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  1. Winning is more important. I don't care how we win but as long as we get the good end result, fine by me,
  2. Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Roma. If it is 30% off, I'll consider getting it.
  3. Thanks, everyone for your replies! Ill continue to work on the French CAs. And if I'm planning just to zoom around and kite, I don't see a reason to work on concealment.
  4. So far, I've only seen 1 Salem. But indirectly buying one? Well we will see if anyone drops enough money for that lol
  5. Currently at the Charles Martel and so far, enjoying the ship alot with the speed boost special upgrade. Is it worth it to push beyond T8 to get the Henri IV?
  6. Indianapolis

    Although you didn't get the ship, at least you got some of the neat mission rewards along the way! Only free ship I dont regret missing out on is the Duke of York campaign. Too much of a grindfest to spend my time on.
  7. Wrong Answers Only: 04

    Its the Orlan, you dummy!
  8. I got this email too for my long dormant SEA account. I'm going to keep on waiting until they give me a free ship there
  9. I'd say give it time. Typically its always the more experienced players that get the new ships first which will artificially increase the avg. WR for some time. The only real complaint I hear is the firing angles, but that's about it.
  10. Server questions

    As others said, some people from the SEA server like Aussies move to the NA because they want majority English speakers. Others have different reasons which can include (but not limited to) a different meta, where it differs server to server, SEA being a cruiser kitefest.
  11. Charles Martel. Its actually a great T8 that can still contribute in T10 games. De Grasse is excellent too.
  12. sold indy

    I like the ship, got 1.9k base XP in my first game. But its definitely one of those ships that will not fit everyone.
  13. Finally got my first T10!

    14 points. I took it from my FDG and respecced him. Im probably not going to use the FDG for a long time, so might as well use the captain.
  14. Most overrated ship in WOW's?

    Minotaur. It has the impression where you would just pop smoke and rain AP all over the place and farm easy damage. Soooo often I see them get outright deleted or get torped while sitting in smoke. Majority of those incidents early into the game.
  15. My fellow Americans!

    I will be rolling out my Texas with 'MURICA permacamo on.