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  1. Sammy_Small

    Destroyers; Steel, paper, or Fiction?

    Have a suggestion regarding the possible* French DD list/order. Due to French having "interesting" gun armament choices for their DDs prior WWI..... ....Even more "interesting" DD classifications and armament during the inter war years. II Chasseur-class With 6 x 65mm guns and 3 x 1, 450mm torpedoes should be adequate for low tier "fun". III Ensiegne Roux / Gabolde-class Roux has a mix of 100mm and 65mm guns and Gabolde has 3 x 100mm guns and same 2x2, 450mm torpedoes. IV Aventurier-class Armed with 4 x 100mm guns and 4 x 1, 450mm torps This is were it gets complicated, because the French started building torpilleurs (generally armed with 130mm guns) and contre-torpilleurs (generally armed with 138~139mm guns ) in the 1920~30s Torpilleurs: V Bourrasque-class VI L'Adroit-class VII Chacal-class Technicality a contre-torpilleur but armed with 130mm guns. VIII Le Hardi-class IX [ insert paper ship here ] X T 47-Class Contre-torpilleurs: VI Guépard-class ( Aigle is already spoken for ) VII Vauquelin-class VIII Le Fantasque-class IX [ insert paper ship here ] or Magador-class X Magador-class or [ insert paper ship here ]
  2. Sammy_Small

    What is the best way to play Hipper?

    Hipper is rather flexible in its capabilities, but really excels in typhoons / cyclones. It has good torpedo angles and armor layout that is near immune citadel damage under ~7km, even from BB caliber guns, due to lack of plunging fire. Hipper's major weakness is lack of horizontal armor over the citadel (same is true about Roon and Hindenburg). It is eazy to citadel through the upper belt at 10~13km or deck at ~15+ km with 203 mm guns found on other heavy cruisers.
  3. Sammy_Small

    The CV Rework - Out of the Loop

    "CV Rework" or " Or How I stopped worrying and embraced AA spec-ed ships "
  4. Sammy_Small

    Soviet BB radar change vote.....

    Not a fan of BBs with "Surface Search Radar" that basically makes most Radar Cruisers irrelevant for DD hunting. Lets assume that, after drinking ½ a bottle of Vodka, one would not find the whole idea of BB with a Radar that only detects other BBs and CVs not that outlandish? Then after finishing the bottle , one could come up with a reason for a BB with an "Air Search Radar" that detects Aircraft and has same range... Maybe I need more Vodka.
  5. Sammy_Small

    Is it worth going beyond Budyoni ?

    Chapayev is one of the few T8s that I don't mind "sailing" in a T10 match. Unlike a Cleveland, that is relegated to camping islands, Chapayev can actually gun boat in the open / kite. As long as you stay at range and work that ruder like "Crazy Ivan". Even if you don't want to play it in randoms it is still good for Operation Cherry Blossom, due to its Radar, AA and gun range.
  6. Sammy_Small

    Got the Varyag !!!!

    The Varyag is not "meta" but it doesn't mean it is not fun. It is even more "fun" when this [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_8_xsAwiyw ] is playing in a background, for historical context.
  7. Sammy_Small

    French Armour

    Range, speed, and WASD hacks are your armor. Stay at 15km+ and burn BBs and don't come near IJN gunboats. Unless you can close to 9 ~ 8 km undetected with reload booster available along with Radar support.
  8. Sammy_Small

    Tier 5 Ranked Battles Prep - DD Commentaries inside

    Well.. I ranked out in 50 games... Mostly in a T-22... "Tug-Life Mother F***er"
  9. Sammy_Small

    Tips on Saving Transylvania

    For easy time to 5 star "Saving Transylvania" Nº1 At the start DDs go around the "circle" and BBs with CLs enter the circle from the side. Nº2 BBs stay in front of Transylvania and focus Catapults with AP. "Kill the Cats" before ships spawn. Nº3 Ignore the ships that spawn behind. Nº4 Cruisers just light as many fires and don't bother with AP unless you are less then 6 km from a Catapult and less then 3 km form ships that are giving you a "broad side" Nº5 DDs lay smoke to cover the path of Transylvania. Especially towards the end before ♪♫ Ra-Ra-Rasputin ♪♫ spawns.( plays Bonny M.) Nº6 Towards the end Zikasas that spawn to port side are priority, along with the one named "England". Nº7 If you are in a DD, don't be the nearest target to Rasputin, he has a tendency to one-shot those.
  10. Sammy_Small

    NEW CV Perks

    From what was shown on twitch stream today... CVs will have some limited consumables... So Super Intendant may be useful on a CV
  11. Sammy_Small

    Full French DD line

    A 6 gun Magador could possibly work as T9 " contre-torpilleur " that is assuming there will be a split tree. Otherwise the French DD branch (65mm?! / 100mm / 130mm / 139mm) would be as confused as the German one (88mm / 105mm / 128mm / 150mm / 128mm) with its gun selection. Also on somewhat of a tangent, Italian light cruisers with 135mm guns... would they have a citadel?
  12. Sammy_Small

    Can one avoid carrier battles?

    That is the truth. If you have Defensive AA consumable fitted you will see a CV match once in a "Blue Moon". As soon as you swap it for Hydro Acoustic prepare to see Carriers. I have gotten to the point where Def AA is fitted even to the German cruisers
  13. Sammy_Small

    Grinding Through Ranger

    That depends, is the captain going to be on a Lexington? If yes, then you defiantly want Concealment Expert. Base concealment is ~17.5 km, that is worse then most Battleships. By the way Midway, also has "terrible" concealment at ~18.4 km. Dogfighting Expert is nice to have for extra fighter ammo and it is only 1 point. (Take this 1st over CE, if you still don't have a Lexington ) For the last 4 points most people recommend AFT, to push the Def AA* (only effects medium caliber AA, as in 40mm on USN CVs) bubble from 3.5 km to 4.2km. Since T8 and above CVs have Def AA, "Carrier Sniping" is less common in those tiers, so it is up to personal taste what to spend the points on.
  14. Sammy_Small

    Mini-ranked ship picks

    As far as T5 cruisers go for "Ranked Sprint", my opinion as follows: Furutaka is defiantly the front runner in "survivability" department combined with "big" guns and 10 km torps. Emerald and Konigsburg have a lot of utility in form of their consumables, but can get deleted if not positioned / played "correctly". Kirov has the "best" guns and AA out of T5 cruisers, but it is a "glass cannon" that can't hide or "dodge" well. Also lacks a "catapult plane" on a B-haul. For the rest of of cruisers you may be better of bringing a Podvoisky instead. With AFT that thing has a rather respectable range of 12.5km, while "cruising" at 42 knots.
  15. Sammy_Small

    Suggested Commander Skills for Minotaur?

    Vigilance is not a bad if you intend on siting in smoke, because "smoke screens are torpedo magnets" Last Stand - the rudder can become "French" at times on the Edinburgh, when you have to do your "Brave Sir Robbin" impression and "bravely" run away, not sure about Neptune / Minotaur ruder Radio Location + PM could also be a useful.