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  1. Doesn't matter... the magnificence is yours...enjoy.
  2. thanks for the left handed compliment....its been awhile since I was with Merrill and Gartner... the simple reality is twofold, one, I purchased this GD mechanical keyboard and while it looks cool, literally half of the keys don't work.. I hit keys over and over and they don't respond... so frankly, I stopped trying at least as it relates to Wows forums. 2nd, I don't care....he would never correct me a second time in person... so let have him have it here.
  3. Abides

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

  4. One time, at band camp... I was in a game the reds had 6 radars to our none.....I took the screenshot, all set to go full MM nerd rage on the forum....and we won... it was a total buzzkill.
  5. Abides

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Ever play blackjack? Go on a full bender...always bust or the dealer hits 21 while you've double down and got 20?... Log out, log back, change your mojo...play a ship you never play...I am convinced WG has blackjack dealers within their MM and do this on purpose. Its all about the algorithms.... change it up...
  6. Abides

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    You miss my point...when you hit tier 10 its the end of the line....I skipped some ships and after getting all of the tens I am going back and repurchasing or backfilling ships I've sold or skipped. I wish I hadn't skipped the ones that I did....Clearly I wasn't ready for high tier play when I got there quickly. Each ship will make a player better as they all have something to add. Skipping perceived "bad" ships and only playing strong ones will not make you a better player.... in theory anyway, and possibly shorten your WoWs gaming experience. As for the Seattle...she isn't all bad, she is just sammiched between tons of more attractive ships like Cleve and Worc, and Balti and Des Moines, on the heavy side. Many players rush through her to get to the Worcester... give the gal a chance someday..
  7. Abides

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    All ships are worth it. The problem with skipping ships is you miss out on game content. I blew past some ships and regret it. The Izumo or any tier 9 may help you better play high tier games... as well as help grind captains xp along the way. If credits are a concern...take your time getting to tier 10.
  8. Abides

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    There are a few that argued in the past that the Leg was good and they play it. I tried 5 games in it and felt literally useless with it and swapped back.... The core of the problem besides the hideous traverse is that the legendary goes on top on the slot were most already have the -15% torp reload....So in reality you only gain -10% and an almost unplayable tube traverse. I would scratch all of these types of buffs and nerfs and give it a reload booster like its tech tree sisters....maybe just one more set of 5 torps 8 seconds later. Or anything that actually buffs the ship...robbing Peter to pay Paul is a crappy reward for the Shima.
  9. Abides

    Making the PEF not suck

    every ships has a strength... I choose to maximize them... so many people keep trying to turn this into a Kurfurst. its a Cruiser with the best AA at its tier. More so, you get the most cv's at this tier... why people shy away from this is staggering.
  10. Abides

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    try it... its magic...KC and the Sunshine Band.. Dazz band, the Gap Band......Bee Gees... I'm your Boogie man....Its like heaven in a cruiser.
  11. Abides

    Making the PEF not suck

    max aa build, many games have dual cv games... the guns are to wonky to even try to focus on them. I have an 82 AA rating... at tier 6? that's crazy.