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  1. Addison_Wang

    CV Economy

    Enterprise with only the regular credit flags earns me around 1mil-1.2mil on average per game. Missouri levels of credit income. Might be bugged idk \o/.
  2. I go speed build for all my CVs. I have the experience to dodge and weave out of AA for the most part. I’ll be taking haku into ranked. The ability to blap AA/radar crusiers that are usually pretty stationary with either APDBs or long range torps makes it the top choice for me. But it is also the highest skill floor t10 CV so use at your own risk.
  3. Saipan doesn’t get access to the sixth slot which either increases HP pool or speed - both are crucial to survivability.
  4. The main thing that changes is the longevity of planes. The HP pools on each respective plane type increases for each nation which means you can get more attacks off. The Haku gets much better pen on the APDBs so you can score 3 cit runs consistently, plus the torps are a lot more tanky. Midway gets three more tiny tims per attack run. Audacious gets more bombs and more rockets. Overall each t10 is a direct upgrade.
  5. I’m a CV player and in my opinion all three T10 CVs are overpowered in the right hands (most ships follow this trend, but the difference is very noticeable in CVs). The reason why average server stats are rather low is because the skill gap is very wide. And the lower end drags down the average stats considerably.
  6. Slava (alt T10 BB) is still in testing, but it has accuracy over range and infinite charges of DCP.
  7. Addison_Wang

    Quick question about Lexingtons rocket planes.

    Use the Tiny Tims. They’re good when dealing with DDs and amazing when you want to get damage from BBs.
  8. Addison_Wang

    Trying to like IJN AP

    Once you get aiming with APDBs down, it’s a reliable way to inflict non-healable (less so than HE/DOT damage) to pesky targets. Nowadays I prefer it over HEDBs simply for that fact. At least with the haku, I haven’t found much trouble finding the right place for the reticle.
  9. Addison_Wang

    Enterprise - Worth Getting?

    When played correctly, the Enterprise is very very competitive.
  10. Addison_Wang

    Carriers and Ranked battle.

    The beauty with 12 enemies to strike verses 7 is that you have more options. You can opt to strike that musashi on the A flank rather than the mino/Wooster cluster in mid. In this new season of ranked, I’m expecting the spamming of AA focused ships (ie wooster, mino, grozovoi,). With only 6 non-CV combatants to strike, it limits the Cv’s options and forces strikes on less than optimal targets. The skill involved with preserving planes in random battles doesn’t apply in ranked if all ships have decent AA. That’s why I’m planning on playing haku in ranked - by far the best when dealing with cruisers.
  11. Addison_Wang

    Two CV Skills ? Sight Stabilization and Torpedo Acceleration

    The IJN CVs (especially haku) have very strong carry potential. Unlike the midway, where you carry by destroying DDs and damage farm after that, haku focuses on getting rid of AA/radar cruisers first with APDBs. The audacious is tricker. You have to be able to farm insane amounts of damage and follow up on dam cons that you forced ships to trigger to effectively carry a game. You can’t rely on your team nowadays, the best way to get D.O.T consistently is to follow up on your own attacks. After dropping boost out of their AA, count their dam con out then attack again. If you’re having trouble with the attack planes, try leading ahead slightly more or limiting the use of “a” and “d” when in the attack sequence.
  12. Addison_Wang

    Two CV Skills ? Sight Stabilization and Torpedo Acceleration

    The decrease in aiming time isn’t much but I find it more useful than something like AFT. For the RN CVs I’ve been testing builds that take both DE and TA instead of SS. It’s been working out pretty well (average around 161k in audacious).
  13. Addison_Wang

    Two CV Skills ? Sight Stabilization and Torpedo Acceleration

    I never take concealment (be it the mod or skill) for high tier CVs. There’s simply no point. Most planes are already detected before entering enemy AA with out or without concealment and with careful positioning your ship will both be safe yet close enough to cycle planes efficiently. AR is a great skill. I speed build all my CVs and the extra speed boost that AR gives wounded squads can make the difference between dropping a payload or not.
  14. Addison_Wang

    Retiring my Enterprise as of now #bragpost

    Wat? I’ve heard of no such thing >.> And lol thought I slipped it in there. Yeah the thing is a bit too powerful (heh). Too bad I don’t have time for the foreseeable future to reclaim it :/.