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  1. Please remember this is just me being myself and venting. Those of you who decide to be hateful of this, you can leave.

    I've been seeing a lot of posts with people venting their feelings and I think it's time I share my perspective. Lately I've seen people's perspectives on their own lives, I tried to help them verbally but tbh my life is kind of a mixed bag. I'm either super busy or doing literally nothing on a daily basis. How i got here is definitely a journey, well so is everyone else's but that's just me.

    Stress is a normal feeling/occurrence for me, I know its bad but it's hard to avoid it without displacing yourself from society entirely. I've come towards my breaking point multiple times already, I don't have depression or anything like that before some of you jump to conclusions. Nor am I mentally unstable, I am perfectly fine but it's my personality that can get kind of weird.

    I know this may worry some of you but there was a time where i was holding an Exacto knife and I just sat in my room. I just sat there staring at the blade, then I randomly started laughing, it felt like i was starting to go insane. Then i just stuck my head into a pillow and regained my composure. That was one of the few times that stress pushed me to the breaking point.

    I'm glad i have the friends that I have on this forum. I know this place can get a little hostile sometimes but you just roll with the punches. It's hard for me to even admit some of this but I feel fine since many people already showed their true colors. I already have experience dealing with people that are having a hard time, both online and IRL but I sometimes do it just because i can't help myself sometimes. It's hard to believe how I remained stable but that might just be my mental strength. But now I feel like it's now slowly fading and I'm going to start needing help. Headaches and weird dreams/thoughts have been starting to become more common, I'll need to sleep on this over the weekend and see how I feel then...

    Those of you who are reading this, you are welcome to try and help and I know it will be limited but I need to start getting some help. Feels like I just got a lot of my chest...


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    2. 7_3_PowerStroke


      Yeah I understand. I'm an only child so I never really had a lot of friends to hangout with. Plus we moved around a lot when I was younger, so until this year I'd never done more than three years at one school. Partially the reason for my own venting/status update. I understand.

    3. Ace6steel


      I have a lot of friends but I never go travel to other people’s houses that much, only time I see them is at school. Haven’t moved around, literally in the same place I’ve been at for most of my life. I’m the eldest sibling in my family but I’m also the 3rd eldest cousin in my family, would’ve been second but beat by 3 weeks. Eldest cousin goes to my real estate consultant for a cousin.

      As much as I am extroverted i never really get into deep conversations so it ends up being bottled up and I can’t do anything about because i don’t know what to do. I mean up until now that is, seems like we all have our own issues but have the core issue of needing some good friends who understand what is going on...

    4. 7_3_PowerStroke


      Yeah I get it. I live a ways away from most of my friends, so I never have the time to go see them. Is what it is.