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  1. GraySpirit

    Forum Contest - Trick or Treat

    Benham in Dragon port Master of the Water World camo Victory (Treat)
  2. GraySpirit

    Monthly Forum Event - Bonus Boasting

    Tier VIII ship for bonus package - Harbin
  3. GraySpirit

    New Update

    I second this and highly recommend this after EVERY update. In "Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC)" select top bar menu item "WORLD OF WARSHIPS" select sub-menu "Game Settings" select menu item "Check and Repair" and affirm the dialog choices to do so Hope that this fixes your issue.
  4. GraySpirit

    Update 0.11.0 - Bug Reports

    Sorry, false alarm. I think that the display is probably correct, the +2 has been already added to 12 to get the 14. Sorry.
  5. GraySpirit

    Update 0.11.0 - Bug Reports

    Issue: In Naval Battles ENGAGEMENT stage, bonus attempts from the PREPARATION stage are not credited nor shown in "My attempts," e.g. My attempts: 9 out of 14+0 I completed the PREPARATION stage, with the progress bar confirming the completion for 2 bonus attempts. Expected Result: I expect the bonus attempts to be shown in "My attempts," e.g. My attempts: 9 out of 14+2 How to Replicate: Complete the PREPARATION stage and examine "My attempts" for the bonus in the ENGAGMENT stage.
  6. GraySpirit

    First Look: Pan-Asian Cruisers

    Re: Harbin - @SeaRaptor already mentioned secondaries for Montana and Midway. HSF Harekaze can mount 3 x 1 US 5"/54 guns - 127mm/54 Mk. 16 on a Mk. 39 mount, firing range 9.4km, reload time 4.0 seconds. Austin has 6 x 2 US 5"/54 guns - 127mm/54 Mk. 15 "in a turret", firing range 15.0 km, reload time 7.0 seconds with Main Battery Modification 3. Austin has Main Battery Reload Booster consumable, but I can't find a source that specifies the rate of fire with it active. Forrest Sherman (work in progress) should have 3 x 1 US 5"/54 guns - 127mm/54 (Mk. 18?) in a Mk. 42 mount, firing range and reload time TBD. Data from Wikipedia: Rate of fire - As built/designed: 40 rounds per minute automatic - Down-rated to 28 rounds per minute in 1968. Maximum firing range - 23 km. Notice the wide variety in firing range and reload time set by WG.
  7. GraySpirit

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug Reports

    Issue: In Naval Battles - Engagement Group Stage, the last battle temporarily gets tallied twice. This results in a wrong count for "My attempts" and a duplicate entry in your "ATTEMPT HISTORY." This is temporary but confusing. Exiting the Naval Battles report and re-entering fixes the mis-count/duplicate.Expected Result: The "My attempts" count should not be reduced by two after the latest attempt completes, and the "ATTEMPT HISTORY" should not have duplicated entries for the last completed attempt.How to Replicate: Enable "Count attempts" in Naval Battles, complete a battle, and view "My Attempts" or "ATTEMPT HISTORY"Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info:
  8. GraySpirit

    Hope I don't get an AFK penalty

    After every update, I highly recommend a check/repair - this has solved issues for me in the past, now I always check/repair after an update.