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  1. Sammy_Small

    CV debate

    IF CVs are so OP... Why is the current ranked, in Silver League is nothing but DDs and BBs ? ( 2nd week, 3rd season of ranked sprint )
  2. So what is the overall role for the proposed line? AA escorts / picket ships? ( sort of how the Pan EU DDs currently are now, but better due to having utility of smoke, Hydro, Def AA and Repair Party in exchange for only having 1 rack of torps?, wouldn't they be a bit OP ?) IF that is the case, than maybe have the tier 6~7 maybe even tier 8 armed with 4 inch DP aka 102mm /45... ( tier 7~8 may struggle with just 102mm guns and standard 1/6 HE open, but giving them 1/5 HE pen could make them OP ) ... and tier 9 and 10 armed with 4.5 inch DP aka 114mm /45 ( or move the existing tier 9 and 10 to the new line and the old line would need "replacement" ships with DP 120mm or DP 134mm guns ) Basically it would require "re-shuffling" the entire UK/RN DD tech tree, in a similar manner as how the IJN DD or VMF DD tech trees got "re-shuffled". Then again all the recent announcements of Dutch Cruisers and Submarines, i doubt there will be "new" line of ships added any time soon. Some of them are more likely to be released as "premiums" kind of like how Cossack, Vampire II, Haida and Druid ( that is being tested ) are in game right now. Other things to consider: Italian DD tree is still MIA ( Forum post ) French "Torpilleurs" are still MIA ( L'Adroit, Le Hardi, T-47, T-53 and what ever paper ships that are need to fill the tier in between )
  3. Sammy_Small

    Did Hosho Torp planes get nerfed?

    Guilty as charged... but not in a way you think. Forming a "fail div" with tier 5s and hoping for a tier 7 match... and T-posing over tier 7s with what basically was a "better Ark Royal" prior to the most recent nerf. Lets just say the in game chat was "hilarious" when a tier 4 CV sinks not 1 but 2 tier 7 DDs in the same match, by hitting them with torpedoes multiple times...
  4. Sammy_Small

    Fighters are still worthless

    The "fighter consumable" is still a joke when when it comes to stopping enemy CV strikes, all they do is prevent 2nd strike with the same squadron... Well at least now they cannot be kited by IJN / KM speed boosting TPs or DBs half way across the map over enemy AA with out shooting down a single plane in a process... ...Or "de-spawned" by timing an F-key recall. Still... 85% of the time the "summoned fighters" are used for spotting and 15% of the time used as a "danger pylon" for enemy CV to avoid. Here is a CV proposal that even "DD Mafia" will support: Fighters and Rocket Attack Planes share a same pool/ number of planes on deck. Fighters are directed to a patrol a grid (A~J, 1~10 ) or to "escort" a "friendly ship" via a map view, like ship's auto pilot. Fighters will not "agro" on enemy squadrons unless they reached their "patrol area" ( this isn't RTS days when CV could control multiple squadrons ) Patrol Areas could be re-assigned* / changed ( with a 20~30 second cool down, or what is deemed necessary due to balance ) Only 1 Combat Air Patrol could be airborne at any time. Size of a CAP is the same as the current "summoned fighters" Maximum airborne time until the planes automatically return to CV is ~ 3 minutes form the time of takeoff ( same as airborne planes from a dead CV ) CAP could be re-called early at any time, once re-called could not be given any other orders, but another CAP could be lunched if there is a minimum required number of "Rocket Attack Planes" on deck. Fighters can fight enemy Fighters (...eh duh... ) Any Fighters shot down by AA or enemy Fighters will be depleting CVs Rocket Attack plane reserves and would have to be "regenerated" over time like they currently are. ( see top )
  5. Sammy_Small


    The only counter play against "air strikes" ... ... Is to be out side of the "air strike" range. That is 10~14 km away depending on the tier. So basically play like "Dead Eye" has never left and "drive in circles" at ~20km form the nearest enemy BB or CA.
  6. Sammy_Small

    HMCS Haida: Is She worth it?

