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  1. Trust me, its mind numbing at times, our Mino opens fire on 2 bbs at 10k away with no smoke or structure to hide behind, our Iowa opens a full broadside at 7k from a yamato rather than just ramming him for the win. Haze Grey and Always Arguing was there, he can back my claims. Its mind numbing at times...but...
  2. APA_204

    A fitting end to Ranked Sprint

    The key takeaway.....
  3. APA_204

    Finally got annoyed enough to...

    On that note, the option to use in game currency to resupply consumables for all ships. I can't count how many doubloons I have squirreled away down the drain by some how having that option selected vs using silver. I realize it's a little money maker for WG. but it is really frustrating to see your doubloons stack depleted. Additionally, when we run out of a flag, please don't automatically start using our doubloons to buy them...
  4. Awesome, that is right in my wheelhouse!
  5. APA_204

    Ranked Out Day One! It Can Be Done.

    Grats, only bad part is we can't division up. but well done!!!!
  6. which is awesome, I think most would agree. A ranked season that is more fun than serious...I think everyone can get on board with that.
  7. Grats on being done but bummed that it can be done so quickly.
  8. lols, more like guys that have a job are getting off work...only two under my belt, but Giulio's and an assortment of dds, planning on going Furrytaco myself.
  9. Played solo for two games, looking forward to some div games.
  10. nothing wrong with that. grats
  11. APA_204

    Let's play a game of guess who won.

    It happens, complain, deal or ignore it....it's your choice