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  1. I wouldn't worry too much. By being 155 rather than 152 mm they round up to 26 mm pen and so will be able to deal with the majority of targets without IFHE. I never thought much of it with 155 mm turrets, but then I prefer the 8" guns anyway.
  3. It has Russian gun arcs and 8 km torpedoes at tier 6. 6.3km detection, 14.4k HP and 38 knots are all good for the tier. With its the long range AA, I have the MB2 module on it for 26.1 degrees. Once I make it to 12 points I will add EM as well. As it is you just need to be circumspect in caps, but can otherwise gunboat with it rather nicely.
  4. Fletcher
  5. The ship can do damage even when the driver is half asleep or drunk :) I had a 101k game today which was 15 minutes of fire starting and then assassinating a Warspite driven by a potato. Drove up to 4 km and hit it with 3 of 4 torpedoes, then turned around and finished it with the other set. Next game was 52k of fire starting and citadels. Basically better torp arcs and lower ROF than Aoba. It is a very solid tier 5 CA and introduces players to the IJN play style for the next 5 tiers. The short gun range will also introduce players to that trait in all the subsequent IJN CAs up to tier 8.
  6. All the Russian DDs use it, as do the various 100 mm guns of the IJN. It's a great change for DDs - and relatively - for the Brit CLs, not so much everybody else.
  7. And? It's best competing against Dunkerque, because it's virtually the same ship. Low armour and big guns which is also where Renown belongs. Scharnhorst is an aborted upgrade of the scheer class. They based that on the WWI design of the Mackensen with a much larger displacement and heavier armour than it's guns warranted. Scharnhorst is fine where it is, but the Alaska is a better fit as a Tier 6 BB - where there is a big hole in the US roster - rather than at Tier 9/10 where there is an abundance of US premiums.
  8. Kirov has downgraded guns (800 mps not 920 mps) and Cleveland's actual firing cycle was 6 seconds, not 10, as in-game. The designed AA would have been a lot less than was fitted in 1944. New Mex is Tier 6. It would be a good fit at T6 and give the US a non slowpoke BB before Tier 8. The US could do with a lot less pointless crap at high tiers and actually have a couple fast ships that aren't made of tissue paper at Tier 6/7.
  9. Just be aware co-op currently consists of about 6 DDs a side trying to do the same thing, so it is somewhat problematic.
  10. Tier 6 BC same as the Dunk. It would be a beautiful thing. It only has a 9" belt so higher would not work. Add Renown at the tier and the trinity of sexy botes would be complete.
  11. Harekaze is loads of fun. The guns are terrifying but don't do a lot of damage unless you have IFHE.
  12. Short answer. HE penetrates 17 mm, IFHE penetrates 22 mm and the 100 mm penetrates a lot more than that. At lower tiers DDs are usually 16 mm or less so HE is fine. Mid tiers and up you might see enough plate to stop HE but not IFHE. AP is what you use because you don't have IFHE and HE is shattering.
  13. Yup, did it in co-op during a single battle.
  14. I found in my case my games improves with a series of epiphanies as I realised what I was doing wrong or not doing at all. In your case your stats are in a steady decline so the issue you are playing worse than when you started. Listen to advice and watch some videos.
  15. Yup. I went about 3,000 games without a TK in DDs, but when I decided to head down the IJN CA line. TKs again.