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  1. ya, I heard its a good ship. Full on aggro as I have purchased several boxes and didn't get the mission. the jervis is like playing with a root canal and sitting on a vibrating chair
  2. Analyze my stats

    I always look at a players solo stats. Division stats are obviously inflated, last weekend my bro and I went like 12-1 ….we aren't 90% wr players. Your solo stats are fantastic. I do, and I am sure tons of others do exactly what you say.... but there has to be more to it, be it positioning, aiming....my personal feeling is I need to be more patient and then more patient... there is a secret or a special sauce to the next step....and I am trying to figure it out....I know the ranges and detections of all ships and guns and torps, and the reload....angling...all that stuff...just can't grasp or find that next nugget to become a high tier player. granted I drink beer all day when I get to play....but still, I am missing something...and can't put my finger on it.
  3. Should I sell tier IX ships?

    I sold them all and have repurchased them as I am backfilling my fleet. hard to justify keeping the Buffalo when you have the Des Moines. same with the Neptune. I would keep the Roon, that is a fun ship and strong against any tier.
  4. Absolute garbage games.

    The only solace I can provide is that try to view this like baseball. I think I went 45% yesterday and off to 33% start today after 6 games. I honestly feel like I am taking crazy pills. Over the long term, the wins will come and if they don't then do some hard self evaluation.... but 2-3 game stretches are to few to judge the game..... no matter how hard potatoes potate!
  5. yes. unless playing in another premium ship
  6. Congrats, how you can play the same ship so often is amazing to me, I can't play the same ship more than 2-3 times a day.
  7. Analyze my stats

    Fair enough, all valid points. Btw, I looked at your stats as well. somewhat stunning, if not shockingly good. So I'll ask, what makes you win so much? there has to be an underlying theme to your play that sets you apart from the masses as well as even the really good players.
  8. Cruiser guns, decent detection, serviceable torps, great speed, awesome AA... last but not least... an OP DD heal..... its a one man band....
  9. Analyze my stats

    fair enough, what do you consider "exceptionally well"? I am not getting on his case, I don't agree with some of his thoughts...is it not fair to question?
  10. Analyze my stats

    Also, I am not bent out of shape, I simply don't agree with your review. the guy has very few games and plays very very well.
  11. Analyze my stats

    picking on a player for bad tier 5 stats in a Nicholas with only 15 games in it.....dig deeper.... Biz6 your quote "You don't do exceptionally well in any given ship" yet he does very well in so many ships.... what is "well" in your opinion?
  12. Analyze my stats

    did you look at his stats?