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  1. GraySpirit

    USN DD commander builds

    I have 19 point captains for T8-T10 US DDs as follows: T8 Benson - PT LS SE CE, RL TAE AR - also used for T5 Hill, T6 Monaghan, T7 Sims, T8 Kidd, and T10 Benham T9 Fletcher - PT LS SI CE, RL TAE AR - also used for T5 Hill, T6 Monaghan, T7 Sims, T8 Kidd, and T10 Benham T10 Gearing - PT LS SE CE, RL TAE TA, also used for T9 Black I have RL on nearly all of my 14-point DD captains. TAE and AR fill out to 19 points. The nuance is more survivability with Benson's captain vs. more consumables (smoke and DFAA) with Fletcher's captain. Torp Acceleration is a big deal for both Gearing and Black - the range is workable and the speed is significantly more deadly, IMHO.
  2. GraySpirit

    why is detonation a mechanic

    I've been detonated in 1.1% of battles. When trying to improve win rate, I think that is significant and more frequent than rare, especially for grinding through ranked. "Fun and engaging!" NOT! However, ever since Juliet Charlie flags became available for silver in the armory, detonations have been significantly reduced for me. It still could be a significant concern for most players who still have a lot of lines to grind, but once you finish most lines, the credit surplus helps to buy flags, reduce detonations, and suffer less "fun and engaging" experiences.
  3. GraySpirit

    KareBear CO-OP AI issue/Whining wall of text

    I've noticed that bot CVs seem to pick a plane type and spawn squadrons of that type to exhaustion before switching plane types. This makes it more difficult to use your fighter consumable to farm plane kills, and also reduces the potential damage that the bot squadrons can do at the start of the battle. Yesterday, I got a complaint in co-op for being a CV noob, when I was exactly playing co-op to train and improve before inflicting my noob CV play on teammates in random battles. So even as it is currently implemented, at least one co-op player was taking co-op seriously enough to try to insult teammates. In many co-op battles, especially in slower ships, the challenge can be to engage and deal damage before the faster ships finish off all of the enemy ships.
  4. GraySpirit

    Hypothetical Sub tech trees

    Consider GUPPY conversions for higher tiers - only slightly post-WW2 but with significantly improved underwater performance, to compete with German Type XXI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greater_Underwater_Propulsion_Power_Program https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_XXI_submarine Consider Tang class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Tang_(SS-563) Probably stop short of and Nautilus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Nautilus_(SSN-571)
  5. GraySpirit

    French DD crates: A brutal insult

    Just finished all of the directives/missions possible minus the missions requiring T7 Vauquelin, T8 Le Fantasque, or T9 Mogador as I didn't get the missions for them. Got the mission for one French DD, T5 Jaguar from all of the possible free French Destroyer containers. I have ship exp on T2 Jurien ready for T2 Enseigne Gabolde and on T5 Jaguar ready for T6 Guepard. Previously finished all of the French Symbols for all of my ships that had them (278 ships in port). I used Republic Tokens to buy the permanent camo for T5 Jaguar, T6 Guepard, T7 Vauquelin, and T8 Le Fantasque, and the first two Legion of Honor bundles. Can someone clarify/confirm @FemennenIy(?), IFAIK, the Republic Tokens and French Tokens are distinct, i.e., we can't use saved Republic Tokens for French Destroyers Part 2 and Philippe Auboyneau? So we might as well spend them now for French Destroyer items in the Armory?
  6. GraySpirit

    How are people doing with the French DDs.

    On some maps, I will use French-DD speed to try to steal an early cap, but you have to bail out as soon as you are detected. Even after this, playing long-range gunboat can get a lot of flak from teammates that don't yet understand French DDs. I like the ballistics and accuracy of the guns and think that the French DDs are competitive in most situations. The speed helps with (re-)positioning and with reload booster, reinvigorates ambush tactics even at higher tiers. Le Terrible was painful before, but after the buff, it is much improved, both fun and competitive. Torps are significantly and "surprisingly" useful against advancing enemies as the speed enables good positioning for better torp angles. But against retreating enemies, the small stealth-torp range is mostly unworkable. With Le Terrible, you can "kite" away from an advancing enemy, firing torps on one side, then turn to fire the other side, almost continuously due to short torp-reload time. I'm hoping that other French DDs will also be able to do this (I only have Le Terrible, Aigle, and Jaguar at this time due to low drop rate with French containers).
  7. GraySpirit

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    I am getting stuck on the queue page with the spinning load icon. I have given it 2-3 minutes, then I have to exit or kill the client and restart. Of course this means that I'm entering the game some minutes late, too late and I'm probably dead on arrival. My team is affected, my teammates are not happy, and it is usually a loss. This has happened to me three times so far in the last two days. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. GraySpirit

    Are premium camos worth it?

