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  1. RighteousRhyno

    Level headed Feedback on the patch

    As a player who was "meh" in the old CV system, I can say that as of now I enjoy the rework. I was at the Hiryu, so now because of the update, I'm back at the Ryujo. Others mentioned that the Damage per pass is a tad bit too low as of now, and the attack aircraft can really harass DDs a bit too well. This is due to the quick aiming time where you can quickly circle around and perform quick, accurate attacks in a short period. Perhaps maybe consider a longer aim time for attack aircraft and decrease the overall accuracy of the rockets? For the TBs and DBs, I can feel more consistency playing with them, it feels much more consistent with the overall gameplay. A "Game within a game" is cool on paper, but in practice, there are some clear issues. I never played CVs in the PTS so my first impressions of it are good. I hope the developers will take their time on decisionmaking with the data they are collecting.
  2. As of this post, the release is just around the corner. I just want to know if there are other fellow AC fans here that have been waiting for many, many years for this moment. The game looks amazing in Unreal Engine 4, I hope my computer is up to the task.
  3. RighteousRhyno

    Carriers/Subs/Surface Fleet, can it work?

    Although I would like to see everything, I'm too worried that it will cause some balance issues. However, I trust the balance team in this game compared to WoT which is a dumpster fire right now. We will see how the CV rework will affect overall gameplay and perhaps we can ask this question again from a new perspective. If WG does somehow add CVs and subs without too much of an issue which may be unlikely, with proper advertising the game's player base will benefit.
  4. Ill go take a look. Don't know how I have not heard of these films. Thanks!
  5. RighteousRhyno

    So I broke my long standing rule on loot boxes

    Good luck to you!
  6. RighteousRhyno

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    Im 21. That's old, right guys? Right?
  7. RighteousRhyno

    T8 cruisers how do you rate them

    From my T8 cruiser experience, and I've only used 3... Charles Martel is an excellent T8 cruiser. Awesome firestarter, good torpedo range, has the MBRB consumable, and the agility + speed to dodge some heavy hitting shells. It has enough going for it where it can contribute to a match. I play a lot of random matches with it even though I face T10 very often. Cleveland is not bad with its rate of fire and firing angles. Radar is always nice to have. However, you are limited on the firing range and sometimes forced to head to a more crowded section of a map where fighting in open waters will give you a quick death. Hipper is super meh. It has good armor for a T8 cruisers and will bounce off some shells, but at the cost where BBs will be able to deal full penetration damage compared to receiving overpens when in the Martel or Cleve. The 203mm guns are good overall but the gun arrangement is harder to utilize unlike the Roon and Hindenburg.
  8. For anyone who wants to mix things up from the typical WoWs music you hear in game, I encourage you fellas to throw in some of the World of Tank's 1.0 music in the userMusic folder to play in battle. The overall pace of the songs don't make it too out in place gameplay wise, and it helps to deal with the weekend madness from my experience. The best part is that unlike a certain Snail company, these songs are free to download. Some of you here may not like Tanks, but the music is pretty good. Below are some of the battle music that I found for the best for Warships: Karelia Lakeville Live Oaks Minsk Nebelburg Paris Prokhorovka Westfield Mountain Pass Studzianki
  9. RighteousRhyno

    Battlewagon Wednesday - The German Navy

    FdG I hated so much. Hindy and Scharnhorst are complete gems. Graf Spee too.
  10. RighteousRhyno

    POLL: Name for the new US Premium WV41 or Maryland?

    USS Maryland is a ship name will be much, much easier to market and sell. Seeing WV41 on promotional material will make it look a bit awkward if you picture it.
  11. RighteousRhyno

    Mikasa Sails to Victory

    The good thing about Mikasa is that you can't be seen as a sealclubber with a ship that has horrible dispersion. Alternatively, you can also say that you aren't sealclubbing because you use secondaries to do the killing. That fault is on them if they die.
  12. I'm not too familiar with the gameplay styles for the Gallant and Warspite. Between those two, what will you guys recommend to be a more enjoyable premium to get in the arsenal for random battles?
  13. RighteousRhyno

    anti-sub weapons

    They announced that depth charges will be on destroyers only. This will likely change over time as they do more testing. It's still very, VERY early. As for the hedgehog, that would be really cool to see but I don't know if they will add it looking at a gameplay perspective.
  14. RighteousRhyno

    How pathetic can this site get?

    Damage saturation my friend. Your torps got unlucky and just hit the same section over and over again.
  15. RighteousRhyno

    Forum Game - Word Association