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  1. Is it just me or all the patch 12.4 dev. blogs have this... "vibe" ?
  2. You may have a good point there... 31 knots was a Design Speed for the whole class of ships. Operationally ( outside of speed trials ) most of them where able to do 32*~33* knots, on full / deep load displacement. ( * allegedly ) So an additional +0.5 ~ +1.5 knot(s) of speed would be in a realm of historically accurate. ( at least until one starts stacking Signals + Skills + Speed Boost ) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That is most likely from "way back in a day" when MBRB was being tested OR [ Rental Ships ] from other times.
  3. They will nerf Malta after 3 ~ 9 ( after 1 year max ) months when there is a new premium CV to sell, or the existing sales taper off... just look at all previous CVs that were considered OP.
  4. As the title says, nothing too drastic: • An additional +1000 ~ +1200 hit points on a B-hull ( +3500 ~ +3700 instead of the current +2500 ) for 28300 ~ 28500 hit points base. Reasons being... • A ~ 500 meter reduction ( improvement ) to base concealment value, from 12.92 km to 12.42 km. Because being out spotted by a Graf Spee with 12.75 km base concealment is more than just a bit silly.
  5. French and Italian DDs when the "speed boost" is active ( Red Team point of view ) : Looking at Subs and CVs on a weekend for "Naval Battles Base XP" :
  6. Sammy_Small

    Why'd Salmon lose its 4" gun?

    So that they can sell a premium Submarine with a player controlled deck guns... ( or use it as a gimmick for the Russian subs ) Place your bets on weather a Gato - Class with 2 x 1, 5 inch / 25 Cal. player controlled Deck Guns be a tier 8 or a Tier 10 premium.
  7. Sammy_Small

    New IJN light cruisers

    It a appears that these ships are balanced by a "spreadsheet", around a "special" captain, that are played by "sweaty try-hards" ( all Italian ships and Z-31... "First Time?", with exception of Giulio Cesare ) Than again a quick glance at the stats for Yahagi may give an impression that that ship is OP, to anyone who hasn't played it outside of Co-Op.
  8. Sammy_Small

    Malta....whole lotta meh....

    Would it be fair to say that Malta plays more like a "pre-nerf" Enterprise that has been slightly buffed to become a Tier 10 CV? ( at least in it's ability to "throw panes at the enemy" and "AP bomb delete" certain cruisers )
  9. Sammy_Small

    Update 0.11.10: Japanese Light Cruisers

    Translation for: Is probably this:
  10. If there are more Submarines being added to the game how about some more Anti Submarine Weapons verity... How About this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RUR-5_ASROC
  11. Sammy_Small

    So Elbing … wow

    Does anyone remember when Z-23 used to have 150 mm guns ? ( I used it to "troll" Neptunes or Minotaurs that where sitting broadside in their own smoke, by citadel-ing them with AP )... Elbing ( Shultz to lesser extent) is the the "old Z-23" cranked up to 11... It is not a "Torpedo Boat Destroyer", it is a "Cruiser Destroyer", that can citadel most cruisers at 10km ~ 15km.
  12. Saipan's ASW in "Wolfpack" ( Submarine Operations )
  13. Not so loud "comrade"... do you want the 155 mm Mogami "sent to the Gulag" ... "Chung Mu-ed"... "Jutland-ed"... ( "Dollars to Doughnuts bet" that 155 mm Mogami will be removed form the tech tree and sold as a premium/ "free-mium" ship... Just like 457 mm Conqueror ) Seriously... Light Cruiser line with a reload / rate of fire of Heavy cruisers ...
  14. Sammy_Small

    Map sizes not legitamate for high tier

    @DevilD0g There is a simpler solution than increasing Map Size... Removing/Reducing "Time Compression" from "Time of Flight" of most Artillery shells ... would cause players to move closer to their targets if they want to hit them more reliably. As an Example: Most Battleships currently can "deliver" a 14 ~ 16+ in AP shell out to 20km in 10.5 ~ 14 seconds... What if that time of flight was increased by 50%?
  15. Ships with missiles are not marketable enough... Subs with missiles... /SARACSM