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  1. Yup, it was Fearless brawler. Thanks! Now I need to decide if I want to keep it or not.
  2. Haida is one of my favorite ships to play at T7, one big reason is its concealment. You were able to 5.7km post rework, now it is 5.9km. This a result of the change of the benefit of CE skill? Any other ships had their concealment change because of this?
  3. RighteousRhyno

    I Saw the New Skip Bomber in a Match

    Also ran into a Immelman on the enemy team. It skipped bombed me full broadside in my Musashi. It didnt citadel, but they do pack a punch.
  4. RighteousRhyno

    Rare little ship

    I believe it went up for sale once some time after the event. After that it was never seen again. Its classified as a rare ship on the Captain's Logbook now. Never gonna return most likely
  5. RighteousRhyno

    Heavy HE/SAP clarification please

    Yes you are correct. For example the Smolensk has 130mm guns. When I select the capt. skill to be learned, you can see a notification symbol where the ships stats are and see how the skill affects the ship' numbers. In this case base HE dmg increases but no change in detect range.
  6. RighteousRhyno

    Shooting a Halland

    If you provide some replays that would be awesome. It would be super easy for the determining factors for a DD duel.
  7. RighteousRhyno

    Nine days - the clock is ticking! Strasbourg

    I just finished as well. One of the more time intensive limited campaigns, but not as bad as DoY. I didnt even finish it.
  8. RighteousRhyno

    Nine days - the clock is ticking! Strasbourg

    Last directive leg should be easy with a BB and games of CoOp. Happy that WG made this campaign easier than DoY.
  9. RighteousRhyno

    Great Achievements thread.

    Alot of armory & RB ships this game. I can see why WG wants to remove Alaska and Georgia lol.
  10. RighteousRhyno

    republique got nerfed

    Do you know the specifics of this nerf?
  11. RighteousRhyno

    Great Achievements thread.

    Proud member of the Haida Close Quarter's Expert club!
  12. RighteousRhyno

    Lots of resources available

    https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/95 Yes, She is part of the list of removed ships for 0.10.1, unless WG says otherwise.
  13. RighteousRhyno

    Premium Credit Amount Not Added After Battle

    The benefits of premium counts as a modifier for XP and credit gain. Missions like "Earn Base XP" like the one you have shown uses the initial base XP number earned from battle only. Your total XP post-match is from your base XP value multiplied by modifiers like Premium, flags, camo. Hopefully that helps your question.
  14. Thanks for the useful info. Ive always noticed that rockets from FDR's planes takes more time to hit you than other CVs. +1.
  15. Designer's Table, Ocean, and I also found the Spaceport provide the least load on GPUs.