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  1. Sammy_Small

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    If there is a way to describe the "new" USN tech tree BBs, it would be "LARGE, SLOW, TARGETS and XP Pinatas". That will make "DD Mafia, "HE Spammers Anonymous" and CVs happy, by proving easy to hit targets. They have the "best" potential alpha strike/ broadside salvo, in exchange for: Slow Shell Velocities Slow Reload Slow Acceleration* (probably) and Maximum speed of 23 knots ( 24.1 with a speed flag ) Average at best ruder shift time and tuning circle Average at best main battery accuracy, even with the Slot 6 "Accuracy Mod." Shell Air Drag is unknown at this time, so if it is anything like the other USN BBs good luck trying to lead your targets at range That in turn makes the alpha damage irrelevant, because good luck landing more then 1 or 2 shell on target, unless the RNG(~essus) blesses your salvos or something. Florida might as well be called a "pre-nerf tier 7 Alsace", all it is missing is a "speed boost". ( insert "Florida Man" joke here ) P.S. ( Tier 8 Bordino will be another "Long Range BB" that will be introduced as a "test" probably before Slava... Just look at the Champagne )
  2. The only planes at higher tiers that will be able to carry out an attack with out loosing sight* of a DD are the USN DBs. ( attack runs started from stern/ back of the ship )
  3. When someone asks: " What is a best ship?" The answer is: " It depends " ... I had to focus on specific ones other wise it would have been a gigantic wall of text. The reason that I gave so much weight to AP bombs, is because getting hit for 6k ~ 12k citadel damage hurts the CAs more than BBs... unless you can dodge bombs and stay angled to "surface threats" like other CAs or BBs. All BBs can be "HE spammed" to the water line. Even the Fuso with its 35mm deck gets HE "pen-ed" by Nurnberg / Makarov because 38mm base HE pen ( past 14km those shells are more likely to hit the deck then the side of the ship ) I would not be surprised if a slot 3 "smoke duartion module" will get nerf-ed as the result of "Chain Smoking Perth / Huanghe Shenanigans" Aigle is a good gunboat that fills more a role of a CL if your teams plan is "No Cap, Kill All"
  4. I am going to make a prediction regarding possible ship "comps" : CV: Ryujo The fastest* planes of all tier 6 CVs (stats for German CVs are not final ) Fast torps and AP bombs wreck all CAs and most BBs Distant 2nd, 3rd and 4th places are Ark Royal, Ranger, Furious in no particular order depending on the size of the map and enemy team comp. BBs: Possibly "Good" Arizona, New Mexico, WV41 are immune to AP bomb citadel damage Dunkerque is near impossible to citadel with AP bombs ( only possible under ideal conditions and even than it is mostly RNG dependent) War Spite, QE, Mutsu can be "citadeled" by AP bombs as long as the bombs do NOT hit the superstructure Possibly "Bad" Fuso, Izmail, Normandie, PEF and Bayern are a "Citadel Gong Show" when it comes to AP bombs ( unless they are included in some kind of a "full on YOLO rush comp" where AP bombs are less of a factor ) CAs: Pensacola, Spee, Devonshire, London, Molotov, Trento and Aoba are going to have situational uses depending on the team comp ( all of them take AP bomb citadel damage rather consistently ) CLs: Perth, Leander, Huanghe ( DD replacement ) Budyonny, Nurnberg ( as long as you can keep them from being seen and... exploding. ) have good range and DPM. De Grasse, La Galissonniere, Dallas, Duca d'Aosta ( have some flaws and are "comp." dependent ) DDs: T-61, Gaede, Icarus are the "best" DDs at tier. ( but with CVs around and depending on a team comp, might not be ideal ) ... Shinonome ( to troll yourself and the enemy CV with AA rating of 1 )
  5. P. Bagration is more like a "Supper Molotov" with a heal and no radar, otherwise standard heavy cruiser fair like Atago or "Oigen" Mainz is like a "Supper Nuremberg" on a Prinz Eugen hull (with thinner armor) or a "German Cleveland" with torps, bad concealment and no radar or heal Ochakov is a tier 8 Smolensk with 4 x 2 ( four twin turrets ) 152 mm guns and radar instead of smoke. Basically a "smaller" Chapayev that has 10km radar instead of 12km
  6. Sammy_Small


    When this change goes through: " Destroyers' detectability range by air will be decreased by half, but when AA defense is turned on, their detectability range by air will be equal to their AA firing range for 20 seconds after the AA guns cease firing." Expect the DD-mafia to call for USN Dive Bombers to be nerf-ed... more /again... If you don't play CVs you wouldn't understand why. This post will be down voted by DD-mafia in... 3... 2... 1... Edit: If you would like to know the "Why"... Take a higher tier (6+) CV into a training battle against a V-25 or some other tier 2 DD with sub 2km air detection... and you will understand, that it is only possible to line up an attack with USN DBs without losing track of a DD. Alternatively you will have to "drop" a fighter on top of them for any other plane type.
  7. Sammy_Small

    How does Izmail reach 28.5 knots?

