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  1. The_Painted_Target

    Torps icon delay

    1. What is your average ping? Are you wired or wireless for a connection? Where are you located globally? If you're far from the server then you're going to have much higher ping and latency. These instances usually happen when de-sync occurs between your client and the server. So on your end the torps weren't fired until later, but on the server they were launched a few seconds before. The server tells you they hit you (and sinks you) while your client is still watching them approach. 2. Lol punishment for playing Harugumo. That's just karma for playing that scum ship. Also, why are you using standard consumables in a t10? You know you get another of each consumable which makes a big impact, right?
  2. The_Painted_Target

    so appearently, if you ram a varg into biotic armor

    Now watch WG remove Varg because they didn't bother to actually test any of the things they released. Or they wont because it's a BB and WG just loves BBs.
  3. The_Painted_Target

    Flank Bell Fridays - Most Effective Destroyer

    So if I said any DD except IJN DD would give me confidence in getting wins, would this suit your tastes? If I wanted to play a selfish DD and just hope my team wins I would play IJN DD. If I wanted to force a victory and make the strongest impact, any other DD.
  4. The_Painted_Target

    Flank Bell Fridays - Most Effective Destroyer

    The answer is clearly Grozovoi. None of this stealthing around pretending to be useful with your inferior Japanese torps. None of this trebuchet shells. Guns. Good guns. A well played grozovoi will burn down a flank, obliterate DDs who try to engage it, tank potential damage, heal actual damage, halt CV strikes, and, like any other good destroyer should, puts the IJN DDs in the trash bin where they belong.
  5. The_Painted_Target

    Question for CV Rework Testers

    The British carriers were not yet available on the rework client. As far as we know, they haven't even been released for super test. Expect them to follow shortly after the rework (or with).
  6. The_Painted_Target

    PSA Snowflakes, Steel, Coal, Prinz Eitel Friedrich info

    Well technically all of the steel in game can currently be earned and not bought. But the vocal minority were unhappy with having to be good at clan wars / ranked and... here we are. Steel for cash. I wouldnt be surprised if the same people who cried about lack of "accessible" steel will also gripe about selling resources for real money. The people who are never happy.
  7. The_Painted_Target

    Match Maker

    6% is still a fair chunk. I could provide several games worth of evidence to set up the scene where WG matchmaking is absolute trash. This is just one of the more egregious examples where win rate differences approach 15+%. Pulling aside from win rate, the color of the player's background is also indicative of their skill level in the ship. For example, despite having 222 games in mogami, the player on my team averages 28k. That is hilariously poor for a mogami. On the other hand, the Worcester received 120k and a fairly high XP amount. This usually indicates competence. Pair the average damages and XP rates of my team vs the other team for that particular ship. Yes it's important to look at overall win rate, but I don't care if you have an overall win rate of 70% if 90% of them are in something like Kamikaze or belfast. I care about your win rate in your current ship because that is the one you are playing right now and will indicate how well you play in that ship during this match. As usual lately, the game was a complete steamroll. Not fun to be rolled, not fun to roll. It's a waste of camos, flags, and consumables.
  8. The_Painted_Target

    Wargaming censorship?

    Would you actually be surprised that a company that has an auto chat ban script that auto flags users for stuff as tame as "garbage", "sucks", or "stupid" (which slams you with a 3 day ban), and has a rule about discussing moderation actions and rules, would actively censor and hide content? Yeah I see this thread lasting a really long time. PS WG, your auto chat ban system actually is garbage and doesn't solve anything. Remove it.
  9. The_Painted_Target

    what goals do you have for each match?

    If I top my team then I was probably doing something right to win the game. As such, top the team every match. Stay alive as long as I can and influence the game for as long as I can.
  10. The_Painted_Target

    WG please delete/penalise/ban posters that .........

    It's funny because you actually are sitting here whining about every post that doesn't meet your ridiculous standards of what is helpful and what is not. The flame thrower dd post was laughable at best, and asking for everyone telling you to get better or (not without reason) laughing at how ridiculous it is... is just as stupid. If it truly bothers you, consider not playing the game and not going on the forums. Or get good and you won't have to complain about this nonsense. Wargaming already punishes non constructive posts. Asking for bans for these people is like asking for permanent bans for potato players. We both know where you're going if that happens. Make a stupid post and you're upset you get stupid answers?
  11. The_Painted_Target

    WG please delete/penalise/ban posters that .........

    I knew I recognized this name somewhere. Nerf the flame throwing DDs but dont expect me to learn how to play against them!
  12. Come to think of it a German campaign would be pretty nice. I want to run double flags on my Z52 / Z39 etc. We would need some more German flags, first. There doesn't seem to be one from ranked yet. There is the T61 flag. I think Z39 might have one.
  13. The_Painted_Target


    Stop playing coop you dunce. You're only playing coop. Go play randoms. We told you this yesterday.
  14. The_Painted_Target

    Will this be the future of world of warships as well?

    I could point to a fairly large crowd of people who would be perfectly fine with the first instance you cited. Getting rid of HE and locking it behind a paywall would be a field day for those BB players who cannot seem to manage their DCP.