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  1. doubt it but I like cheeseburgers. I think our point was well made.
  2. lmbo cupcake. what was he referring too? I eat internet try hards like you for funzies. what did he refer too?
  3. sorry for the epic editing fail....do not know how to fix it.
  4. the glory of the BB, push it, push it real good. 7 kills, 3 wins, less than ten minutes played
  5. so we are both left to determine what the OP thought? Do you have a brain, and if so, does it work? I am done with you, I have tried. I laugh at myself for trying. fare thee well.
  6. when post count approaches game count.... its easy to judge the content of the poster...…..
  7. the entire thread is about spotting. Stop. go away.
  8. I realize that you may have little to no experience in mid to high tier games. For this I wont press. the simple reality of a dd spotting is the point of this thread. he complains he didn't get what he deserves. why would a dd deserve to get more xp than a cruiser that risks his existence by firing his guns and takes several minutes to burn or kill a BB while a dd can do it from stealth, never be seen and chunk 5 torps into a fat BB.
  9. I love and hate the guy, I don't know if I would punch him or hug him.... But take yourself out of the picture, and read what he says as if it was to someone else.... very few people in the world impress me, especially In a video game... the things he says dig deeper than most want to deal with.... but.....just read what he says. its frustrating as hell if you're honest with yourself. I still may torp him if I know I will never play the game again....kek,
  10. so what is your argument....my god man. pick a team
  11. I am begging you to not engage him, it's easier to kill him in game than win an argument, trust me I have failed on both accounts. Arguing is harder. I hated this guy so much I actually started to read every word he said to form an argument... only to find out he was right... (95% of the time) he isn't easy, he is a good player and very cerebral. But winning an argument against him is like eating 10 shima torps and not flooding.