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  1. Waxing_Gibbous

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    This line needs a gimmick, reload booster, trading blows and reload time with a Scharnhorst seems silly.
  2. Waxing_Gibbous

    Idea - Full points for top of the table loss

    Just give all players a rating based on xp earned or how they played. In the end the player ratings eventually sort themselves out but it is very frustrating to do 1600 base xp and lose and have 6 teammates under 400.
  3. Waxing_Gibbous

    The Albemarle is a chore to play

    If you want hope and a laugh I played it 20 times and had a 30% wr, playing the Drake now and over 80% with 22 games. Just huge swings of luck both good and bad, I'm sure that if I play the Albemarle again, (which I won't for the reasons you mention) I could pop that WR up a bit. But the fun factor is real low, Especially being bottom or mid tier seemingly all the time.
  4. Waxing_Gibbous

    When they change the IFHE...

    From 1:00 to 1:15,The Monday following the patch.
  5. Waxing_Gibbous

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    As you grind towards these ships the answer may present itself to you. They are all really good ships although I know nothing about the Marceau. There may be additional choices when you have the resources. Another way to judge is to try to determine which ship may become unavailable first and get that one so you can get the others with future grinding. Can't go wrong with any, if you have other premium ships that you can share captains with... that would also influence my decision.
  6. I don't, I use RL or (RPF) to make sure I know where my closest threats are. Being detected unexpectedly can be death for the Neptune.
  7. No, the newer lines came out and she(the entire line) was power creeped by the French, the Italian line and now the new RN. Add in smoke firing nerfs, more hydro, more radar and more CV's they have been sent to the basement to stay. The glory days for the original line of RN cruisers are a distant memory. They were good when you could sit for days in your smoke and fire at will. That is over now. Why not blame the real reason for their performance? The game itself.
  8. I agree that damage isn't the all encompassing stat. However the lack of it is. The Mino I believe is the 45th best ship in the game for doing damage.
  9. What timeframe or number of games who be a better time to judge? I remember everyone said the same about the Nelson compared to it's piers... whelp 2 years later and outperforms most tier 8 BB's and a few tier 9's. OP ships are OP ships. I am not saying that the new RN are OP as much as the old cruiser line is horrible. The margins may decrease, but they won't be close. The damage numbers are currently 50% higher at tier 9 and 10, they may drift lower but they won't ever be within 15%. The current game meta has deleted the old RN cruisers.
  10. Looking at the early stats of the new RN cruisers compared to the existing line a few thoughts come to mind. 1st, HE is king. Slow reload, no smoke, and less detection.... yet it is averaging anywhere from 10%-50% damage numbers above it's AP slinging, smoke sitting sisters. Tiers 8-10 get real ugly. WR is higher as well, even the vaunted FIJI is behind it's tier 7 counterpart. 2nd, I don't really have a 2nd, most of my schtick into that last point. With all the hydro, radar, smoke firing nerfs and additional spotting from CV's.... has Churchill ruined half of his cruiser fleet? Or are we attributing the huge number differences to skill based on who is playing them right now? (the more experienced player argument?)
  11. Waxing_Gibbous

    please help CVs

    Blimps tethered to ships with gunners in the blimps.
  12. The biggest problem with DD's (or the people that play them) is that the game almost changes completely from low tier play to high tier play. Yet players still do the same silly stuff we all did when we first started playing.....Hug the sidelines and hunt the CV, rush to cap first or sit in smoke and get that cap! Many don't understand or transition into a game setting that has radar and hydro and advanced CV's that hit much harder. So many players don't even know how to turn their AA on or off or when to do so. Early Cruiser and BB play is basically the same as it is at high tier......don't show broadside.
  13. just yesterday I said the same thing, and have said it 50 times over the past year. It is to simple a fix, and to smart to implement….
  14. I have been using IFHE on my Colorado with devastating effects, I pen everything.