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  1. No, not at all. In fact I see games like the two you posted 5x more than games with equally skilled cv's. I am sure that you are a very good cv player. Playing an OP ship against inferior ships simply magnify your results. But even I can pop those types of numbers in tier4-5 games against some cv drivers and I suck. the thing that you have advertised, and thank you for doing so, is what a cancer CV's are to the game. You were right, the opposing team had no chance. Until WG puts in extensive training programs for cv's and actually teaches players how to use them games like yours will continue to sour people on the game and cv play in general.
  2. anyone care to explain what the event was like? I just started playing WoWs at that time and was floundering in tier 3 and 4 ships don't recall doing anything with the event.
  3. An additional 40% to a 5 second repair. I think you are on to something...
  4. I agree with that and the reality of this module is that it buys you 8 additional seconds of immunity. I see value in it but you really got to be on your game to use that effectively and if being targeted by multiple ships it really seems like a diminished perk.
  5. 1st one the left it would replace the one that provides: main battery stability or 100% survivability to secondarys and AA or -70% detonation
  6. Des Moines or Hindy by a landslide, then the Zao and Henri last. The Moskva is an odd bird....probably the biggest feast or famine ship of the bunch. You get the right map and right team you can crush it...you get the wrong map or wrong spawn you may spend the entire game in reverse bow tanking because if you show your sides you will be deleted. Also, you will be detected before you even que for the match.... Des Moines-in your face high rate of fire switch ammo all game long, use cover, use radar...kill dds, delete cruisers Hindy, just smooth as butter in everything it does...cannot go wrong. Zao...mainly a long range sniper, excellent torps, excellent detection, fire starter with great AP when used, slower rate of fire....so not much of a brawler, great armor though when angled at like 13-16k away, infuriating ship to enemies. More of a Kiting or sniping specialist, but can ambush as well with the low detection Henri......spam from distance, bad detection, torps are meh, Flamu called this ship High damage but low impact on the game and I agree with him plays like a Zao but with worse everything except it can go a little faster....
  7. Kinda what I'm thinking, I just got the Montana and with all the RN fire spam was thinking it could come in handy.
  8. I got a couple of these over the weekend and thought I would throw it out there to the great minds of this forum. Is there a ship or type of ship that these are worth using them on or are they better off being sold for space credits for gas and tolls?
  9. Shima certainly has a niche. And when it gets the game with no radar or cv's........it is indeed glorious.
  10. Agreed, got mine as well!! 100 dragon flags! I'll take that all day everyday! TY WG for the event and the crate!!!!!!!
  11. Best, my dog from the Humane Society Worst, engagement ring Santa Crates are very high up there, tons of goodies and ships.
  12. Congrats! That thing pays well too. I've had a few games were I played well and had good games (nothing earth shattering) and got over 800k credits without any flags to increase credit yield.
  13. They are testing a double secret probation radar. It can only see ships that are actively using radar, but it has a 20k range and is actually mounted as one of your 8 flags.
  14. There are few ships in the game that are like fine wine, smooth and silky...the Hindy is one of those. Congrats. You'll figure out your own playstyle, the ship is so diverse.
  15. 1 Priority Target, expert loader 2 Adrenaline rush 3 Superintendent 4 AFT, RPF and concealment I used to laugh at cruisers with RPF now called Radio Location until I watched Cat on Board play his.