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  1. gawd almighty. the issue is the amount of time it will take to get from 19 to 21. In the process captains that could earn elite xp cannot do so until they hit the new level and the costs associated with selling captains xp, for 50 cents on the dollar while paying real money to get that exchange.
  2. You simply have the one option to pay WG to screw yourself. So naïve.
  3. Explain to me what it would cost me to cash in forty, 19 pt captains.
  4. omg, clear thought......
  5. name the two points that is worth the 50 hours to earn it. jack of all trades... -5% to consumbles...... for 800k elite exp.....sign me up
  6. We have earned them, with time, effort and money.
  7. You have infinitely no clue how much this screws players. Use your "engineering" skills and extrapolate time and money spent, and then maybe......you might come close to having a grasp.
  8. Well, that's true. I guess I should shut up. Heaven forbid worrying the storm surge, until it hits. Genius.
  9. Apologize for your insult and being rude.
  10. ah, so, I need 64million more captains xp to create the same of amount of captains xp I create now. Brilliant.
  11. please don't ever call me dingleberry again. and answer my question.
  12. Trying to calm down. aAe you saying that I can keep making the same amount of elite xp per captain as i do now, or do I have to grind (800k for sake of argument) for the next two points (21 points)to be able to start grinding elite xp per captain? 19 point captains can still create élite xp? And grind two more points? or, does a captain have to be at 21 points before he can grind elite captains xp?
  13. ok, what do i have to do after this change to create the same amount of elite captains xp? create 64million more captains xp to be in the same postion?
  14. Its simple math bro. I'll state facts all i want. If you have any value to add, then do so.
  15. Ok, the day this patch goes live, my 80 19pt captains, allocated to approximately 200 ships no longer earn elite xp. I have to regrind (for arguments sake, 800k) more captains xp, per captain to make each captain able to grind elite xp again. In return for this herculean effort, i may be able to throw a 2 point skill on top of what i already have. I will need 64million captains or elite xp to be in the position I am in now.