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  1. You have 18 days of ranked left. No matter where you end up, don't quit. the rewards are reachable, change your play. And yes it's frustrating. The last day of ranked I need two stars to rank out. I lost so many in a row I ended up at 5 and finally quit at rank 3 at midnight. Regardless of how you end up this is so much better than randoms.
  2. 1) there are clans that can really help you push through to the next level. Reach out to @Ducky_shot 2) ranking out isn't easy and in many cases, especially as the season progresses, players are pushed forward, while lacking skill.... it's the design of ranked play. 3) Knowing how to get experience in ranked will help you save a star. Hurt dd's = big points. 4) Learn when to cut bait and run and farm meaningless damage. 5) play strong ships that hit hard and often. Remember you are also playing against your teammates. In every game, 7 advance, one stays put, 6 fall back. You have no teammates or buddies, the next que, the guys you worked with will be shooting you.
  3. Joyous_Vibes

    Flamu: Subs - a disaster brewing

  4. Joyous_Vibes


  5. Joyous_Vibes

    Why is evening out radars in ranked so hard?

    how hard would it be to separate the radars?
  6. Why can't this game simply put one feature in to separate radars in ranked? Is that to much to ask? Why does a Belfast and an Atlanta pull in ships that have less detection, no radar, less hydro or no hydro, slower rate of fire...… How hard is it to get a 14 person game, and put one radar on one team, and the other on the opposing team?
  7. Joyous_Vibes

    Pst.. hidden gem of ranked.

    ya, agreed, playing a cruiser multiplies your chance of bringing one of the holy trinity, assuming you don't have one.
  8. Joyous_Vibes


    not sure what larp means
  9. Joyous_Vibes


    When they come out. this game will die.
  10. Joyous_Vibes

    Pst.. hidden gem of ranked.

    sigh. the entire point is to give players a chance against those ships [edited]/u/ming they didn't have them. No one is arguing the that the three Three Wize men aren't stong, but there is a counter (semi) that was given away for free.
  11. Frustrated you don't have Belfast, or even Atlanta or Flint? Or that crazy 5km hydro on the Z-39? There is a throwaway premium is a ton of fun to play and really, many never gave this a second look. I didn't. Two words: Gorizia. Instructions: use terrain to get as close as possible, even pop your smoke if you have to but get as close to an island that is protected from incoming fire and covers two caps ….....and pop that magnificent 6km hydro. From there you can get yourself a sammich, or some ice cold Schlitz, put on some music and in about 2minutes, come back and make necessary changes. You will be ahead. This thing is the great radar equalizer, live to get close enough to the caps, and push radars away.
  12. Joyous_Vibes

    Legendary Commander Skill in Ranked?

    ya, its not cool. Had the same thing happen to me against a Sinop. Double fire should have killed him, just extinguished it and kept getting healthier at 5k health.... after he had just repaired a fire on my previous salvo.
  13. Joyous_Vibes

    World of Sinops

    Don't forget its strongest trait. Low detectability. A sledgehammer that can sneak up on ships.
  14. Joyous_Vibes

    Victims of Power Creep

    Some will argue that they power creep is not the issue and that they have bad numbers because they are so popular and played by brain dead players. There is some truth to that. I played world of Warcraft for years, like 12 years. For many years the game went on fine, best classes changed everytime they had a patch until they introduced a new class, called Death Knights...fun and overpowered, the next was Monks, and now the have Demon Hunters... Each was more powerful than the next, and more exciting than the original 8 classes. Wargaming is doing the same thing. They need new content that is better than the old. Buffing US ships provides no revenue. Everyone already has them and that would stop the desire to play and spend money on new ship lines. It is financially impossible for WG to buff old lines.
  15. Joyous_Vibes

    Victims of Power Creep

    19/27 of the most played ships on this server are US. Yes, There is an argument that they have been out a long time , but....even discounting the amount of time since launched the numbers are overwhelmingly US. The first place USSR ship is below 50th and that is only because it was give away in one of the campaigns, The Budyonny. In the top 50 it's all US, IJN or Germany, and all of the ships existed. Granted the same argument could be made about time available but there is direct correlation to ships that existed and amount played VS. didn't exist. It's also why the US, IJN and German lines have people always asking for buffs----Power creep. Many wouldn't play other lines if historic US DD's went 55km or had 12km radar.