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  1. This is just a little story i wrote, enjoy!

    The ground quaked, an explosion tore through the dungeons and torture chambers. People were running around trying to solve one problem after the other. Then a yell pierced the commotion, many compared it to the roar of a wild animal. Guards ran down to the special holding cell only to be blown back by the firepower of a massive battleship. Kitashi blew through the guards as if they were rag dolls, he had been held in his cell for far too long. He was stuck in this hell of a prison for a week, there were other people in the prison as well. But his captors decided he was far too volatile to be kept in a standard cell. The torture he endured was unbearable, it was almost round-the-clock. Whiplashing, knife slashes, he had received every punishment possible. But he was nowhere near cracking, even with how much it hurt. His captors were a joint team of Sirens and Abbyssals, the abbyssals wanted to kill Kitashi but the sirens said they want to convert him to an abyssal. But they couldn’t do anything without him breaking, if they could break him they could convert him.

    They didn’t expect him to break out, he began hitting the release buttons on all the cells he passed, an uprising was in progress. The rage he had bottled up for so long was now on full display, tossing every guard out of the way with a blast of his cannons. That was the other problem for the sirens and abyssals, they needed to get him out of his gear. His rigging was essentially like a battle suit, the suit was bonded to him and it made it near impossible to get the suit off. Only Kitashi knew how to get it off. As he ran and freed prisoners Kitashi ripped off his torn, bloodstained shirt and wrapped it around his forehead in a bandana type fashion. Blood was flowing down his upper body from open wounds, but it didn’t matter to him, “It won’t kill me”, he thought.

    Kitashi directed prisoners to the open gates before he busted into a chamber and found two bodies lying on the ground. One of them was carrier Yorktown, she looked up and opened her eyes, “W-Washington? Is it…you?”. He looked on shocked, but he spoke in a soft, gentle tone, “Yes it’s me. Can you walk?”. Yorktown nodded and stood up and left to join the other prisoners, Kitashi ran over to the other body, seemingly lifeless, he turned it over. To his horror it was Kako, the person he treated like his little sister. He slowly lifted her up and put her head into his shoulder, he began crying, “I’m sorry…I was too late…”. He knew she was still alive but couldn’t believe what the sirens had done to her, he set her down before yelling at the top of his lungs. A siren then appeared behind Kitashi but he was more than ready.

    If there was a way to explain how the Siren got ripped apart by Kitashi this would be it. He instantly spun around, charged her, and forced her into hand-to-hand combat. Hand-to-hand combat was where Kitashi excelled, he landed dozens of fast moving punches and kicks. He then took the chance to fire his cannons which blew off the siren’s arms. He then finished her off by going for the kill with a knife. He was more bloodstained than ever, from flowing blood from his wounds, to the blood spatter of the fight. He walked over to Kako, picked her up gently and walked outside with the rest of the prisoners. Never again would he let this go upunished.

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