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  1. Likewise 9.1 km detection. With the heal it is much more resilient than other T8 CAs, so the occasional blond moment is not necessarily fatal. Likewise the torps can really cramp an opponent and be a useful force multiplier if caught out at short range. It is one of the best T8s in the game, and the only T8 I regularly play.
  2. Pandering to proto nazis is a way to make money. Sharhorst and Tirpitz are very common premiums, and with the Bismark campaign there are a whole lot of people who are now in the German BB mainline without having to grind tiers 1 to 7
  3. Tier 6: French Cruisers, Russian Cruisers and IJN BBs Tier 8: US DDs Tier 9: IJN CAs and DDs, Tier 10 Russian DDs. Have but don't play: CVs to tier 5 IJN and USA Basically a DD main until about 1,000 games ago. I really like the IJN CA line but other cruisers not so much. I have taken both branches of the IJN and Russian DD lines to T9 and T10 respectively. I tend to stick to T7 for most games with the exception of my Atago.
  4. IJN cruisers are the most solid of all the cruiser lines. solid armour, great guns and 10 km torpedoes right up to t9. Generally the idea is to sit at long range and rain HE on opposing ships. The 20.3 cm do a lot of damage, average 1k per HE hit, so they cvan kill DDs, it's just a slower process than with a smaller cruiser with faster firing guns. I have kept the T5/T6/T7 IJN cruisers just for fun. I also have Atago and the Yubari.
  5. You can still see the individual ship stats in your profile, but the average is for your entire career, not just the most recent good looking ones. I can see I do dramatically better in Atago than Myoko or Mogami, which is because I'm a lazy slob and don't angle or WSAD as much as I should. In my gunboats I have higher than average XP and lower than average damage, with the win rates all around 50%. There is plenty of information in the summary screen to show one is doing, warships today really isn't either needed or good for anything but a unicum's ego.
  6. Well, world of warcraft is still going, so it's hard to see a reason why they would fail other than by self inflicted foot in mouth.
  7. Doesn't 4,000 games in Tier 1 make him the WoWs equivalent of a paedophile?
  8. Embrace the potato, BE the potato. Embrace the potato, BE the potato. Embrace the potato, BE the potato. Embrace the potato, BE the potato. Oh, and hide your stats. Takes all the pressure off trying to maintain your stats when you can;t actually see them any more.
  9. You need to be level 8 and have earned 2,000 base XP to trigger the first container. Or you can just buy a container for .99c.
  10. What, pouty tantrums, incredulity, accusations, recriminations, tired acknowledgement and general apathy from the involved parties - while the audience want's them taken outside and clubbed with steel bars. Sounds like an average WOWs thread.
  11. Opps, I apologise, you are of course correct. You do have a generally whiny tone and do create generally whiny threads though. Still a snowflake :D
  12. All I know about you is that you constantly TK and constantly create threads about how the penalties for your intentional TKs are excessive. There is as much chance of these issues happening to the opposing team as it is yours, so the issue appears to be that you are a very special snowflake that takes it all personally. Stop creating threads about your plight as a snowflake and we will go back to ignoring you.
  13. Every time I see one of these threads my conclusion is always that the TK system is working fine - except for the lack of bans for the idiots that clearly deserve one.
  14. With the best intent in the world they are still going to die a lot. Just having a 5th the HP of a BB is bad enough, but being expected to actually spot and cap adds dramatically to the threats they will face. Even after 3,000 games in DDs I still die early on occasion because I'm unsupported or have a blond moment.
  15. At the moment it is pretty horrible, but that will change with the next patch. The torpedoes will get a much faster reload, plus some other stuff I forgot. Basically it is not a terrible gunboat, has excellent detection and is fast. 10 torps is also kinda epic. Uadloi and then Groz will be upgrades from Ogi so you can keep the same captain skills. I start with incoming fire alert, last stand, basic fire training and concealment expert. Next I add prority target, though others will say take that first. I had a terrible time in Groz treating it as a DD rather than a flame thrower, so I am loath to suggest that path. Basically I didn't find the heal that much use outside Khab and the IFHE great for added damage but not so much for survival. Depending on your captains points DE or even SE might be worth considering. AFT and IFHE are nice to have but for the daily grind to glory lower level stuff like adrenal rush might actually be more use. I would suggest you save the second 4 point skill for the last 4 points on the way to a 19 point captain. Ogi and Groz will have low enough detection to contest caps and don't underestimate their laser cannons. In 25 games I lost exactly 1 gun duel in Groz versus a Gearing, and I'm a potato. You can hit early and keep hitting with all the Russian DDs because of their accurate and flat shooting guns. Udaloi has pretty terrible detection so it's more problematic, but you get great guns and a lot of torpedoes. Be a torpedo boat and contest caps, but you can still channel your flamethrower urges without having the boat completely dedicated to the role with such things as double rudder or IFHE.