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  1. _Addi

    CVs as DD hunters

    If they’re out in the open and have their AA off, pop a fighter in their project path to keep them spotted. Loop around with fighters and blap them. DDs are among the easiest targets for CVs to kill.
  2. _Addi

    CVs as DD hunters

    And lol just predict where he’s going and you can HEDB dev strike him. It’s still possible just requires more planning now.
  3. _Addi

    CVs as DD hunters

    Pop a fighter in his projected path to keep him spotted. Loop wide and easy kill. \o/
  4. _Addi

    5 Regrinds???

    10k initial bonus, 2x first line, plus three more lines for a total of four resets to attain Colbert. I’m already done with one line reset, halfway done with three others. Stack best camos/flags.
  5. A couple of my buddies had experienced a bug where all ships on one team DC, with the screen going into something that looks similar to the screen you get just as the battle finishes. No result screen shows up until the opposing team finishes off the rest of the DC-ed ships. I didn’t think much of it until I experienced the same thing. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Check 0.8.7 update notes. New autopilot system to be tested/introduced.
  7. These new French DDs are especially strong, and I’m surprised they were released in such a state. Though their detection is not the best, their speed makes up for it. In the first leg of the match you contest caps - not with capping in mind but knocking out an enemy DD early. The main battery reload booster (MBRB) is hysterically effective against other DDs. They can’t run away (you’re too fast), they can’t outtrade you (with MBRB active), and you have the added benefit of reaching them when the majority of the enemy fleet is not within effective engagement distance. After that, you can either stay to cap or leave and harass other ships. Just like the French cruisers, you use MBRB to farm perma fires (use the consumable 10-15secs after a confirmed DCP) or finish off low targets that are healing with a burst of DPM. With the IFHE skill equipped, the 139mm guns on the French DDs can pen 27mm - an armor often found on high tier cruisers (however consideration must be brought to WG’s plans of changing how IFHE works). It’s a new and refreshing play style and I’m glad WG decided to introduce, but the balance of these DDs is tipped to the strong side (maybe too much).
  8. Double rudder build for both. Good meme ships
  9. Is the Slava still under testing? I was under the impression that it would release one patch cycle after the rest of the Russian BBs were. Have there been any recent changes that needed to be tested more?
  10. _Addi

    Feedback from CV's in season 12 ranked

    If you’re well seasoned in CV gameplay, the haku is definitely the pick for this season. I’m around 25 battles in with 20 wins plus 4 stars saved and ~120k average damage. Slingshot dropping, starting torp sequences outside of AA range, abusing islands are all crucial with the current system of AA/plane speed. If you want an easy ship to make rank 1, then Haku is your pick (high skill floor but ridiculously high skill ceiling).
  11. _Addi

    CV Economy

    Enterprise with only the regular credit flags earns me around 1mil-1.2mil on average per game. Missouri levels of credit income. Might be bugged idk \o/.
  12. I go speed build for all my CVs. I have the experience to dodge and weave out of AA for the most part. I’ll be taking haku into ranked. The ability to blap AA/radar crusiers that are usually pretty stationary with either APDBs or long range torps makes it the top choice for me. But it is also the highest skill floor t10 CV so use at your own risk.
  13. Saipan doesn’t get access to the sixth slot which either increases HP pool or speed - both are crucial to survivability.