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  1. free redeem code

    ty for the code OP! Free stuff is always good!
  2. Its nice to hear fom others that the finish times aren't too long. For what we are getting, I think that the difficulty of the missions is fair, so no issues with that. However I feel that this mission chain for the Vampire is a bit more tedious than the October Revolution mission chain. Im halfway through the 3rd stage, but I believe I can pull through and finish it in time. One thing I did like is the chose of game mode. That is a huge plus. I guess in a way it helps balance out the length of the missions. Good event, I approve.
  3. Lets Play: "Never Have I Ever"....

    Died from secondary guns.
  4. Definitely I cant finish it as fast as some people, but I'm willing to invest extra time as long as I hear there is still enough time left. But obviously Im not some unicum or anything and I dont think I will ever get to that level. If I need to invest extra hours, then so be it.
  5. Something... Anything?

    Couldn't agree more lol. Now you can be salty to your teammates and have a reason for it
  6. Oh, didn't realize it was THAT quick. Thanks guys!
  7. My last set of uni finals are tomorrow and due to studying, barely any progress got made on the mission set. So far I have only finished the 1st stage and only 2 wins so far on the second stage. 2 questions I need to ask: 1. How quickly did you guys finish the missions? 2. What is the quickest way to finish the missions? Co-Op only? Time is running out and I don't want to miss out on a free bote...
  8. A thought on Smoke

    Like what the other said, that was the initial idea but then shifted it to a state of what you see now. I actually like the new smoke mechanics, it becomes more balanced while maintaining utility. Honestly, it might be an issue for the long run if WG did decide to implement a smoke system of what you described. Its not a bad idea, but it could be more prone to balance issues down the road.
  9. Epicenter: Yay or Nay?

    I'll paraphrase WG's statement on epicenter because it's basically how I feel about the game mode. I believe it was said on our subreddit. Epicenter as a game mode is okay. Epicenter on Tears of the Desert is not okay.
  10. Forum Game - Word Association

  11. Me personally, I always like to play for fun. I do care about my stats too, but if I worry about numbers too much then it ruins WoWs for me. Sometimes I just play the best of my ability and stats will follow. But sometimes I like to play like a potato too as well.
  12. 6.14 least stable update?

    I had crashes before, but it is rare for me, now it's starting to get to a level that is annoying. I might just take a break from WoWs until it becomes more stable, which is probably, 5 years lol.