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  1. _Addi

    Yodo My Beloved

    No, I rarely use IFHE on high tier ships
  2. _Addi

    Yodo My Beloved

    Not as much as you'd think - no witherer so most of those fires were instantly DCPed ;-;
  3. _Addi

    Yodo My Beloved

    POV: I'm coping about loving Yodo
  4. _Addi

    Yodo My Beloved

    I've been seeing a lot of posts on the subreddit/forums/discord servers about the new IJN line being unenjoyable and anemic - and there is a lot of truth to that. However, so far I've been having a decent amount of fun in the Yodo if not purely for the fact that I have such low expectations that literally doing anything is a win in my books. Below are some of the more derpy moments in the ship so far and some highlights. Truth be told, I've only played 20 battles in the thing so far so my experience can 100% go down from here
  5. God I love the Yodo - is it bad?...probably, but at least to me, it makes it's more fun to perform well in a ship that is almost universally thought of as bad
  6. _Addi

    Forest Sherman overhyped?

    Only had time for 4 battles today, but this boat is pretty fun. Definitely not the easiest ship to play, but the reload is so spicy. Would recommend picking up if you're comfortable with gunboat DDs. As for build, I'm running the same one that boggzy posted earlier.
  7. _Addi

    Load screen only - can't play

    Yes same - stuck on the load in, even have controls of the ship (hear the audible engine sounds when i press W but can't see the screen) - was there a maintenance thing earlier today that might have broken something?
  8. _Addi

    CVs as DD hunters

    If they’re out in the open and have their AA off, pop a fighter in their project path to keep them spotted. Loop around with fighters and blap them. DDs are among the easiest targets for CVs to kill.
  9. _Addi

    CVs as DD hunters

    And lol just predict where he’s going and you can HEDB dev strike him. It’s still possible just requires more planning now.
  10. _Addi

    CVs as DD hunters

    Pop a fighter in his projected path to keep him spotted. Loop wide and easy kill. \o/
  11. _Addi

    5 Regrinds???

    10k initial bonus, 2x first line, plus three more lines for a total of four resets to attain Colbert. I’m already done with one line reset, halfway done with three others. Stack best camos/flags.
  12. A couple of my buddies had experienced a bug where all ships on one team DC, with the screen going into something that looks similar to the screen you get just as the battle finishes. No result screen shows up until the opposing team finishes off the rest of the DC-ed ships. I didn’t think much of it until I experienced the same thing. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. Check 0.8.7 update notes. New autopilot system to be tested/introduced.