    TLDR: Yes get Haida (or T-61) before 10.5 if you want one (assuming the ships won't get "balanced" by "global changes"... like Flint ) Haida is very competitive / strong in tier 6~7 ranked due to: 5.7 km concealment Crawling Smoke + Hydro The problem is, if you are forced to "open water gun boat" be prepared to catch a lot of shells due to how "tall" / high the ship sits in the water. You live and die by your consumable availability. P.S. it is always funny when this happens
  7. Sammy_Small

    New German DDs are pathetic at best

    Having played the Z-31, it is safe to say that like most tier 7 DDs it is meant to be a "Free XP sink" / "pay to not grind". The ship has a play style similar to other "gun boats with bad concealment"... but one might be better off in a Leander in a "fail div", if they want that play style. As far as "weak"/ "bad" ship in the hands of "skilled players" something like: a tier 3 Varyag ... or a tier 5 Viribus Unitis ... ... are a prime examples of that.
  8. Every time "air strike" is used there needs to be a map wide audio notification / warning... Something like this...
  9. Sammy_Small

    Premium Ship Review: Pommern

    Pommern has a slight "Yamato cheek syndrome"... what i mean by that is: IF the AP shells hit just forward of the A-turret and pass the "auto bounce" check (while still having enough penetration )... There is a possibility of citadel hits due to a gap in "turtle back" armor scheme.
  10. Sammy_Small

    Save star. Goes to wrong player

    It is either that OR Award stars to the top 6 Base XP earners in a match, 7th and 8th place do not lose or gain a star 9th through 14th lose a star ( bottom 6 ) at least this way it would be harder / take longer for players to "fail" up the ranks while being carried by their team. ... BUT that would encourage a certain type of selfish / damage farming behavior, unless the XP rewards are changed from being heavily weighted on damage and kills.
  11. Honestly... anything that is a "cruiser" and has guns 250 mm or larger needs it's own separate class in match maker... find a single "treaty" cruiser in this picture... ... there isn't any.
  12. There is a possibility for the "new system" to be "exploited" by "griefers". For example someone "yolo's" in a French DD (at ~55 knots ) while you had your Italian (~51) or "new" German (~50) or some American (~43 knots on USS Black ) sea mines on the way to target that were fired some time ago... IF you can't see how this can be problem i won't bother wasting time trying to explain. The only thing this change will do is encourage / reinforce long range passive meta.
  13. Sammy_Small

    Hypothetical / Speculative Italian Destroyer Tech Tree

    Updated the original post with "new" list.
  14. Sammy_Small

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    It is rather apparent that "marketing" / "accounting" never lets go of a bad idea... Submarines are case and point. Kitakami "as is", at best is tier 7~8 material, and even then a tier 6 CV will "eat it like and ice cream sandwich" (HE Bomb citadels anyone ?) To whom it may concern at WG in charge "balance"/ "game development": IF you truly wish to add a "Torpedo Cruiser" at tier 10... ( and being slightly more than a "meme ship" or an "unattractive resource sink" ) USE a Tone hull... ( keep the guns ) REMOVE "Airplane Farm" / planes, hangars and catapults from the stern of the ship... ( maybe keep the catapults for a fighter/spotter plane ) ADD additional torpedo launchers / "Torpedo Farm" at the aft portion of the ship... ( 5 quadruple or 4 quintuple torpedo launchers per side, with same options / choice of torpedoes as Yoshino... ) MAKE necessary "balance adjustments" after play testing the ship.
  15. Sammy_Small

    Fen Yang Sucks

    The largest drawback of a Fen Yang, aka "Lo Pen", it is "over specialized". What I mean by that: Against DDs it needs IFHE to do damage to same or higher tier DDs ( can only pen superstructure on DDs with out IFHE ) Against CLs even the IFHE won't help you unless you are aiming for superstructure (same tier or higher ) and torpedoes are useless against all cruisers Against BBs guns are mostly for starting fires and maybe superstructure pens with IFHE, torpedoes are are actually good, but if the BB has a DD/CL "screen" good luck getting those torp hits Against CVs it actually has "good AA"( relatively speaking ) and plenty of smoke to hide in. As far as having "good AP performance" that is dependent on "incompetence" of your enemies. The best way to think about a Fen Yang is like a less "flexible" Asashio with better AA It has been suggested that the ship would be given 1/5th HE pen... OR "Normal Deep Water Torpedoes" ( like the rest of Pan Asian DDs ) so that can also hit cruisers.... BUT we all know how "player feedback" is "handled".