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  1. When I play in the Texas or Oct. Revolution at bottom tier, I find it hard to contribute to my team due to the slow speeds and sluggish handling. With the Cesare, the concealment, size, speed, and really, REALLY good maneuverability for a BB means that you can hold up on my own at bottom tier. Sure, you don't have much health, but it is a tradeoff I'm happy to make for the GC's other strengths. I'm actually pretty satisfied with this ship a lot.
  2. Ave, true to Casear.
  3. You want a Russian ship, you must become more Russian. Play hardbass, and you will get your XP in no time. Perhaps maybe playing low tiers such as 5 might get some results. I managed to complete it in a Texas. Perhaps I got lucky, but with lower tiers, there could be less skilled opponents that can help bolster your score.
  4. Still deciding on this ship. This one looks like a blast to play as well as its looks. I was planning to get a higher tier ship, but perhaps I can settle with T5 just fine...
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with Khaos on the Nburg. While it may have very weak armor and prone to one-shots, the damage potential from this ship is massive. Good range, amazing RoF, and full 360 rear turrets, this ship is flexible when played right. It's a good ship to hone your cruiser skills. Also the Graf Spee is fun too at T6.
  6. You are not alone, it seemed that my progress got reset as well. Welp. I dont think this is how progression works... https://i.imgur.com/EeA4IO7.jpg
  7. I have learned to never play on the weekends, except there is a good xp event going on. Those matches with weekend warriors can get really inconsistent. If you are looking to improve WR, I have found that the weekdays is the best time to do it in my experience.
  8. I watched your video about the ship this morning. You stated that survivability is a huge issue with this ship, along with the guns. I really want to say what needs improving is the over gun handling of the main armament or perhaps buff the AP and HE rounds, but this might lead to difficulty for balancing down the line. Perhaps maybe keep the current guns and instead implement an increase the range of the main guns as well improve maneuverability?
  9. Hoover Dam
  10. I'm currently waiting for the rush of RN BBs to pass before I hop back in again. The varying results I get from each game seemed a bit too volatile for me such as really quick wins or losses. Just wait it out, and hopefully, games will become more stable for everyone! Hopefully. It ain't a promise lol
  11. The main file, "Gw2.dat" is a compressed file of around 26.6 GB. The contents of that file only decompress when you encounter them in-game. The file size of WoWs is ~29GB if that helps you give an idea of how long it would download.
  12. Can we throw in a motto as well? "REPEAL & REPLACE" The Graf Zeppelin is an unfinished ship. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it okay? The mainstream media wants you to believe that the Graf Zeppelin is a good deal. The Graf Zeppelin is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever. Fake news, all fake news.
  13. All the rules hold, but rule #4 people get SUPER defensive when they get called out just because they don't want to lose an argument. I have seen this countless times in the WoT forums, unfortunately. Fortunately for us, WoWs forums and general chat ingame show much more maturity tenfold. Perhaps it is the average age that most people play here on WoWs. I'm just a 20-year-old college student playing with dads, moms, and grandpas.
  14. birb
  15. Started playing Guild Wars 2 a week ago and boy it is fun! For once, I feel like that there is no real grind. The level scaling and constant events going on really make the game engaging. For a week's worth of gameplay, my first character is a Ranger at level 54. Still deciding if I should buy an expansion so I can get full access to the game. Perhaps the reason why I have been playing GW2 more than WoWs is that I'm having a hard time trying to make the Hipper work. All in all, Guild Wars 2 is a sturdy MMO so far in my first impression. I'd say to give this game a look for any person looking for a MMORPG who have not tried this game previously.