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  1. Sammy_Small

    What's the point of the Vallejo?

    Vallejo could have been a "fun" ship if it had: Hydro option... Old Spotter Plane Orbit Radius ( ~6km form the ship, for reference watch the old Yuro Spotter Plane Des Moines video )... And "Directional Center for Catapult Aircraft" skill wasn't nerf-ed into the ground ( when it used to launch 2x planes with 180° offsets in orbits )... As is it is basically a tier 9 USN equivalent of Lazo.
  2. Sammy_Small

    USS Black

    Way back in the day ( pre patch ~0.70 ) USS Black was a Ranked Reward ship for players that ranked out 5 times under the "old system" ( So only the "supper unicums" got it along with Flint ) Then it became a "steel ship" before being "pulled" and re-balanced and re-released for coal. Even after the nerfs it is a "solo" capable ship, unlike the Flint that has to be played in div. F. Sherman is closer in play style to Harugumo / DPM(Z)-52... it is not an early game cap contester, it is support / mini CL for cap contesting DDs.
  3. On the plus side the Dutch "cruisers" at least have "hydro"... It could be worse... They could be like the Italian Cruisers and have "roll of depth charges" and NO hydro... ( the nation that conducted most of the fighting in the "Med." with in range of friendly land based Aircraft ) Seriously what would it take to add some "token" ASW capability, even if it is a bunch of guys in deck throwing "garbage" overboard... instead of going "not my problem, I hope my team can deal with it for me" ?
  4. Looking through the names of Italian DDs in the planed "Comandanti-Class"... Seeing the name of the last ship of the 3rd series... and seeing what is actually in game at Tier 8.
  5. Sammy_Small

    Harbin, or OMG I Hate This Ship!!

    I don't know whats worse the... The fact that Harbin has the 2nd "best ballistics" of the entire line ( Chunking has the "flattest arcs" )... Or that the only cruiser with worse 130 mm gun ballistics is a Bogatyr down at tier 3... Heck Har(bedge)-bin makes the Krispy Kream ( Krasny Krym ) look good... and it is a considered on of the weakest tier 5 cruisers. The entire line is requires you to play them in a "sweaty try hard mode" in order to have any impact... I guess line was designed for people who enjoyed playing the Z-31.
  6. Sammy_Small

    16-gun Monty?

    Be careful what you wish for... Or we may get another Marlborough or Cristoforo Colombo type BB, but USN instead.
  7. Sammy_Small

    DevBlog 373 - New Ships — Closed Testing 0.11.10

    Is it "April Fools" already?!
  8. Sammy_Small

    Italian BB plans

    @Ahskance The problem with Italian BBs is not just a single "stat", but a combination of factors... SAP is great for "smashing" broadside CLs ( other lightly armored ships ) that your AP would over-penetrate, but is mostly useless against everything else Due to High Alpha Damage potential of SAP against specific targets, the Gun Accuracy, is poor by design as balancing mechanic. Which it turn hurts their AP performance The SAP's inability to deal with Destroyers ( unlike HE ) , combined with slow reload, lack of accuracy and secondary battery that is even a bigger joke than the French ones (with exception Giuseppe Verdi that has SAP secondaries). Forces one to play 12+ km behind nearest friendly DD/screen, which in turn crates a negative feed back loop in ship performance. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ... Hypothetical if I had the power to "balance" Italian BBs i would start with the following: ♦ SAP does penetration damage (x 0.33 ) to DDs instead of over-penetration damage (x 0.1) and is still effected by damage saturation rules as it currently is. ( Before the "DD Mafia" gets upset read the whole thing to the end ) ♦ Lower the BB SAP damage per shell by 23*~25*% across the board ( as in a 0.77 ~ 0.75 multiplier OR as a ~1.33 divider ) 305mm: 7850 > 5900 320mm: 10250* > 7800 ~ 7700 381mm: 12500 > 9500 ~ 9400 406mm: 14100 > 10600 ♦ Keep the crappy Σ (Sigma), but buff the reload speed to standard for gun caliber size / tier. ( in keeping with the "National Flavor" ) This way SAP is more like British BB HE shells that do not cause fires, instead of a crappier British BB AP shell that cannot do citadel damage against spaced armor.
  9. Sammy_Small

    Unable to sell Hayate

    @a252 you never know when WG may decide to "buff" Hayate and give a "Grozovoi treatment" ( to make it an "attractive value proposition" for 2 million FXP ) Hey WG if you are listening... Change consumables on Hayate FROM: 3 Speed Boosts, 3 Smoke XOR 3 Torpedo Reload Boosters TO: 2 Speed Boosts, 2 Smokes AND 2 Torpedo Reload Boosters Basically give it a "Grozovoi" treatment, by increasing the number of available consumables while reducing the number of charges available. Heck the ship has the same surface detection as Grozovoi and Z-52.
  10. If I remember correctly it was a "on stream response by on of the Devs. during CV rework, regarding AA nerfs " ( may have been Sub_Octavian, i am not 100% sure )
  11. I saw that happen (player CV spawning in the same place as Atlanta ) in Ultimate Frontier too. It is most likely due to the fact that a partial player division had Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers... ( or the the game is pulling the "Ultimate F U" as the name of the operation implies ) TLDR: Do NOT Bump the Ruan! In Hermes the reason why Alsace / Ruan do NOT stop. Is because, some "Muppet" usually rams him in the 1st half of the Opp. and bumps him of course/path.
  12. TLDR: Where is the Harbin's stock hull, 2km AA DPS Aura? ( ~60 DPS ) Harbin's stock hull has 8 single 20mm Oerlikons modeled, but doesn't have the corresponding 2 km AA DPS Aura. Harbin's upgraded hull has 8 twin 20 mm Oerlikons modeled AND has an appropriate 2km AA DPS Aura ( 105 )
  13. Sammy_Small

    12 x 12 DD Brawls

    I thought I would be funny and try to meme in a Radar Hseinyang... ( Deep water torps that can't hit other DDs and all that ) ... apparently I have been out meme-ed...
  14. It is not a bug, it is a feature... working as intended / sarcasm
  15. Sammy_Small

    Jutland needs a gun reload buff

    Sadly "the spreadsheets" have deemed that Jutland was "over performing" in multiple seasons of tier 9 ranked battles. The applied nerfs will probably remain in affect until popularity AND win rate drop below average (~50%)... Don't trust me / believe my claim/statement ? Just look at how long it took to undo YeuYang nerfs ( from 2019~2020 ).