before you can finish capping. Yes, the current meta is difficult for DDs, and some games are extremely frustrating with multiple CVs and multiple radar ships. But in most games, you still have the opportunity to have a major impact on the game, even if DD play is more difficult than it was in the past.
  4. As a history buff, I like having the C hulls available just for reference. I haven't yet taken the time to verify how historical they are, but there were AA upgrades to US DD historically. For me, WoWs is a virtual museum; being able to view 3D models is a big draw, and hull variants are interesting to me.
  5. GraySpirit

    Premium Ship Review #145 - Ochakov

    I got Pyotr Bagration first based on LMW's review. In 30 battles so far, my experience is on the poor side, although it is getting better with time. Part of this is play style - I'm a DD main and better at quick maneuver dodging and adjusting quick volleys than angling and shooting slower BB/CA guns. I got Ochakov second based on LMW's review (thanks@LittleWhiteMouse!) thinking that it would be a better fit for my play style, after struggling with Pyotr Bagration. My experience fits with @Uncle_Lou - Ochakov has good enough gunnery, rate of fire, fire starting, and mobility to maneuver well for both effective shooting from cover and open-water firing/kiting/dodging at range. The radar and hydro add versatility for team play and survivability. The torps are good enough for (low-HP) running-battle annoyance or an occasional ninja strike (even had a successful head-on rush on a Richelieu once). Good concealment allows you to choose when to attack or disengage, which is probably the key to longer survival and effectiveness. So from the start, I had and am having a lot of fun with Ochakov and recommend a second look at it if it fits your inclination and play style(s). An additional bonus of this journey for the early-access Soviet cruiser event is that I expect to collect the 2100 Soviet bonus credits for Pyotr Bagration, Ochakov, and Mikoyan.
  6. GraySpirit

    Karma & Why?

    You didn't mention anything about complimenting other people. I gently suggest that you start there - move your focus away from yourself. Recognize other players and good play. Compliment them soon after good play and tell them so. I used to compliment people primarily after the game was over, but this practice doesn't promote communication of compliments. I now try to compliment people for good play during the game as soon as possible, and message them so that they know that they are appreciated. I still give compliments after the game is over. And guess what? I often get a compliment in return when we had good teamwork. And this good-natured teamwork goes a long way to overcome negative saltiness, and to contribute to good attitudes and enjoyment of the game.
  7. The port UI settings icon has an existing tooltip that displays Ships: nnn Vacant slots: nn I would be really helpful to add Selected: nnn that would display the count of ships shown/selected by the current filters. Thanks!
  8. GraySpirit

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    Here's additional evidence that this problem was more widely experienced.
  9. GraySpirit

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    I'm pretty sure that I just experienced another server crash a few minutes ago. The game was only a few minutes in and my ship had no damage. The game stopped responding, background turned black, and I got dumped out to the login page. After logging back in, probably only two minutes or so, my ship is in port with no battle report. There was no re-entry into the current battle.
  10. GraySpirit

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    A few minutes ago, I was kicked out of a game - controls and display froze, screen turned black, then was dumped back to the front splash screen with the red CONNECT! button. Now I can't connect - it goes through "WAITING FOR AUTHORIZATION...", then "LOGGING IN... ", then back to the CONNECT. I tried again, third time was a charm, got into the game, and of course I'm dead.
  11. GraySpirit

    How did you come up with you account name ?

    GraySpirit - "Gray" is a transposition of my first name and "Spirit" is a translation of "Kami" - part of my Japanese surname. It is also commemorative of the "Gray Ghost" John S. Mosby or the "Grey Ghost" USS Enterprise (CV-6), but those names were already taken.
  12. GraySpirit

    Any word on new Research Boats?

    Research Bureau got me to regrind lines, something that I would not have done without the incentive. I have reset / reground all of the DD lines and am halfway through a second reset / regrind. I found playing and progressing through the lines again to be challenging, rewarding, and even enjoyable. The experience and overall improvement gained through playing a lot games has helped tremendously, and this is probably why the regrind is better than expected. It also helps to have camo/flags and commanders (28 of my DD commanders have 19 points, and all but one of my DD commanders from tier V up have 14 points). I'm obviously a DD main. The major missing piece is a DD reward ship, as there are only battleship and cruiser reward ships so far. I'm even contemplating RB for cruiser lines. Co-op is not as brutal and reasonable for learning. Yes, low tier random games can be brutal and frustrating, especially for DDs with more CVs, and with more radar at higher tiers. I'm not a natural gamer, WoWs is the only game that I play. However, I am a naval history buff, and WoWs is a virtual museum for me. The ship models in game are so much better than just the photos in all of the naval history books in my overflowing bookshelf. This keeps me in WoWs, and I hope that it also draws many others to the game. I'm so sorry that the COVID-19 crisis is adversely affecting the Anchors Away tours. I agree with you that I don't like the legendary mods moving to RB, I'd rather have them remain as Tier X missions. With the current state of the game, I'd rather play tiers VII-IX. I think that the legendary mods should encourage more Tier X play as is presently, not just one win as it would be when moved to RB tokens.
  13. GraySpirit

    Suggestion: Ship Tagging

    The "seaman" rating is just your rating in the forums, primarily based on the number of your posts. I'm still a seaman, too.
  14. GraySpirit

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    Yes, I posted the report soon after the "crash" occurred. Thanks for the evidence of a common experience and explanation of a server crash.
  15. GraySpirit

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    I was still in battle when the screen background turned black, and then I was kicked out to port. I could have just been killed, but this is not certain. I found myself back in port with the ship showing, no note saying "This ship is still in battle" - it's possible that the battle just ended. However, there was no battle summary report, even after quitting and restarting the client.