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  1. KriegsMarineWerft

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Dear LWM, Wish you can update this nice index page again! Thanks as always!!
  2. They say it does not work... :(
  3. The regulation WG is mentioning is not a mandatory. Japan has a similar regulation, but WG is still selling the boxes in Japan as I heard from my friends.
  4. Dear WG, I believe that all the users who cannot purchase the containers from the armory got discriminated because there is no proper reason to prohibit the purchases. Many users in NA server who have addresses in S. Korea got angry because WG does not allow them to enjoy the latest core contents WG introduced. Also Korean regulation WG mentioned is not a mandatory enforcement. WG should not discriminate users which is not enforced by the law. They owe the entire amount they used in this game for this discriminatory treatment WG did. FYI, I am not affected by this because I am currently living in the States, but many of my friends who really enjoy this game are not happy because of this. Thank you.
  5. Anyone remembers that the permanent camos were on sale? As I remember, T6~T9 camos were on sale late April 2018, T9 were on sale during the last ranked season. But I cannot recall when was WG put T10 perm camos on sale... There was one time T10 perm camo discount at 50% off. Anyone remembers?
  6. I wish WG can bring reasonably priced lower tier permanent camos. Maybe not for everyone, but many people keep their lower tier boats and plays periodically. I saw some players played over 1000 battles in their tier 1/2/3/4/5 boats. Price can be... Tier 1: 100 Tier 2: 200 Tier 3: 300 Tier 4: 500 Tier 5: 700 Based on the Tier 6 perm camo price of 1000. I love the Hunter camo a lot!!