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  1. RighteousRhyno

    RB Ship Recommendations?

    Get the Vamp 2. Its a fun sidegrade to Daring and encourages a different type of playstyle, especially if you can contest caps well. Highly would recommend getting the special upgrades for longer durations of hydro and crawl smoke as others said. You just need to be careful of your base speed. Vamp 2 I believe is the 2nd slowest T10 DD after Sherman. You can be in real trouble if you are caught with smoke & speed boost on cooldown.
  2. RighteousRhyno

    Clausewitz ?

    Still in testing. You can see the devblog info here: https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/310 This will be the Supership CA after Hindenburg.
  3. It is probably for data collection purposes where they can get feedback without late night/early morning MM skewing their spreadsheets. Probably once Convoy becomes a standard game mode, it will be available at all times.
  4. RighteousRhyno

    Is this what I think it is?

    Look familiar? TBH I am surprised the game designers found a way to bring it back. From the 11.5 video.
  5. RighteousRhyno


    Its mostly for a placebo effect and a outlet for angry people to report on other players. However, I do believe that the 'Misbehavior in chat' report can result in the offender in a 24h chat ban if enough people do it in a short period of time. The rest do nothing, other than WG knowing the number of the types of karma.
  6. RighteousRhyno

    Azur Lane In the Armory

    Bought 3 commander crates. One of them was another Azuma. Why??? :( Other 2 was New Jersey and Yukikaze. I will probably get another crate with the discount. Going to cry if I get another dupe.
  7. RighteousRhyno

    Monthly Super Container time

    50 Hydra Flags. If they are going to be flags, at least they are the special variants.
  8. RighteousRhyno

    Need Help, F. Sherman Captain. Halsey or Ovechkin?

    Looking at the posts, I think Ovechkin will stay. However I think GtG and AR will be respecced. I dont play USN DDs and my only premiums for them is F Sherman and Sims. That being said I can invest those 3 points into somthing more effective.
  9. RighteousRhyno

    Need Help, F. Sherman Captain. Halsey or Ovechkin?

    This is the primary argument with myself to switching for Halsey. Thanks!
  10. I dont know if I am just handicapping myself with my F. Sherman by using Ovechkin as my captain instead of Halsey. Both are at 19 points. I wanted to use Ovechkin due to his improved SE skill. Personally, it has saved my skin quite a few times as the ship is slow and people tend to shoot it when it is spotted. Has anyone done this setup or is Halsey better for his unique talents? Feedback would be appreciated. I am thinking about dropping Grease the Gears as the turrets are 360, but the rest of the skills look good to me.
  11. RighteousRhyno

    Agincourt: Worth it or don't bother?

    I would vouch for the ship. Its a fun experience for T5, especially if you have a dedicated captain for it. Just keep in mind that it has 0 AA. Secondary DPM is insane and very fun.
  12. RighteousRhyno

    Player communication

    If you are a mostly solo random play like me, then I mostly use text. Otherwise it will be best that you play in a division with either Discord or Teamspeak (if your are old school) for some team cohesion. Or play Clan Wars. I will give props to World of Tanks, their in-game instant messaging system is better in communicating that you want to help an ally. WoWs does not have that.
  13. RighteousRhyno

    Rank Go To Ships

    If you want to sweat and dominate Bronze, Haida is solid. It is the best DD tier-for-tier for cap contesting.
  14. RighteousRhyno


    I forgot to mention earlier that you can upload game replays here on the forum. I think there a dedicated section here on the forum but not sure if it exists. Just ask for feedback with a replay file and armchair admirals will flock to you.
  15. RighteousRhyno


    The WoWs Youtube channel has a playlist of videos of their 'how it works' series. Its pretty well put together and most of the info is still relevant. Here is a good one about spotting that is a must to know if you want to win games.