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  1. Prinz Eitel Friedrich, for a Premium ship it really sucks the dispersion Is terrible it’s ability to dodge torps is ludicrous combined with no way to spot DDs and Lack luster AA defense at best you are doomed if they are dds and or CVs, it seems strange That a ship for a special campaign was delivered in such a terrible package. I don’t think i shall ever play it again unless it gets some type of a buff horrible ship!!
  2. TooKrool

    0.7.11 Public Test Round 3

    I can't seem to play in clan battles i joined a clan but no one is playing clans , also can't see collection stuff of missions shows I have completed something but don't know my progress But that being said Love Love the thunderstorm effects outstanding!!
  3. I have added the test server to game center tried to register but i never get an email so i can login
  4. Does anyone else hate the box that is disconnected and is always in the way at least give us the option of attaching it as it was awhile back