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  1. I had recently fired my guns, I only had a bubble or two to stop in as the DD did everything he could to cover me. I sailed into the smoke and was detected for what seemed like an eternity. I never fired my guns in smoke but was detected for my entire gunbloom. After 20+seconds of coming to a dead stop and being detected I had to move as I became to easy a target. happened twice in one game.
  2. The only knock on her is that hydro and detection is so strong that I end up over extending trying to use it. Agree with Mouse, Gudbote! But I don't want anyone else to get it..yes I am that shallow.
  3. I get you. Intraweb know it alls here. I had a great game with two dds who attempted to smoke me as I was in a BB and I stayed detected long enough that had I not moved I would have been citadeled and torped. I felt bad for them as they were playing great and doing the right thing and yet all they did was waste their smoke.
  4. Just had it happen to me on the map North, he was on the other side of the island in between B and C and as soon as it was launched I was detected. It had barely cleared his deck. Now I could see it too and shot it down quickly, but he detected me through 5k of rock. Edit, my bad his was a catapult fighter but still the through mountain issue exists.
  5. Because if you open your wallet a bit, you can be past it and playing (what you hope) will be a better ship.......a.k.a opening the floodgates and how I am out over 4 figures on this game. WG isn't stupid, everything they do is calculated with time/performance/aggravation ....just to get you to crack that wallet open.
  6. And there wont be for a very very long time. With glut of doubloons everyone made from the pumkin crates WG would be crazy to offer ships for doubloons, it would be like giving them away for free right now.
  7. anybody recall what the "Black Friday" type sale WG had? I was playing back then but had just started and thought this was a play for free game.....
  8. When are these dd's going to be playable?
  9. the Derpitz baby! A regular one man band!
  10. I didn't raise her to a 19 point captain to listen to some Japanese guy bark orders..... Is there an option to turn her voice back on? Possible glitch? Ty in advance!
  11. Because you are 41% in yours with 82 games indicates that you have no clue how to play this ship. There is no BB that has a faster reload. I never said that it starts multiple fires every salvo. In fact the are exactly that, mass dotting ships. If you were to try it, you might get that putrid WR up in the strongest BB in the game.