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  1. Abides

    2019 Ranked

    Ibuki, Ibuki, Ibuki. No? How bout triple Neptune?
  2. Enjoy.. the rest of the ships you inquire bout are all good and bad....simply sit back and enjoy your port with the Kamikaze.
  3. Abides

    who even approved?

    I agree that it sucks for the high end cv players. My hope was skill based MM for CV's. Its awesome being in a game with equal cv's, the game is played the way it should. I feel that it is strictly business, and we may lose 5 % of the players due to the changes, but keep maybe 60% of the players for a few more months due to playing the CV line...all comes down to money. For every high tier CV player, such as yourself, there will be 20 tryhards playing Cv now, like me. Just image the revenue with new CV premiums with the changes. whatever the player percentage may be... you open up thousands of new players to new ships..I have been here for awhile and never lifted an eyebrow with a premium CV on the market, I will now. I'm not saying it's right by any means... but is will generate more revenue.
  4. Abides

    who even approved?

    what is amazing is how many posts are generated concerning cv threads.
  5. Abides

    who even approved?

    I didn't read your entire post but simply feel this a business decision that follows Spock's saying, the needs of the may outweigh the needs of the few.... I started to watch Farra's video series and about 15 minutes in my eyes glazed over and he hadn't got past moving planes... my point being, most players sit down and want to blow ships up and that is what the CV changes are catering to. For better or worse. I do feel bad for high tier CV players..I hope it works out.
  6. Abides

    who even approved?

    taters will find a way to potate, that is a given. I do feel that there are tons of players that will play CV's now or at least try too. I know I tried them in the past and my skill set would need more time to practice than I want to give so I don't play them. I have strafed more of my own planes than I have red planes. It's embarrassing to run out of bombers and the enemy team hasn't shot any of them down.
  7. Abides

    who even approved?

    I hope it works out and am excited to try it. That said, I have no problem with CV's as they are now, its just those that play them. I wish they went for some sort of skill based MM for CV's but that horse has been beaten to death. I hope it works out. Looks kinda fun to glide around and attack ships...especially after a few drinks.
  8. Abides

    New Game Mode - Elite Random

    it would be fun to force the unicorns to only play unicorns and have all their wr's drift closer to 50%. They would pitch a fit the most. As to your point, I would like to see some sort of perpetual ranked system in place. We had a cv yesterday with a 245pr, loads late, and rushed the cap..GG, maybe not a 50% threshold on your original idea, but keeping the Sub 40% players in their own sandbox might not be a bad idea.
  9. Abides

    Premium time vs. ship

    Premium time helps all ships you play, credits and xp. A prem ship can be great or you may tire of it quickly. If you go with a ship make sure you can share your captain with other tech tree ships. I would go for premium time. Remember this, the key is cracking your wallet once...once you do that... the flood gates open. You have been warned. ;)
  10. Abides

    Just gotta Vent

    can you also do them in Co-Op? Bring your ship and you have at least one guaranteed to shoot at. farm your own ship.
  11. Abides

    Please Add..

    it's a legit request and one I would support. maybe not random maps but random cap locations so that experienced players simply don't rush to certain points on the map. like most of us do.
  12. Abides

    What to do with some unique commanders?

    Most of the skills don't provide that much of a benefit although something is always better than nothing. I put Ovechkin on my Gearing for turret traverse as the Gearing has the slowest traverse of all US dd's also a good fit for Des moines traverse. I also like John Doe on a ship for expert loader...again maybe the Des Moines or any ship that you may switch from HE to AP often. I put Franz on my Derpitz/Kurfurst, I am usually brawling and a smidge more help spotting torps is always nice.
  13. some guys did a video on the triple Lyon, they all sailed together and fired at the same time at the same ship...48 shells at one ship pretty funny.
  14. no, I just get ships all the time like I posted before...maybe I am rewarded for spending a ton thoughout the year... I don't know. I just get ships non stop when I buy crates. I will log on to my sub account which has nothing and buy 20 mid crates and see what happens
  15. ya, henri is a high maintenance lady for sure.