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  1. The Soup Thread!

    What happens when you run out of soup recipes?
  2. Port Queens

    Marblehead. Got her in a SC, and finally realized why the Omaha sucks as a whole.
  3. I need to carry harder.

    On the flipside, you could be the other team. Imagine how they feel
  4. Five Minutes in the Life of Bismarck

    This is why I use a secondary build. The dispersion is so trollish on the main guns that at least I can make some damage via fires with secondaries. Bis is still fun to brawl though.
  5. Matchmaking Monitor, is it good or bad?

    Not even once considered to use MM monitor or XVM in Tanks. Sure, more info about opponents, when used right, is very helpful. However, I don't want to fill myself for prejudice about players before each match. Like what you said, I'll treat each team equally until proven otherwise. When a game becomes too reliant on mods like XVM in Tanks, then what results is a toxic and unenjoyable playing environment that can really affect gameplay.
  6. Please Look into adjusting match making

    WG knows about this. They have no plans to change the +/- 2 MM spread but rather fix the team composition like what you mentioned. Its not fair for a team to have 2 DDs while the other has just 1. Nations will also account for this MM change as well, so that lone RU DD on their team wont face 2 IJN DDs. Hopefully this change will happen soon, but how soon I do not know.
  7. Movies. Worth seeing?

    Have you ever seen the 2011 movie Yamamoto Isoroku? Its actually a well-done movie of the C-in-C of the Combined Fleet displaying his own struggles and conflicts of interests in which he seeks peace compared to the general Japanese populace who favor war.
  8. Supercontainer Rewards Thread

    Yesterday, got my hands on the BEST ship in the game, the Marblehead. All players should fear me. It's more OP than the Cesare. Seriously, this ship is actually fun to play.
  9. Dev Blog - Z39 moved to tier 7

    WG actually changed a tier for a WiP prem? YOU SHOULD OF DONE THIS SOONER WG!
  10. Well, props to WG for designing a mission marathon that is a bit on the laid back side. Completing 18 out of 26 missions is a nice pillow where IRL things aren't too much of a worry. Mission requirements were fair in my opinion. Some of the missions such as shooting down 30 planes made MM wonky and for me, it took a while to complete, but it makes up for other missions that are easy and can be done in 1 game. What do you guys think of this event? It cant be bad as the Duke of York campaign, I gave up on that one as it was too much of a grind. Overall, good event. I approve.
  11. New Host = No More Dasha???

    WG explained that Dasha also does film and other theatre work. Maybe it is temporary?
  12. When your whole team sucks eggs

    I feel you. At that point, I just suggest just play a different tier.
  13. Weekend spree

    I suck at torp missions. Decided to go all or nothing and went Gnevny and island ambushed a Lyon at 2km. I got lucky on that occasion, otherwise, I would have given up on the mission.
  14. Neat results, but I bet if you listened to hardbass then your performance would have skyrocketed. Maybe WG should add a tracksuit camo to unleash the true slav power.
  15. Idea for a French premium CV

    That would be pretty cool to see, but I doubt that will ever come to light for like a decade because of CV rework, and the fact that carriers don't generate as much income for WG.