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  1. New map "Sleeping Giant"

    They should delete the two caps to the east and just keep one cap and call it the Thunderdome.
  2. Only two things will survive a nuclear holocaust, roaches and noobs.
  3. lols, nothing, . It's a Yamato, but not really, so it's tier nine......
  4. I think you should start your own twitch channel, or maybe youtube. Don't let the less than 200 games at tier 8 or higher slow you down (non CV), you are a wealth of experience, and frankly everyone should pay attention to what you say, if you could, please tell us more about your individual games and successes.......... The problem isn't cv's, it's the people that play them. Lets play a fun game, you post games where the AFK CV wins the game, and I'll post games where the OP CV destroys the other team. I'll start:
  5. lols. whatever dude. Maybe you could read into more posts, tie them together and make up another whimsical story to add to your post count.... Clearly you play the forums like others play their ships. If you go promise to go away, I'll say I was wrong and everyone wants CV's they are the greatest things ever....I was wrong, I was wrong I was wrong...I love cv's
  6. Helping cap, defender badges, shooting planes down....but the biggee is shooting at DD's, damaging dd's is the way to make your credit and XP jump.
  7. Thank you! If you could help me determine which few those are I would like to buy them a Santa crate, since you are certain.
  8. wait, so you are saying that a team with an afk CV can win.... FFS, at what point do you realize you have a bad CV captain? Does he advertise pre game? Do we all scramble every game to look up our cv players stats once in game and then readjust our strats?...... at what point do you realize when you have a bad CV captain and then magically coordinate (even though 4 of twelve don't speak English, 4 of twelve aren't reading chat, and the remaining three are 32km apart.) C'mon man, this isn't Disneyland, by the time you realize your CV is good or bad..the dye is cast. I see that you are progressing as a CV captain and that's good for you, the simple reality is that many don't progress and even at tier ten they still roll at 40% or less, in many cases much less.
  9. I appreciate your efforts, its admirable.... find one thread in the history of this game where it is titled like this... "there should be more CV's" the simple reality is that they are so powerful and the skillset is so diverse that one good vs. even an average cv captain is an autowin or loss..... Sure BB's love having planes scout for them.......everyone loves a CV that is good....its just that it becomes 50% crapshoot on who gets the good one, and the other team loses..... that's my point...it's not like each team gets a Pensacola and goes from there. and for goodness sake stop using that stupid word hyperbole.....
  10. of course you do, who doesn't want a game mechanic to make life easy for you.
  11. I will stand behind my game count and you stand behind your ignorance. You know what they say kid... ignorance is bliss.