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  1. Thanks, everyone, for these replies! This has been a lot of useful information. The CRITICAL part that I was missing is that these radars light up a target only for a limited time. I just assumed that, once a target was acquired, it was acquired, though I did wonder why they would sometimes disappear without smoke being evident. I just figured my anti-fog mods were being really aggressive with smoke, and smoke was really present. Now I know I gotta prioritize these targets if possible. I did not know that. If I don't happen to look at the minimap to see the target pop-up, is there any way to tell which targets were acquired this way? Is there any way to know how long they will stay lit-up? Thanks again - you guys are great.
  2. I want to know if I am being foolish about how I use pennants. I will use economic pennants only in Co-op games. I believe I get more bang-for-my-pennant that way, since I'm just fighting bots (but I assume the earned XP is comparable to human opponents). I will use FreeXP and CommanderXP pennants in any Co-op battle with any ship, but prefer higher-performing ships (which I play almost exclusively anyway). I would never use either pennant in a Random battle. I will prefer XP pennants for Premium, or at least Elite ships, but would never use one in a Random battle. I will use combat pennants only in Random battle (just because I think they're wasted on bots). Does this make sense? Am I missing something? Thanks!
  3. Something I've wondered about.... Why am I told about others' search radar? What am I supposed to do with that information? How does that knowledge help me? Thanks!
  4. DavidFilmer

    How can I tell what did massive damage to me?

    Wow, I never noticed that!!! Thanks!
  5. Sometimes I'm slugging it out and, holy crap, suddenly I get a hit that does MASSIVE damage. I'm thinking maybe my magazine detonated. But, at the score screen, I don't see any mention of anything like that. It looks like an ordinary damage report. Is there a way to tell how often/how much of my own damage is from my magazine cooking off (or other events such as hits to my citadel)? Or even if these events occurred? And, on a very related topic, I get "set on fire" ribbons or "hits to citadel" or "caused flooding" ribbons, but I have never received a "you detonated his magazine" type ribbon. But there have been games where I'm pretty sure that's what I did (a single hit sank a fairly healthy ship). Does the game acknowledge opponent magazine detonations? My question is influenced by my opinion that a magazine detonation is the worst single event that can happen to a warship. I'm pretty sure nothing tops that. Thanks!