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  1. Sammy_Small

    Is this a bug or a "feature" ?

    When previewing the "Bionic" camo over the existing applied camo... This happens: ( Charles Martel and St. Louis )
  2. There are a few flaws with this: Nº1: Way to complicated and convoluted. ( too many words with more then 3 syllables ) Nº2: Open to creative interpretation by the software development team, see Nº1. Alternative suggestion: Pink in Ranked Game Mode ( True / False ) = If True > Then No Star Gained on Win ( The real question is, as to when to do a "check" statement, at the start of the match or the end of the match? ) Orange = No Access to Ranked or Random Game Modes Just remember, this is the "Internet", some [ REDACTED ] ruin it for everyone else and that is why we can't have anything nice.
  3. One of the main reasons why the US Navy got rid of the "nuclear powered surface combatants" at the end of the Cold War was operating cost. Especially operating cost in terms of manpower/personnel required to be on duty around the clock. Other one being, most of them need a mid life refueling in the early~mid 90s after the defense budget cuts. If I am not mistaken one of the Arleigh Burke class Flight II~IIA ships was build with IEP hybrid diesel electric drive as a test (DDG-103), but the results were less then satisfactory. Even then, is the extra mass, cost and complexity worth the benefit? Secondly the IEPS maybe capable of generating more electrical power then a continental propulsion systems, but just like any electrical system they are not meant to run at 100% load. I think everyone heard about Type 45 having electrical Issues, and having cascade electrical failures. Generally a sustained load should not exceed ~85% of peak/max output of an electrical system There is also an issue of what kind of electrical power: "High" Voltage? "Low" Voltage? "Clean" power? "Dirty" power? 60Hz? 400Hz? All that adds extra power conversion equipment which ads complexity, weight and more points of failure. Another potential problem is having a 3K~8K (maybe even higher) Volt power line running through the ship... I don't even want to think about flooding or trying to "de-Gauss" the ships hull. Back to the Rail Gun discussion. The weapon it self is a solid prof of concept, but it is the rest of the system that needs more development to make it into a viable Weapon System. But then again everything in engineering is a trade off, there is no "free lunch" and accountants have a final say in everything.
  4. That is certainly an interesting development... ... But ... Rail guns and other"Directed Energy Weapons" compared to "Conventional" gunpowder (chemically propelled) Artillery are a bit like comparing electric cars to "internal combustion" powered ones. The concept is solid, but they need a better power source/generation/storage to make them practical. So unless there is a scientific breakthrough on how to make a "practical" cold fusion reactor, the "Directed Energy Weapons" (and electric cars) are unlikely to match the performance of chemically powered counterparts per unit of mass/cost/volume. Even then a Rotary Cannon maybe still be better suited for "point defense" against missiles in a "saturation" attack. ( P.S. Look at my avatar, you may get my "drift")
  5. There are few issues with the Hindenburg. The ship is a collection of features that are a contradiction, while being a "jack of all trades master of none" it some how manages to do below average in each role. Potential Roles/Play-style Actual Play-style Hindenburg doesn't do anything particularly well other being a "damage sponge" and "bait for 16 inch AP." Not exactly a role suited for a cruiser. Increasing mid deck and casement armor to 32mm and reducing number of repair charges by 1, would be a good place to start.
  6. Sammy_Small

    Sea Smackdown 2.0: Mighty Minotaur

    at 0:16 time mark in a video shows a post battle team score... Only a 149 planes shoot down... At this point I have more questions regarding both CVs throwing their planes into the "Flak meat grinder".
  7. Looking at the win rate with out context is not a valid estimation of player skill. Just like looking at player average damage as estimation of skill could be flawed. 100k damage "farmed" off BBs vs. 100k damage done to CLs/CAs and DDs. There are other relevant stats that are not publicly displayed or may be included in "Player Rating": potential damage, spotting damage, contribution to capture or defense, etc
  8. One of the major points is still not being addressed: There is next to zero of CV vs CV play / counter play. Currently it is a "damage race" between CVs as to who can sink/cripple the most ships, in a least amount of time with minimal plane losses.
  9. Sammy_Small

    "Crap" is not an allowed word in chat.

    So in other words one has to get inventive with their "colorful words" and use "long winded technical definitions", "foreign slang" or "Orwellian euphemisms" Example: " a beast of burden from the equestrian family " ( at least until the algorithm can "learn" sarcasm or to "read between the lines". )
  10. Sammy_Small

    Da Memes!

    What is it like when you get Tiers of the Desert - Epicenter map? ... and there are no DDs, only BBs and CL/CAs in a match ( no smoke Minotaur either ) ... ... and you successfully cap center in a CA ( granted I did it in a Hindenburg ) ... ... in a Rank 5 bracket ...
  11. Sammy_Small

    Admiral Kuznetsov's Biography

    TLDR: Skilled military commander that lacked political connections. Some parallels to Spruance's career. [ NOT that Spruance was a member of the "Red Orchestra" (and people will still misunderstand nuance of this statement) ]
  12. If you seriously plan on doing it, use a [Moskva]. It has enough gun range that lack of camo is less of a factor, 3 games, 100% win rate
  13. ... Seeing [Rental Ships] only on your team, at the Rank 10 bracket ... ( insert "colorful words" and "autistic noises" )
  14. Sammy_Small

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    I find the lack of AA cruisers as rental ships, some what disappointing. Well... I guess it is time to set up an AA spec-ed Smoke Minotaur, with a legendary module, for smoke screen that looks like it was set by a DD. Unfortunately for that to work that requires for DDs being present in a match in a 1st place, other wise CV is not going to take the bait.
  15. Sammy_Small

    Compliment a Captain - 20th - 27th

    @Johnzer well played while being a bottom tier in a Fubuki and being "hounded" by planes form my Ranger.