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  1. The_Painted_Target

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    Laughs in Daring concealment / z52 hydro range.
  2. The_Painted_Target

    Let’s Talk About "British Destroyers: Consumables"

    Never. Shima is a garbage ship. Doesn t need a buff, it needs a complete teardown and rework from the ground up. "Never spotted ever torp spammer" doesn't work.
  3. The_Painted_Target

    New damage nerf to DD's from BB AP counter proposal.

    Gunboating in a DD is High Risk / Low Reward. You aren't going to instantly kill anything. You're going to slowly burn down a BB while it repositions and heals 100% of the damage. How about instead of nerfing DDs ability to do damage at range (brilliant idea, idea of the year, year of the DD 2019 basically) you just learn to switch to HE in your BB instead of relying on the same ammo type to do everything equally good? Monkeigh is right. Adapt and overcome. This effects only the bad players, and by immediately asking for DDs to only be effective with guns inside point blank range (secondary range anyone? Free damage for zero effort?) and with their extremely easy to dodge torpedoes proves immediately which type of player you are. Meanwhile BB playing is low risk / high reward. Click and get damage, no problem here, right?
  4. The_Painted_Target

    How would you feel about fully armed at start?

    The reload times are fine as-is. Imagine the absolute amount of griefing players would pull off with preloaded torps against stationary teammates, or how much stronger CVs would become being able to instantly fly out and drop barely moving BBs.
  5. If you're using this captain for the Daring, no you don't. Even on the rest of the line, you still don't. Daring turrets turn as fast as Gearing turrets. They are 360 degree turrets so you never have to worry about doing a full 180 turn since they all point wherever you're aiming. Expert marksman is not useful on these DDs, if you take it you're an actual moron.
  6. Consider your options for the commander and consider your DD. Heres what your build should be. Priority target Preventative maintenance Jack of All trades Last stand Basic firing training Survivability expert Superintendant Concealment expert You DO NOT take IFHE, it makes your HE barely usable anyway. You DO NOT take AR since the benefits are low due to your insane reload. You DO NOT take rpf since you cant chase down any dd and your concealment is good enough, with your fast guns, to engage any target you spot. You DO NOT take torp skills. This is a gunboat. You DO NOT take DE since you waste points not buffing your AP. You DO NOT take SSE since you already have a huge smoke screen. You DO NOT take EM since your turrets turn crazy fast.
  7. The_Painted_Target

    Daring build- suggestions?

    You do know that the AP has crazy ricochet angles right? Take US cruiser angles, see how steeply you can pen. Thats your angles on RN DDs. Unless they're 90 degrees to you you're likely going to be penning them.
  8. The_Painted_Target

    Daring build- suggestions?

    Uh, if I could make some suggestions here... GET RID OF: IFHE - Your HE is still garbage and still can't pen anything useful. Don't nerf your fire chance with this. DE - You have 8% on 2s reloading guns (with the better build). That's a lot of fires. RPF - Great concealment, 360 degree guns that turn very quick. Your torpedoes aren't good enough to justify using RPF for dank predictions. THE PROPER BUILD: <---Dunkirk Captain suggested---> 1 Priority Target - Know how many are shooting at you 1 Preventative Maintenance - 30% to not get stuff dead 2 Jack of All Trades - Get 15% reduction with flag for your HEAL, SMOKE, HYDRO, and REPAIR PARTY 2 Last Stand - Incredibly Obvious 3 Basic Firing Training - 10% more gun. Buffs both your HE and your AP. Your AP is for DDs and broadsides. Your HE is for starting fires, not for damage. Don't get IFHE 3 Survivability Expert - 3500 more HP AND it boosts your heal amount. You're a knife fighter, you want to be in there as much as possible. 3 Superintendent - +1 Smoke, Hydro, Heal. Never going to be not useful. 4 Concealment Expert - Puts you at your low concealment of 5.7 (5.9?) ((6.1????)) (((They haven't finalized this I guess))) Overview of the Daring: You are not an HE spammer when it comes to killing your main target. DDs. Don't try to be an HE spammer because it's not going to work. Your AP does way more damage, is way more useful, and will kill whatever you shoot FASTER than your anemic HE. Buff the guns as a whole, not just the garbage HE. You're taking DE and IFHE to make the HE usable when you could take BFT and make your AP even better while still keeping HE serviceable for its main purpose. You don't take Adrenaline Rush because the gains are so low for your guns that you're better off getting ~20 seconds between smokes and your heal up more often. It's an AP focused DD killer with fast firing firestarters. You don't rely on that HE for damage. Forget it exists. Stop trying to be an HE spammer. Go play Harugumo if you want brainless damage farming.
  9. The_Painted_Target

