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  1. Pura__Vida


    Not sure how it dropped, some loot boxes I guess. I have fun memories of that ship. Blapping players into next month.....
  2. Pura__Vida

    DD torpedo advice

    tons of good answers, The white line indicator is more fools gold than helpful. Two quick ideas, because the beer is flowing and it's 84 degrees outside.. 1) Put yourself in the enemy ship, knowing your detected but no one is shooting at you, or you shouldn't be detected. you assume you are being torped so you change course. Send your torps where you would have gone, not what the white indicator line tells you. 2) Don't send your torps immediately, study your opponent while he is detected, if he starts to slow down and appear to dodge expected torps, then send them when his path is more predictable. 3) Sometimes you should send torps short of the white line, so if he slows down they hit, but they may force him to stay at full speed to avoid them.... and your second spread will be right on target. 4) many times ships will take the fastest route, especially rounding an island, send your torps at the edges of islands or choke points where they should be. There are tons of great strategies for torps, even looking at emblems of players on the load in screen may indicate if the player is likely to be a potato, or very good. That was more than two ideas, but that's all you get for now, my beer is empty.
  3. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    Except of course when you twist the truth to your own warped sense of reality in 20 minutes.
  4. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    Crucis I value your opinion less than the other guy in your clan my friend. You are a great co-op player and should relish in your superiority. But as to paying any attention to anything you say, it's simply jibberish my friend. And I know you hate that term "my friend" you nerd raged years ago about it my friend. That's why I call you my friend. Time to fess up and own it? Thrown back in my face? lols. Where are you from? Russia? This might be the dumbest statement you have made in years, and that is saying a lot.
  5. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    you lost me at 11 words.
  6. Pura__Vida

    Cant wait for deadeye to be removed.

    lols! Love it! Never argue with a statistician, data analyst, engineer or mathematician is my rule. Even if I am right they will use words and terms I don't understand. :)
  7. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    agreed, and why you are still not blocked is staggering to me. I view your opinion as worthless.
  8. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    In the end, and already being forgotten is/was the real intent of the skill changes. To monetize captains xp. Arguing about Deadeye and everything is else is just fluff.
  9. Pura__Vida

    Simple fix to deadeye

    The fix should come in the form in stability of your own ship's effective performance. Locking on to a target for a specific period of time, or doing so with moving or turning your own ship should allow for greater accuracy. Having certain ships within your detection or numbers of ships visible is silly. Your own actions should magnify your skills, not the enemies numbers and location.
  10. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    The greatest currency in the world and most valuable. Time. It's just some people value their differently. Think of the players that spent hours and hours changing every captain skill on their entire fleet. Only to do it again. Will it be free from a resource cost? How much more time will it take to do teh same thing after the next skill change that no one originally asked for?
  11. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    engaging with me? lols. Shift the goalposts? You make no sense and have a horrible argument. There was no testing on this skill until it went live (per WG itself). The results have been unfavorably received. weren't asked for, and are potentially being completely revamped by WG. But it's the player bases fault (customers)? That's your argument? By all means please stop engaging with me, and stop chewing on the crazy pills as well.
  12. Pura__Vida

    Thought by now players may have adjusted

    1) if you buff one activity and nerf the opposite of that activity what do you think the result will be? Stop blaming the customers for reactions to changes that they did not ask for. The result is the result. I watched Happa fodder say on a WG stream that this was still in testing as these changes went live. The test has been a monumental success. At our expense.
  13. Pura__Vida

    BBs super heavy AP skill

    I detest the constant push me-pull me design of this game. For crying out loud give a skill or not, a flag the increases your damage potential but also helps you blow up easier?