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  1. Willard_the_Rat

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    Well, that being the case (first, thank you for your service o7) best to keep expectations in mind. This is still a game and in the interest of engaging gameplay, things aren't 100% accurate. That said you can find a group of people who are into teamwork and tactical gameplay. Tips for finding these guys and the clan search function are discussed in the video. In the very least I would also encourage to look at some how-to's from some Community Contributers, as a lot of the basics of the game aren't explained well in the game, but there are a pile of things you will need to know to be sucessful. Good luck.
  2. Willard_the_Rat

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    Yep, that is exactly what is being said. Find out what you want out of the game, and i guarantee you there is a group of people around that want the same thing. Profit.
  3. Willard_the_Rat

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    Well, to be fair watching and lisyrning tends to have a greater reach than just a wall of useful information typed. I would also submit that producing a video is far more "taking the time" than typing, as the amount of work that goes into video production is quite large. As for what you should do....you should play the game exactly how you like and have the best time possible. The benefits of joining a clan are just objectively better than not joining a clan. Plus, anyone can benefit from this due to how varied the goals of each clan can be. There is always a place for someone, or the tools to create one.
  4. Willard_the_Rat

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    Well, i didn't read anything crazy into your response. In fact, you ought to be able to toot your own horn a little bit considering the accomplishment. The 8v8 format brought out all the good teams this season and wins got difficult to come by way earlier. I like that there is a rep here from most types of clans to speak on the benefits and almost everyone *gasps* agrees. Want a competitive clan? Casual clan? Pvp? Pve? We don't care just enjoy yourself? Something for everyone, just pick and dm.
  5. Willard_the_Rat

    Clans & Why you should be in One

    Spot on. I originally started looking for a clan to cash in on the port bonuses. Anything else seemed like leaving resources on the table. Now I'm one of those guys who would have moved on from this game a long time ago if not for the quality guys I met and get to game with regularly. There's a clan for every type of player, and anyone not in one is doing themselves a gteat disservice.
  6. Willard_the_Rat

    PSA: A Message from Sub_Octavian regarding PR

    I get what you are saying, and that expecting this to be free or without difficulty is way unreasonable. There was just a level of advertising combined with some less than transparent rollout...such as these things being very new and haste for buying the boosters emphasized is what the community is reacting to here. This was a good clarification post, and if if the information was posted in an article before release, I doubt the backlash would be this crazy.
  7. Willard_the_Rat

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    Toxicity in a thread about other people being toxic, clever.
  8. Willard_the_Rat

    Public Test of Update 0.8.11: Round 2

    I like the 3 option approach for introducing new premium ships. 1. Full price premium - good for those who have plenty of dough, but short on time 2. Discounted premium - smaller fee with a moderate grind. Not an unreasonable price, or an unreasonable grind. 3. Freemium - for those who love not spending any money, but more time to burn than a modern prison population. A true grind for a true grinder. This dry dock seems like the perfect implementation strategy for this model. Fantastic work and can't wait to see the PR launch in the main game in both contexts.
  9. Willard_the_Rat

    So why have teams gotten so bad ?

    I don't think anything you brought up here is outright invalid, but there are ways to stack the deck in your favor. Easiest way is to find some friends and Div up. That way you can have a greater impact on the game with good teamwork. I'm pretty sure the matchmaking tries to keep the bumber of divs per side equal as well, so you can be assured of at leat 2 opponr ts that will he working together. Otherwise use chat to suggest a course of action. Don't be abrasive, but suggest. You'll be surprised how many people will listen to someone with a plan, even if the plan sucks. Stay positive, it'll go a long way.
  10. Jesus dude, lots of us didn't make the cut. Relax and shoot a pumpkin to get your flag. Stuff like this isn't personal or because you're not good enough.
  11. Willard_the_Rat

    smolensk probly post number 500k

    You mind if I use this forever? Far too brilliant not to be the accepted term.
  12. Willard_the_Rat

    Raid of the Filth : Truce Mode

    I always go for the truce first and honor that until the last possible second. Failing that, I always make sure that I can obliterate (or at least put up a respectable fight) if peace talks break down. Makes for an enjoyable, if tense, experience.
  13. You can do it without Ramming, as after the ram he still burns down with sustained fire. The ram helps though for a quick burst. I disagree about the coordination part. Positioning is so important to set up before rasputin spawns and would be really difficult to do without coordinating.
  14. That 3rd DD was crucial for us for that reason. In our previous attempts with 2 dd's I was the guy who was smoking at full throttle to get the longest line when rasputin spawned. Predictably, i died first and quickly. The 3rd DD allowed more smoke charges at a slower speed. In the video you can see me still get blown up, but that was after a couple torp salvos and about 3k away from rasputin. Huge change.
  15. That is my favorite part of this example. Once we figured out what we should be doing this was by far our sloppiest attempt. It also worked. All respect to @Lord_Zath and not to minimize he and his clan's accomplishment, but those guys were so good and well polished that I would have been more surprised if they didn't murder super-hard mode. I think one of the points of this video is to show the community that this is middle of the pack, average players can pull this off. I think it is important that crazy difficult modes like this exist, but are doable by less than Super Unicum clans or players. In addition, thank you again Zath for your contribution. If it wasn't obvious, your efforts greatly influenced our change of strategy in this operation.