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  1. So I saw a video in one of my classes today, it was about a son forgiving his abusive and criminal father. It gave me a bit of a shock but I realized how much willpower it took for the son to even confront his father. It gave me hope in all honesty, that people could eventually learn to forgive people for what they have done. As much as I want to forgive people, its a gift, not earned. But the effort required to confront that person is immense.

    Wish I could forgive the people that did me wrong but its hard to give back the trust I gave them...even if forgiveness is a gift. They lost that trust for a reason and they can't just immediately get it back. You can't change the past but you can make things right and have hope for the future. Sometimes you don't know what to do...

    1. 7_3_PowerStroke


      I can understand where you come from, but forgiveness is important I must say.