    Even if when looking at historical ships of that era (HMS Queen Mary, HMS Tiger, SMS Derfflinger, etc) most of them achieved their designed speed on trials by "forcing" the machinery by ~20% over their standard power rating. Secondly, regardless of how fine the hull form the Izamil has and how hydro-dynamically efficient it may be, there is a minimum power requirement to achieve 28.5 knot speed for a ship of that displacement. ( If any one cares to run a CFD calculations with in game model to humor the forums )
  8. Sammy_Small

    How does Izmail reach 28.5 knots?

    I am not even talking historical values for most ships... Just game mechanics wise there are a few BBs that have higher listed speed than they should, based solely on engine horse power to tonnage / displacement ratio. ( speed boost and other "magic" shenanigans excluded ) Examples: Ishizuchi - 27.5 knots on 64k hp ( should be about 70k~75k ) Pyotr Velikiy - 26.5 knots on 60k hp ( should be about 75k ~ 80k ) Izmail - 28.5 knots on 75k hp ( should be about 90k ~ 100k ) Sinop - 27 knots on 100k hp ( should be about 125k ~ 135k ) FDG - 30 knots on 165k hp ( should be about 180k ~ 190k ) Grosser Kurfurst - 30 knots on 167.5 k hp ( LOL WUT?! more like ~265k hp is needed )
  9. Well the answer depends what ship you are up tiered against. If there is alot of 152mm HE spam from tier 7 CLs then Fuso with 35mm deck can resists that, tier 8 CLs with IFHE have 37mm of pen so they don't care about your armor. If there are a lot of BBs then Baeyrn might be better if it's armor correctly angled against enemy BB AP, and the rest of the ship is serviceable. If there are CVs with AP bombs then "New Mex" or "Dunk" may be better because they are near impossible to citadel with AP bombs.
  10. Sammy_Small

    PT 0.9.6, balance changes

    I don't think the AP bombs are a problem on the Hosho... As far as Graf Zeppelin and Enterprise AP bombs concerned you are all ready at the mercy of RNG (~esus) to have more than one bomb actually hits to where the "aiming ellipse" shows, let alone score citadels. The Shokaku's AP bombs already over pen most cruisers, the additional 8% of pen on AP bombs would practically guarantee that they will over pen everything but tier 9~10 "Super Cruisers" Speed boost module "nerf" form 50% to 40% is a disproportionately larger nerf to ships that don't have a 3 minute base speed boost duration. ( Basically everything will be "nefed" more than: tier 8+ French DDs, tier 6+ French CLs/CAs, tier 8+ French BBs, Georgia. ) @Hapa_Fodder Would it be to much if the Speed boost module would also give 10% faster cool down to the effected consumable ? (Like how the Def. AA mod. gives 10% faster cool down on consumable use.)
  11. Sammy_Small

    I suck at CVs

    How to git gud with CVs: Step 1: Get a Hosho Step 2: Practice with torps Step 3: Torp all the ships... yes even DDs... Step 4: https://replayswows.com/replay/94915#stats
  12. Sammy_Small

    Win More vs Win Harder

    @DolphinPrincess I think a better examples of "Win More" vs "Win Harder" would be unique commander talents. For example Halsey's, Yamamoto's and others talents could be mostly categorized as "win more", because by the time you activate them your team should be ahead to where it juts makes the match end faster. Kuznezov's talent "Will to Victory" ( or what ever the specific name of it is ) falls in to category of " Win Harder ", as it gives a free DCP + heal and a dispersion de-buff to all enemy ships shooting at your ship for 30 sec. Confusion arises at times when " win harder " is used as a short hand for " Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory " ~ The Mighty Jingles probably. As far as CVs go they can only " Win Harder " against tier 3~4 MM. In a higher tiers CVs are " Win More ", because the ships are much faster and your "team" could throw harder then CV can farm the enemy team. .... Wait a minute why is turning into a CV discussion all of the sudden? ( considers taking a Hosho out, to "harvest" some "baby seal pelts" for the "spreadsheet god" )
  13. Sammy_Small

    Win More vs Win Harder

    There is " Win Harder " where a in a risky, but calculated play, some one managed to trade their half hp ship for 2~3 enemy ships and secure a win. ... and than there is " win harder ", that stems from some players upon hearing the auditory queue cue of the team reaching ~750 points ("our team is about to win", or some variation of there of ) triggers a Pavlovian response, to rush into a an enemy cross fire and get sunk for very little gained.
  14. Aegis is one of the easier ops to do with "random players". IF you want to see the definition of failure, just wait till the "Defense of Naval Station Newport" (aka. "Defeat at Naval Station Noobport") or Narai is the operation of the week.
  15. Sammy_Small

    Do you rank & yank?

    Generally I keep most ships tier 6 and above if for nothing else but for occasionally having fun in PvE Ops. ( shhh..., don't tell that to WG, they may "fix" pve ops. if they find out people are having fun in them ) Like full French /UK / USN, etc. div for tier 6 ops ... Or full IJN + ARP cruise div for Narai, or some other variations of "national flavors". Then again one can always go "clubbing" with a Hosho or some other lower tier ship.