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I mean, it's not like there's a ton of other easy copy-paste ships that could generate interest that we've been asking for. As it stands, and I said this earlier, it's 4 very good camos on 4 ships. Of the 4 2 are BBs, which cruiser / dd players don't give a damn about. An atago, which is arguably not worth the money, and an asashio, which is still not an answer to DD players.
  10. The_Painted_Target

    Black ships... No thanks!

    None of the ships are even anything all of the players would be interested in. Tirpitz- bb players Mass - bb players Atago - weebs. Prinz eugen is arguably better now Asashio - weebs who really like dds. Wheres something for german cruiser or dd players? Royal navy players? The black ships appeal to a very small selection of players. Black Friday is pretty close to Guadalcanal, of which Laffey and Yūdachi participated in. Both should be part of this game eventually, why not take the opportunity to introduce these now with a cool black camo instead of recycling other ships that not everyone is interested in.
  11. The_Painted_Target

    Saipan: What is being done to fix this broken ship?

    News flash: Good player does well in ship with ability to carry. Should we go down the list of every ship on good player profiles and call them all OP because they consistently win? Saipan has an awful strike package. You want broken strike packages, check out Kaga. It has 12 torp bombers, just like midway. It also has t6 planes. Saipan loses half of its strike squad size for higher tier planes. Is saipan hard to play against? Yeah. Is it a sure loss every time you do? Absolutely not.
  12. The_Painted_Target

    Is it a Good Idea to Avoid Weekend Gaming While Doctoring Stats?

    If you're trying to stat boost, play triple div with a great CV pilot in mid tiers in high impact ships, usually a high damage / tanky cruiser or BB and a DD who can scout and secure caps if you're in one of those matches. If you're playing solo either pick a high impact BB or Cruiser you can depend on to do damage to key targets without getting killed, or play an exceptionally strong solo DD (things like Haida, Lightning, etc). An example of the games I played tonight before I quit playing. Jervis game: got C, got B, died because entire team was on map border. Haida game: Fought way into enemy base. I solo capped it because both teams were on the outside of the map and didn't even bother coming to either base to help. Neptune game: supported C for our DDs. I killed a gearing and then the entire enemy team suicided on the other side of the map. I only got to shoot at one or two ships. Stat padding (mainly victories) is kinda difficult lately, especially so on weekends. Weekdays are marginally better but only just so. Every game is not a showcase of skill or knowledge but rather who gets less bad teammates and who makes less dumb plays. The playerbase has become frustratingly bad lately. Whether it's the usual of "My DDs all suicided, my BBs are sniping, and this cruiser wouldn't know an angle if you beat him to death with a protractor or some rare breed of stupidity and ineptitude. I would avoid weekends unless you're ready with a div of great players who can have a big impact on the outcome of the game, but be ready for endless steamrolls one way or the other. Inb4 "kek scenarios" but I tried playing one narai match.... The sims rushed and died to the misso, the Atlanta rushed and died to misso, the Gneisenau and Lyon tried to rush the Lexington. After I killed all the transport ships and fought my way into the center of the base, I realized I was alone with the Mahan. I asked 4 or 5 times over the course of the enemies spawning in and sailing toward us to smoke me. He says nothing, gives no hint of being alive, and then finally smokes HIMSELF as he's dying. The lyon had been sitting outside the base trying to shoot HE at everything and time ran out before he even bothered trying to move in and do something.
  13. The_Painted_Target

    Absolute garbage games.

    If playing coop: blame the random matchmaker and the fact that players who find randoms too frustrating or difficult stick to coop. If randoms: welcome to the club, it's gotten considerably worse over the past few months (remember steam release?). It won't get better until some modicum of skill is taken into who goes on one team so it's not 12 potatoes vs 12 actual gods.
  14. The_Painted_Target

    Should I sell tier IX ships?

    The neptune fulfils an AA role that minotaur cannot, given the two auras that are effected by MAA (the 5km 114's and the 6km 152's). Its way stronger than minotaur for AA.
  15. The_Painted_Target

    RN DD Theme Song

    I think there's only one song for these.