    FYI, I have 38 tech-tree ships with permanent camo. 2 were purchased full-price with doubloons - Fletcher, Khabarovsk 2 were purchased with doubloons at discount - Yugumo, Akizuki 34 of them didn't cost any doubloons. 7 are free permanent camo that WG gives you with the ship - Fuso, Pensacola, Farragut, Budyonny, Minsk, Bayern, Leander, (also maybe Cleveland?) 27 were acquired through free missions - Yamato (High School Fleet), Hatsuharu (New Year), New Mexico (Snowy), New Orleans (Congratulatory), Baltimore (Bionic, Freedom), Buffalo (Bionic), Des Moines (Freedom), Dallas (New Year), Helena (Remembrance Night), Cleveland (Freedom), Kiev (Congratulatory), Bismarck (From the Bottom of the Ocean, The Last Conquest), Nurnberg (New Year), Ernst Gaede (Snowy), Z-23 (Congratulatory, Steel Rat), Queen Elizabeth (Snowy), Monarch (Congratulatory), Edinburgh (Artic), Icarus (New Year), Lightning (Royal Navy), Normandie (New Year), Richelieu (The Maid of Orleans), La Galissonniere (Bionic, Snowy), Algerie (Bionic), Charles Martel (Bionic, Congratulatory), Saint-Louis (Bionic), Fushun (Snowy) There are current combat missions for Leningrad and Minsk (Leningrad Defense) permanent camos (however Leningrad is premium and Minsk already has a free permanent camo). So you can get significant permanent camos without cost if you complete the various special event combat missions, etc.
  9. GraySpirit

    I Don't Get It???

    I often see a ship disappear and then reappear after a second or two. IMHO, this is consistently correlated with a change in the spotting ship or spotting mechanism (LOS/radar/hydro). I haven't been able to find any definitive discussion on this yet, whether this is an intended feature, a side-effect of programming / a bug. Can anyone else comment? Perhaps this is what you are experiencing?
  10. I've collected 189 detonation achievements, a rate of 0.011 - amazing "skill" and bragging rights! (Just kidding for those that need a hint.) OK, I have to confess to being a DD main, and that my "skill" has gone down since Juliet Charlie and other signals became available for credits in the armory. But, alas, my credit balance has also gone down. At least, I'm no longer buying Juliet Chalie signals for real dollars in the premium shop, and so I'm actually grateful that it is no longer the (sole) source. As a DD driver, you end up on the receiving end. Fun and engaging - NOT!
  11. GraySpirit

    180k coal. What to do with it?

    No. But if you are a collector or become one, you can equip many ships with Special Upgrades. That will use up a lot of coal and solve your problem of too much coal. So far I have 56 special upgrades, that's a cost of 952K coal if you don't apply coupons. And I'm happy to get more coal.
  12. This illustrates a problem with CVs being only at even tiers. For those that want to div an odd tier ship with CVs, you risk being a fail div unless you are tier IX. Restricting divs to +/-0 means that odd tier ships won't be able to div with CVs at all.
  13. GraySpirit

    WG Please Make AA Section Two Keyed Controls

    For two keys, an improvement would be a key to move reinforcement left and a key to move reinforcement right. That way two key presses of the same key will guarantee reinforcement in that direction. There's less confusion over "toggling" the reinforcement side, but more for getting back to neutral. Taking advantage of reinforcement is what we want, so this two key solution might be better than finding three adjacent keys that are currently available and unassigned for other use.
  14. What is your in-game name and the origin of it (as long as it is appropriate for the forums)? GraySpirit - "Gray" is a transposition of my first name and "Spirit" is a translation of "Kami" - part of my Japanese surname. It is also commemorative of the "Gray Ghost" John S. Mosby or the "Grey Ghost" USS Enterprise, but those names were already taken. How long have you been playing World of Warships? I have been playing for 2 1/2 years, since Thanksgiving 2016. What got you into playing World of Warships? Love of Ships? History? Came from a different game? Explain what got you into the game. I am a fan of military history and warships. I have been a member of the US Naval Institute since 1993. While researching warships on YouTube, I viewed Jingles' videos on World of Warships. I love how WoWs is a virtual museum with 3D models that surpasses my collection of books on ships. I have collected all of the "silver" researchable tech tree ships and a majority of the premium ships. What is your favorite ship? Why? Feel free to add a pic as well! Asashio is my favorite ship in-game currently as I'm a DD main and it succeeds at the most damage with a good win rate. Previously, it was Leningrad or Sims. In real life, I like USS George Washington CVN-73 as I got a VIP tour of her in 2004 that included an arrested landing, overnight stay, and catapult launch.
  15. GraySpirit

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Just finished all the snowflakes for my BBs, all battles in Random. 30 tech tree BBs 22 premium BBs 20,650 coal 2,150 steel Totals for DDs/CAs/CLs/BBs (all but CVs), and after picking up a few more premium ships with the doubloon discount and also Black with steel. 184 snowflakes 77,450 coal 6,250 steel I still have 12 snowflakes left for CVs. I don't normally play CVs, but may try again to knock off a few more snowflakes.