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  1. ah, my bad, you have to buy a few boxes and hope you get lipstick
  2. 33% win rate in 42 games

    remember The Bis is the original secondary's king. many guides on how to Bismarck on youtube. Maximizing your secondary's does two things, it will increase your damage by 20-40% and the fun factor is off the charts, just learn to angle and you can take down any ships with your secondary's.
  3. Buy boxes.. everything is this game is designed to get you to buy boxes or flags or ships.... is it a coincidence that its really hard to get the camos but you come real close...………...Is it fair? remember, a fair is where they give blue ribbons to pigs.
  4. Good dd players still shine. Bad dd players panic. If I am 1v1 in a dd vs BB I win. The problem with most dd players they don't take time to understand the dynamics of the game. Just yesterday we were in a real close battle and our Shima drifted to close and got detected...it happens.... the pro move is to get skinny and get undetected...what did he do? starts firing his guns at the 58k BB..... I asked him why?...he said he was detected....never dawned on him that it would take 14 minutes to kill that BB with his guns and had he just not shot, he would have been undetected before the BB could turn his guns.... now add in hydro and radar.. the basic dd player simply can't or wont spend the time to learn the dynamics of the game and causes his team to lose over and over. DD play is hard, but fun.
  5. 33% win rate in 42 games

    What is your captain points at for this ship? the Bismarck needs a higher skill captain to shine. You can't control your teammates but you can control you. Your damage is low, what could you do to improve that? Only you know how you play, but I would focus on two things, protecting your ship more and waiting for better shots. So many times people want to fire their guns as soon as they are ready... waiting....wait wait.... then boom, sometimes waiting 10 extra seconds is the difference between 1130 damage or 20k +... if you have a bad angle....and the luxury of waiting... then wait. good luck
  6. What tier 8 cruiser premiums have power creeped her? None. If she has indeed been power creeped by the game in general, and now underperforms in all categories....is she still a good ship? or simply a great ship that is last in all categories...however you slice it she performs less than all other ships in her class even with a great detection, more torps and laser guns. With all that going for her.....shouldn't she be kicking A? But she doesn't. Again, I love the ship, its my most played ship. give me any other tier 8 cruiser 1v1 and ill destroy it...except the Mogami, the Atago's heal may be the difference in that 1v1 fight.
  7. the Kutuzov has been unobtainable for quite some time, and its numbers floor the Atago, as do the tech tree Mogami and Martel, and so on....there is only data, not feelings.....Blaming the performance of a ship based on players willing to buy it vs players that grind ships holds no water. Arguably every other premium in the game besides the Tirpitz and Prinz wins more than the Atago. And all tech tree ships out perform it as well except the Hipper. She was the first ship people picked up two years ago, now people get the new better ships. And those ships win right off the bat. Why? because they are good ships.....At some point if it was a good ship...its numbers should at least increase and be on par with its tech tree rivals...right? Even when it was the only ship with a heal, the best detectability, torps and so on......it still underperformed.
  8. Look at the stats and tell me she is a good ship. blaming people that bought her doesn't fly. tell me how she is good...at least compared to her piers in any category.....damage, wr, planes shot down...anything... https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/
  9. I am getting combative? I have ship xp, not free xp. my average damage at tier 8 (while I don't know what it is) is because I love playing hard ships to play, BTW what is a good average damage for tier 8? Should I farm more BB damage to increase that number? I have never said to anyone that they are wrong, I just said that this ship is not good by any measurable standard. my stats have no bearing on the fact the the Atago's stats are terrible. That it is one of the worst performing premium ships in the game... fact. Facts have bearing on facts. While your stats may differ than mine concerning the Atago….I deal in reality, it wins less, it loses more than most cruisers a its tier as well as compared to all other purchasable ships. DO you need more help with that, or should I simplify it further for you? By all means continue to try to stat shame me into thinking omgoodness he is right... while providing no data …..once again....just testosterone
  10. the reason why it is statistical terrible is that it is a bad ship. the reason why other tech tree ships do better is that they are better ships. please don't let my 7000 more games than you persuade you. Please don't let my 2.2mill ship xp in the Atago fool you into thinking I don't know what I am talking about. Its like arguing that a batter batting .230 is better than one batting .280 Everyone comes up with reasons why its so great. Except actual proof.
  11. And mods I fully expect him to get a forum warning for this gif as I received one for posting a bugs bunny gif that was 90% less harmless.
  12. I have been down this road so many times with people like you. I am the only one that presented reasonable facts. Posting Gifs of me not getting it when you posted information that negated your own argument is laughable. You can attempt to make fun of me but the stats....all of them say what this ship is. I have no delusions, its my most played ship with 2.2millxp. I love this ship. In fact I played it the most during the last ranked season. But....