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  1. RighteousRhyno

    cruisers opinions

    My opinion, you can't go wrong with the German cruisers. Hindy is solid for a T10 and fun to play. German hydro is also very handy to have. Save my butt numerous times. US cruisers are good too, bit higher firing arcs compared to the Germans but I would stick to the CA side of the tree if you do decide to grind them. The recent IFHE changes really shuffled alot of CLs around. I wouldn't touch em unless you really know what you are doing.
  2. Lazo was my recent rented ship to expire. I really like this rental system WG has going as I can try them before I decide to buy. Here is my quick opinion on Lazo: Coming from a player who never touched RU cruisers, the gun characteristics on the ship are very conformable to use, with the arcs and shell velocity being very manageable to hit targets at max range. Reload time is manageable. However, the base damage seems slightly lacking sometimes and the turret traverse is sluggish even with the Ovechkin cap with improved expert marksman. It really reminds me of Fiji's turret traverse alot. Torpedoes didn't care for much but helped on some occasions. Agility is meh, but its still able to kite when needed with its awesome firing angles. It helps make up for its meh armor. I just with it was a tad faster but overall not too bad, its workable. Overall, had a good experience with the ship. Its easy to pick up and use if you position right. Would I buy it after the rental? Yes, but only if there is a good sale for it, maybe at least 50-40% off. I would not buy this at full price. Id love to hear your quick takes on this ship too.
  3. RighteousRhyno

    Best Free XP Ships

    Alaska is always great, but you do have a good number of battles in DDs. If you are used to gunboat DDs, Freis is fun to play, just mind the slowish speed.
  4. RighteousRhyno

    Closing the gap between pay2win and free2play?

    Like as in during the trial period, the ship will be discounted? I never got such discount sadly. WG should of done at least 25% discount but hey, Im not their accountant lol.
  5. RighteousRhyno

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    Good review as always. I dont have a T8 Premium yet, love the guns, but the agility and armor scheme puts me on the fence. So far Bayard looks more appealing.
  6. RighteousRhyno

    Closing the gap between pay2win and free2play?

    I like this alot. Rental with credits is very nice as 250k is pocket change for alot of players. Its a good credit sink and you get to try out new ships which helps players make the leap to buy or not which can help WG's revenue. One criticism is that the "rare" rental ship of 250 dubs is a but much. I would like to see it 150 but that is just me. Rather not pay 250 dubs for rent the Prinz Eugen for 1 day.
  7. RighteousRhyno

    Codes for Bad Advice Containers (From YT Likes Challenge)

    Its at least 1. You will get 1 container if you get at least 1 kill per game.
  8. RighteousRhyno

    PSA: WEEK 4 Crate Mission Code

    Worked. Thank you!
  9. Its a feature, not a bug. Others had the same problem as well. You will just have to buy the rental so you can purchase the next one after.
  10. RighteousRhyno

    Codes for Bad Advice Containers (From YT Likes Challenge)

    I hope at least 1 of the codes worked for you all. I posted this about 15 min after they published it. There is going to be 1 more code to be announced I believe unless they have more during the livestreams. Won't be surprised if they do.
  11. Get them while they are hot. Containers are from a limited pool. CAPPYL0NGST0CK10000 CAPQU1X0TE20000 CAPMONTECR1ST030000 LIFE0FCAPPI40000 THECALL0FTH3CAP50000 TH3MARK0FCAP60000 CL0CKWORKCAP70000 M0BYCAPORTH3FISH80000 THECAP1DENT1TY90000
  12. RighteousRhyno

    Quick PSA for Bad Advice Collection

    Like what others have said. You have until the 8th. The missions for the collections containers are quite easy to do, so you have plenty of time.
  13. I'm sure that a lot of you want to finish the collection for the Cap voiceover, but MAKE SURE TO ENABLE 'COLLECTING' on the Bad Advice collections page. Some of you might be collecting other previous sets and you will not get the Cap collection items from regular containers as a result. That is all.
  14. RighteousRhyno

    Steam Users: Additional 14 days Premium Time

    I assume for the people that use the WGC launcher only we don't get the extra 14 days?
  15. RighteousRhyno

    My First Coal Ship

    I have all 3, and they are good ships. But my opinion is that you should save up for the higher tier ships. JB will be removed in the future, and the Georgia is formidable too.