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  1. The_Painted_Target

    IJN DD Guns

    No, IJN torpedo DDs are fine when it comes to guns. The guns on the akizuki line need to be toned down a tad. The solution to IJN DDs relies on making their torpedoes more potent. The concealment range is terrible and could be reduced by ~10-15%. If wargaming wants to advertise them as a torpedo focused ship line, they should honor that by making them specialized for it, not a side grade because of some poor metric.
  2. The_Painted_Target

    NERF Battleships!

    Similar experience, but didn't play BB up until recently due to how atrociously boring and easy they were to play (DDs offer the best challenge in playing, resulting in an interesting game every match). BB can be played by a dead rat hooked up to a keyboard, it's so bloody easy. It's actually unhealthy for the game that any class reaches this braindead level of click button get damage. If battleships were to receive a rework, more team oriented tools (AoE fire damage / damage reduction consumable) or options to differentiate between good and bad bb players. If you have a good or bad DD, you know very quickly. Same with cruisers. The only thing you see out of bb players is positioning improvements or consumable/ detection control (which is something that every other class can do, usually with better team options [smoke, radar, hydro, dfaa]). WG wont ever nerf their cash cow for baddies. They could probably be persuaded into making it a better team ship, or promoting better class diversity. Afaik the entire time I played this game (perhaps 2+ years?) it has ALWAYS been a 5bb meta in randoms.
  3. German DD actually have a lot going for them in high tier for anti-battleship armament. Torp damage isnt a downside when the volume of torpedoes you can field is massive. These German torpedoes also have very good stealth and are reasonably fast. Paired with the quick reloading guns and moderately high fire chance, the German DD are far better battleship killers than you might expect. In a game so far skewed from reality (want to play 100 dd games to fund one bb game?), battleships should have a hard counter, being destroyers. To remove the base rock-paper-scissors method leads to what you frequently see in the form of 10 to 20 times more battleships in queue compared to other classes. This, and battleships are the go-to ship for low effort players.
  4. The_Painted_Target

    When Make Believe Becomes Reality

    Tier 4 cruiser Kronshtadt
  5. The_Painted_Target

    WG - What is the acceptable number of DD's in a battle?

    According to WG and most of the forums, it would appear that 2 or less is within "acceptable boundaries". But hey, 5bb per game every single game is fine right? Fun!
  6. The_Painted_Target

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    The problem you seem to be experiencing with abruzzi sounds like it's directly between your keyboard and chair.
  7. The_Painted_Target

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    AbRuZZi Is BaD GuYs Abruzzi is great because everyone underestimates you and makes mistakes. It's an absolute nightmare in the right hands because it doesnt rely on gimmicks.
  8. The_Painted_Target

    DDs are OP

    Why would you use coop as a basis for how a ship performs? Lol Try random battles.
  9. The_Painted_Target

    Manual AA on BB's

    Skip MAA, you lack the tools other ship classes have for AA. If you want to survive planes, make sure you have Fire Prevention.
  10. The_Painted_Target

    Thoughts on Georgia in Co-op?

    And those destroyers are in cap, in range of enemy ships, within 26 seconds maximum? Completely false. Nobody pops reload booster at the exact start of the game. Theres nothing to hit. Most of the time everyone will have something loaded before getting into or near a cap, some DDs dont because of how long their torp reloads are. I think maybe it's time for you two to get out of coop and maybe learn a thing or two about the game. Two WOLF tags being wrong as usual.
  11. The_Painted_Target

    Thoughts on Georgia in Co-op?

    What t8-10 dd loads and launches torps at a target in under 26 seconds?
  12. The_Painted_Target

    Time to Rebuff the Khabarovsk

    Of course, no wonder there was a series of nerfs aimed at this ship. It all makes perfect sense now.
  13. The_Painted_Target

    Post Deleted

    Maybe you should position and aim better. DDs are certainly not a class oft credited to "taking most of the kills" unless the rest of the team is severely underperforming.
  14. The_Painted_Target

    T47 class "Guépratte": A t9/10 premium proposal

    Using some existing assets and a hand-built hull you can see what it would look like in game:
  15. The_Painted_Target

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    I would like you to stop and think about why wargaming didnt choose to make a t9 ship with 15 18" guns. Think about it for a while, actually.