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  1. if you are looking at the big picture, explain it to me. I see at as "rough estimates" maybe 15 % of all tier -5-6 games have divisions. how many of these 'exploiters" are spending hours and hours to gain an extra 200 xp per game by "fixing the outcome" so that they can......."rule" the tier 6 bracket........ .o5%? then the rest of the folks that are simply trying to play the game and don't know the rules as they are posted nowhere get slaughtered, and quit playing.........God almighty son. you are a waste of time.
  2. Lols I'll bite, what are you expecting from me....being that we are friends and all
  3. In the end, is that so bad? I don't really care,
  4. when you talk the talk and walk the.. aw we all knew he was lying
  5. are you drunk? most of your points make more sense as well.
  6. WAITING..........
  7. Explain to me any situation that tier fives should be in a tier 8 game, especially when there are two of them. Do you really thing the 6 is trying to corner the market by "partnering up" with two tier 5's?
  8. good lord spend 15 seconds and read before you vomit from you backside
  9. before I look at the rest of your worthless post Look at the friggin pictures I provided, is that so hard to actually ready aim fire vs. ready fire aim?
  10. This isn't about me as I don't do it. its about the health of the game.... of which there is no education for 80% of the players in this game.
  11. excellent point. there is nothing like comparing 100's of games of experience and one tier above vs. one day of experience and three tiers above
  12. All I am saying is tier 5's should not face tier 8's. Your gibberish is your own.
  13. ok, so what? how many players division at that tier...how powerful is a tier 6 in a tier 7 game....how many players would actually take advantage of this exploit vs how many are just trying to grind through the ranks.....My god you guys are fools. 15% of that tier actually division, 1% of that 15% has the nut fuzz to "wahoo" I'm killing 5's............god almighty......... big picture people.