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  1. On the Sea of Fortune map, you can shoot through the cathedral in the middle of the map. I don't think that the terrain hit indicator lights up for the cathedral. This was at least some months ago, I don't know if it is still the case or if it has been fixed.
  2. Often my first use of DD torps in a game is to send torps at enemy DDs in smoke while contesting a cap. I've been torp'ed in smoke while contesting caps many times, embarrassingly all too often. Even without smoke, at first spot, I often look to send torps at enemy DDs, especially while contesting caps. These are common and generally employed tactics. Pan-asian DDs will not be able to contest enemy DDs in these ways, and this is not a tiny, tiny cost IMHO. However the gain in torp stealth for other targets may be worthwhile for other situations.
  3. I'm a military history fan and collector with 135 ships in port, all fully researched with the top modules mounted. Collecting brings satisfaction and benefit even if your play is average like mine or when you have a day of bad battle results. As you collect more and move up the tech tree, you will find your collecting is limited by credits. To accelerate progress, you should consider the following. 1. Go to inventory and sell all the modules that you don't use, especially the stock modules. The only stock module that I haven't sold is the the stock torpedo module on Sims which you can't sell. I've sold the 128mm guns on Ernst Gaede even though I liked switching to them on occasion. I intend to keep both 155 and 203 mm on Mogami for choice. 2. Improve your damage dealing - "get gud" - credits are directly proportional to damage dealt. 3. Move your top captain up the tier as you progress, as recommended by others already. This will improve your performance and credit earnings. 4. Run flags for +20% extra credits (Zulu) and -10% service cost (India Bravo Terrathree), and also special +50% credits (Wyvern) flag. Buying flags from the premium shop will cost money. 5. Demount upgrades and move them up-tier as you get the next ship if you don't want to play the old ship. This will matter even more for the expensive high-tier modules that can cost up to 3,000,000 credits. 6. Get premium ships or premium/permanent Type 20 or special (Ocean Soul, FTW, Hunter, gamescon) camos to grind credits. Middle tier around tier seven seems to be good for grinding credits. 7. Don't play stock ships - use free exp to research modules ASAP. This will improve your performand and credit earnings. Play other ships and run +300% free exp (Papa Papa) flags and premium/permanent camo to grind free exp. 8. Buy credits with doubloons if you want to spend money to increase progress. As you get more ships, you will probably get more selective about which ships you play, and it is unlikely that you will play all of them. I only have upgrades on the following ships, generally the ships that I am more likely to play. a. the top ship in each line b. premium ships c. select tech tree ships that I like d. select ships in the tier for ranked e. tier VI ships for scenarios Hope that this helps to improve your collection.
  4. Username Origins?

    Great minds think alike? For me, the above, minus the birth year, plus a native American reference hinting towards (Sea) Wolf. And also because Gray - an anagram of my first name Spirit - a translation of the second half of my Japanese surname
  5. Yesterday, I was congratulating myself for an early cap in a Kiev, a somewhat reasonable calculated risk due to spawn and radio location. But then I heard torpedo beats and wildly scanned around only to find a white wall of torps behind me. Yes, it happens, but after the TK, it still took a few games to get over doing excessive 360-degree free looks. Speaking of intention, I've received several gunshots in spawn with minor damage. I was torpedoed in spawn once, the TK'er somehow died quickly, seemingly from combination of reflected damage and team self-defense (not from me). But it was shocking enough that I almost quit for the day.